The University of Texas at Dallas Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Self motivaed, organized, social, flexible


This school is known for having a modern look, diverse, friendly student body, a plethora of student resources, and caring professors. The university is geared toward the future, and it is constantly growing to meet the wants and needs of the students. This school is for students who are open-minded and innovative. UT Dallas has everything: research opportunities, tutoring, counseling, career opportunities, athletics, volunteer opportunities, academic clubs, and social clubs. Students looking for a college that will support and guide them to future financial and personal success, then they definitely should be a comet. Whoosh!


Anyone interested in a school where the classroom size is comfortable enough to facilitate interaction with other students and discussion. If a student is interested in game design, arts and media, research, and or art this is a great school


The ideal person who is likely to attend The University of Texas at Dallas is highly motivated, goal driven, and committed to academic excellence.


UT Dallas provides the best harbor to the slightly introverted natural sciences/engineering student who enjoys learning either on their own or in a small study group. Academics are heavily geared towards engineering as well as math and science. Classes are generally about 40-50 students which allows each student to ask a couple questions without holding up class. Following each wave of midterms, the social life revolves around intramural sports as well as hanging out at the Student Union with its pool and ping pong tables.


This school has very good science and engineering programs, and tuition costs are not overly expensive yet, so if you're heading into anything related to those programs, it would definitely be a good choice.


Nerdy, geeky, poor social skills


The typical "popular crowd" isn't the "in crowd." Anyone who is confidant enough to display their quirky, nerdy, or unnusual side will fit in here. The typical student at UTD is laid back, enjoys a serious study environment, open to other cultures, leaning toward the nerdy side, and content with a lifeless campus life.


I believe anyone who wants to attend should be allowed to attend if they have the neccesary qualifications. Entry should not be easier to get into college, but financial aid, or financial assistance should be much more accessible. I believe that if you are willing to put in the work, then you deserve to be in school.


Anyone who is really interested in their feild of study. UT Dallas is a very intense school and it's courseload isn't easy. If you really want to know the material and you aren't here just to get a degree, you will succeed.


Someon who values learning and the education they will recieve in college.


People who are more interested in getting an education than having an exciting social life. Greek life isn't very promoted, homecoming isn't a big deal and there isn't really anything exciting to do on the weekends.


Those interested in business or technical professions, do not care about university sports.


I think anyone can attend this school and find what they might be looking for. There are many options here and all the faculty is top notch.


Any kind of person should attend this school. It is a big school with a small school feel, and there are so many different kinds of people that attend. It would be in anyones best interest to atleast look into this school.


The ideal student for this school is very science-oriented, has a strong commitment to their academic careers, and wishes to engage in ground-breaking research while they are still an undergraduate. The campus does not attempt to hide it's devotion to science fields. If you are intending on pursuing a liberal arts degree, I highly advise you to look somewhere else. That being said, the instruction is fantastic, the classes are always relatively small, and the amount of education you receive for your dollar is phenomenal. My attendance made a significant difference in my life.


someone who is interested in since field. Especially engineering and computer science.


Someone who is not planning on taking it easy and partying all through college. Classes are challenging, and you can't breeze through them.


a person attending this campus should be willing to work harder than they are expecting or feel is fair. they should be willing to sacrifice social life to do homework although that is not completely necessary. athletes are welcomed but only celebrated by a small fraction of the school.


Smart, hardworking, group oriented, outgoing. tech savy.


Studious students who are more focused on academics than having a college social life. This university is more career-oriented than anything else.


The kind of person who should attend this school is the kind of person who is looking to futher their eduation at a respectable University. However they should also be willing to work very hard to get the best out of what they are paying for.


Someone who is serious about their education but still wants to have a good time. We don't have a football team to follow but their is a good overall relaxing atmosphere around the school. Since it is located in Dallas, there is also the perks of many attractions around the city.


Someone who is very focused academically and is ok with attending a non-traditional school located in the city. If you want the opportunity to leave your mark at a University in a profound way, UTD is the place to be. Tradition is building and research is booming. It's a beautiful opprotunity of a life-time.


Any kind of person should attend this school. It doesn't really matter, there is not specific type of person that attends this school.


Goal-oriented, self-motivated, serious about academics but also driven to participate in other activities- there are tons of opportunities to found new student organizations and have personal influence on the school's future

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