The University of Texas at El Paso Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


I would describe my peers at UTEP as hard working and determined to succeed at their school work, whether a student will ask a professor for aid, works while going to school, or use the various resources availble to the students to help them succeed, each students always seems willing to do their best and graduate from UTEP.


The students at the University of Texas at El Paso are very kind due to its Hispanic and Latino influence by helping a stranger that needs assistance but there are also those students who have to much Latin culture and would rather speak their own language in class then speak common English this is something I do not applaud as it tries to swade American pride with Mexican pride and most opening ceremonies have this ideology by having a mariachi band play while opening a event. This concerns me but I hope this campus doesn't forget it was founded in Texas and not Mexico. As proof the University has banned smoking cigaretts on campus due to these groups I speak about always gathering speaking Spanish and smoking cigarets.


Most of my classmates come from similar backgrounds and care about their grades.


Most of my classmates are serious and quiet people.


My classmates are studious, and generally helpful; if you don't understand something, a random classmate will usually be willing to help you.


My fellow classsmates, coming from a very diverse group, are determined, motivated, kind, generous, and above all willing to learn and do anything to achieve their goals in life.


Most of my classmates already have a strong sense of where they want to be in life once they graduate from The University of Texas at El Paso, and they are very dedicated to their academics and comminuty work to make sure they reach their goals and dreams.


They are quiet, attentive, taking notes and sometimes participate in class.


Friendly and talkative people, but not always academically driven.


My classmates are engaged in listening to what the professor has to say.


Not motivated or hardworkers


I have to say that my classmates are well educated and prepared people who are there to learn and work with anyone they're asked to work with in order to get the desired result.


All they are good persons but most of them don not are good students.


Do the very best in high school because all your grades count!!! Get ready for the next phase of your life!!


My classmates at the University of Texas at El Paso were not only interesting but outgoing as well.


At this university you can find a variety or people with different backgrounds. Many students that come from different races, religious backgrounds, and social or economic backgrounds. At this school there would be no student that feels out of place simply because there is a mix of everything. Most students have their own unique sense of style which you can see everyday as you walk on campus. Usually it is only the athletes that go to school dressed in their pajamas or ready for workouts other thatn that everyone expresses themselves throguh their clothing. El Paso has the honor of being the home for many military families which allows for there to be a variety of people attending this university. Different people that are constantly interacting with each other no matter their differences. Students are from all parts of the world some athletes are from different countries while students come from different cities. Although students do not seem to talk about how much they will be making one day students are comptetitive and strive to achieve.


I don't live in El Paso but I get the sense that it is a very accepting campus.


A lot of hispanic population


Most of my classmates are people who want to be someone and who want to achieve their goal. You do sometimes get those students who are not in class because they want to but because they were told too. But The students in my classes are very nerdy and very friendly; when you need help many offer to help you and when students help one another they give you a better understanding.


Unfortunately, because this city is predominantly Mexican, there are times when the students assume and in a way, demand that everyone attending should speak Spanish because of location. Some students seem terribly afraid of change and would rather be uncomfortable and unhappy in their every day routines rather than question the "wrongs" of life. A bit narrow-minded and a "I gotta do what I gotta do to protect myself and mi familia," again, it is unfortunate, but there is always hope for change in my mind.


Classmates are studious students who are willing to help you if you need the help.


My classmates all seemed dedicated and ready to unite and make a difference.


They are hard-workers and very different from each other.


The students that attend The University of Texas at El Paso have great pride in their school. All year long, students are always there to show their support for their athletic teams. We might not be one of the top teams in the country, but we do show that we believe in all of our players. When the community is in the need of help, these students do not hesitate to lend a hand.


The classmates I have had a pleasure of sharing a classroom with have all demonstrated a sense of maturity and great intellegence , as they meet deadlines and produce excellent work.


My classmates are helpful, encouraging, and friendly.


The student of the University of Texas at El Paso are for the most part hispanic.


My classmates were fairly close to my age, very sweet, and helpful.


Most people tell many life experiences.


Some are mature young adults while ohters still dont get the fact that there on college now.


Open to new suggestions and eager to learn about the different cultures and language that our community has to offer.


My classmates are very reserved.


My classmates are hardworking and always willing to help others with problems.


College is huge, therefore you do not know anybody, all there is left to do is to meet others, for most of my classes, people are real conserved, they are there to learn rather than to meet people; they are really quiet unless you talk to them, some of them answer you but show no interest in becoming your class buddy, others talk to you and are greatful they now have someone to ask questions throughout the semester.


Very friendly and helpful.


My classmates are the most impressive population I have had the expierience to live among. My classmates are highly motivated, and always willing to take on the challanges that school, work, home and life on the border have in store. My classmates are friendly team members, easy going and open to ideas.


they are too normal for me.


My classmates are very helpfull and conversative.


My classmates are medicre and do only enough to get by. They do not care about learning, they care about getting a grade.


in my environmental science field, my fellow classmates are the best, we have good opportunities for field trips, internships and the professors are quite dedicated to our education, as for the general studies I don't know I attended a different college for those


Most of my classmates are strong focused students who care about school and desire to accomplish their goals and are willing to work for their grades and are not there for a free ride.


My classmates are fun friendly and down to earth students who seemed focused and ambitious in their studies.


Prety cool and easy long get along with


Classmates tend to keep to themselves.