The University of Texas at Dallas Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The lack of courses for upper classmen that are available in the evenings. Most of us work, and it is difficult to attend during the day at times.


I think the most frustrating would have to be how large some of the class sizes are, but tht is expected from a state-run school.


I transferred in as a junior and since 1996 it is now a 4 year university, so that helps with student life.


So far there is not much to complain about, but I could see the parking being a problem to come. It will be attended to though once it becomes a larger problem. Overall the staff is very friendly and really not a big problem.


There is so much to do in so little time. We are given the opportunity to improve ourselves and make ourselves better in so little time. The amount of information learned in a year from college is too much. Although it is an excellent education, we are given little time to explore and analyze our books. I personally spend most of my time studying and have no time to explore other options in the world. It is frustrating to achieve things in a very small period.


Currently the most frustrating thing about my school is the construction going on around campus. This year the school has began remodeling the campus landscape. They are building a fountain and a new strip in the center of campus. They are also remodeling some of the older buildings and adding new ones next to them.


The most frustrating thing about UTD is getting to class. There's so much chaos going on (construction) that it's hard to get to class. It doesn't help that the campus is so huge and parted.


The work loads are intense but we learn a lot in turn.


The most frustrating thing about my college is the fact that I struggle when it comes to getting Financial Aid. The Financial Aid program does not seem to be very helpful in helping all students that are truly in need. I am still in college because of financial issues which has made me take less classes at a time and kept me from pushing through and finishing sooner. The Financial Aid program does not allow normal, everyday working people to recieve the money needed to attend a 4 year Univeristy.


The school is going theough a massive remodelling. So, the place has construction everywhere but will be very beautiful when they are done.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that because it is a computer science and engineering based school, it recieves the stereotype of being a "nerdy" school. With that being said, the people who are not the sterotypical nerd feel the need to party extra hard, to prove the rumors about our school wrong. It is very frustrating to try and keep up with the amazingly hard academics and the surprisingly rowdy social life.


Traffic to get school frustrates me. If there is traffic, i will be late to get a parking spot. Being late means spending more time searching for a place to park and then, since a place to park will be far away, it will take me longer to walk all the way to the classroom.


The distance from my home and work.


Nothing really is frustrating about my school.


On campus housing is horrible. There is no meal plan or cafeteria on campus.


Lack of socializing and The negative outlook on Greek Life


We don't really have any sort of on-campus meal plan, so the tendency is to overspend on food . This is a problem because most people who go here, are here because of financial aid and while they get the money for the aid as promised, food becomes a drain.


There aren't very many university-involved students here.


There is no football team, so school spirit is very low, but there are ways to get involved outside of specific sporting events. There are a variety of clubs as well as a fairly small, but close knit Greek life.


The lack of enthusiasm, the lack of a hunger for life and change.


No social life.

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