The University of Texas at El Paso Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


This school is well-rounded with various fields of study.


UTEP is an intellectually inviting university, which helps the mass population of Hispanics to better themselves and become more independent from the traditional family views.


One of the best schools for engineering majors and one of the top ten schools according to Washington Post magazine.


UTEP offers every student uncountable opprtunities, it is only a matter of taking them.


UTEP its a school where you can start with your bachelor's without many complications.


UTEP is a challenging university, and pretty much you are on your own when you go there, nobody's on your back anymore whatsoever, and teachers could care less if you go to class or not, in the end it is your own responsibility to learn and do good; UTEP provides very rigorous courses so you have to make sure to stay on track with everything. As in campus wise, it is very good and clean. They are currenlty remodeling everything because of their cenntenial anniversary in 2014. They have many student programs and student affairs. Very nice campus.


The University of Texas at El Paso is an enviroment where one can express themselves externally and internally, where one can engage in intellectual arguments and resolve them with infinite possibilities, it is place where people take their education seriously, but do not forget to let loose once in a while.


I enjoy being on campus, I work, study, and socialize here, and I think that is what collage is all about. I can honestly say that I am a true UTEP (University of Texas at El Paso) Miner (our mascot). Go Miners!


My school, the University of Texas at El Paso, is very different, the atmosphere and environment is very different than other schools; the architechture is very beautiful amongst the diversity of students and professors.


The University of Texas at El Paso is a really big school with a lot to do and a lot of opportunities; however it is sometimes hard to navigate through so asking questions is the best way to learn to get along in such a great atmosphere.


My school has everything that I could ask for and more.


UTEP has the resources to help students succeed


The University of Texas at El Paso is a complete school in all senses, it is culturally rich and full of different colleges, choices and resources that makes the student life easier and satisfactory.


UTEP is a place where with individual motivation, the potential to change your community and to develop your life goals are always within grasp.


UTEP is a great school that has something for everyone and can easily help anyone accomplish their goal of earning a degree.


overall great student body with a great faculty and staff that could only be enhanced by allowing for more social activitives that involve the full campus life


Its mosty about who you know around the campus that helps you, otherwise the university is not too informative.


UTEP is a bright, complex and diversified place, where many different cultures converge into one and make the collge much more intersting.


UTEP is a proud, loyal, and smart campus that any student can feel comfortable attending, while feeling proud to be a Miner student.


It has a "home" feel to it; not too big and not to small. Enough space for you to grow while also having the help of others.


Somewhat close minded and resistant to change, very Catholic/Hispanic, conservative,


UTEP is everything somebody needs to succed in life.


UTEP is located in El Paso, Texas next to the Mexico border which makes for a great looking campus with great views and also a lot of friendly people to help you with your school work and any other issues.


It is very involved with the students and helps them in every way possible by orienting them in their careers and paths they can take and gets them involved in the community and helps them excell in every way they can.


Universtiy of Texas at El Paso provides a great enviroment for minorities to learn and prosper in their desired field, as well as providing students a easy to afford tuition rate.


At UTEP, you are only as good as you choose to be, anything less will get you nowhere.


My school is one where students and faculty come together to learn and educate, where your instructors are more than your instructors, where students learn with the most innovative equipment available, and where student success is put first and foremost.


My school has a strong Hispanic background, since most of the students are Mexican American or Mexican. The school staff and professors are friendly most of the time, but their advising is sometimes not very helpful. Also there is not a vast variety of dregrees offered. The academic level is not as high as well.


The University of Texas at El Paso is helping me achieve my goal of becoming a Geoligist by providing highly educated professors, excellent learning facilities, readily available learning resources, and an overall satisfying learning experience.


A lot of interaction between the students for a better understanding of school work.


It is a pretty big school, there are many different ethnic groups, people are very concentrated on their career, as for administration and professors, they try their best in aiding us students in order to understand the material, obtain excellent grades in exams, and get the best knowledge out of the courses.


This school has very interesting architecture.


V ery liberal and I don't belong


A large commuter school on the rise, but with much advancment still needed.


Good school students not to involved also too much Spanish being spoken


The University of Texas El Paso is promising; that is, the university is growing, maturing and expanding which thereby generates an enthusiastic atmosphere of anticipation that is the byproduct or rather is indicative of the excellence of its instructor; and as a refection the university cultivates a desire for excellence.


My school is very comfortable and friendly.


The university of El Paso at Texas is heart welming and supportative of the decisions that I make.


My school is open minded to new dieas.


fun, interesting diverse


UTEP is very ethnically diverse, more so because El Paso is a border town. There are a lot of academic activities that a student may participate if they choose. Overall it is a good school because students get to meet others from different racial backgrounds, and make new friends that they never thought they would come upon.


Perfect, there is nothing missing and I can't think of anything that should be added.