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The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) is very unique because it sits on the border of Texas and El Paso. As I walk up and down the pathways I can easily see into the rural areas of El Paso's sister city in Mexico and realize how lucky I am to have the opportunity to go to a school that is very culturally diverse, and nationally ranked. It is like no other school in the United Staetes because of its location, and truly offers a well balanced and challenging curriculum that will prepare me for my future endeavors.


What is unique about UTEP is that it is a friendly university to attend. I have not met one professor that was rude and unwilling to help with courses or give you advice on what courses a student may take. I, also, believe that UTEP is unique for where it is located and how it looks. It is located in the desert off Interstate 10 and has Bhutan architecture, which is different compared to the Hispanic influence El Paso has to offer.


I mostly attended community colleges because I moved along with my job (blue collar) to different cities.


The best part about UTEP was that it was next to home and algo that it provided the major that I was looking for. Also the labs for my career where brand new.


UTEP is unique because of the border city it is in. We have a diversity of culture here in El Paso and this adds to the appeal of the school. UTEP is on its way to be a Tier One University.


It is closer to my home.


The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) is very unique because of the great education they offer. The university is really striving to be one of the best schools in the country. They are doing this by doing plenty of research in many diffrent academic programs. Also the school is growing quickly in students and construction. The school also strive to have comfortable study places, up to date technology, the best teachers, and activities for the students to have fun. It is a very good school and I enjoy attending UTEP everyday.


I really like the atmosphere. There is a variety of people and nobody bothers you. You can have friends or not its your own decision and nobody interferes.


Just the environment and the architexture of the school. It has a feeling like no other. I enjoy the ambiance especially if the weather is warm or hot.


Since I was born here in El Paso, I was raised to think that family is one of your top priorities, behind school and other academic responsibilities. IN this city students are attached to parents so it's really hard to move away in an instant. [ UTEP ], teaches and motivates students to pursue a higher education and not leaving out the family values, while other universities do not.


there is little to not racism. there are changing to become a reseach center


What is very unique about The University of Texas at El Paso is that it is filled with diversity. We see people from all over Mexico and other countries as well. What I really liked are the amazing opportunities that international students get. As an international student, for me it is very important to be given the opportunity to work and to apply for scholarships. The University of Texas at El Paso provided me that chance. That is what makes it so special for me; to be given the chance to grow within the United States of America.


Proffesors are there to help you at any time. It is not a big school and some classes can be small and easier to understand.


The school is unique because the campus is located on the side of some hill and part of it is in the hills. Also the architecture of many new buildings is based on some Bhutanese monasteries in the Himalayas because the resemblance of the mountains.


My school is in my home town. I started school in El Paso in kinder and i intend to finish it here as well.


The most unique thing about my school would have to be the architecture. Even though we live in desert area, our school does not the common 'pueblo' look to it. The buildings have a look that comes from Bhutan. Every time that I am at the university I feel as though I am in a different city, I forget that this beautiful place is still in El Paso, Texas.


What I find unique about my school is that we have a strong school spirit and we know exactly where we came from. The majority of the students at UTEP are from here in El Paso or from Juarez. Even though we are divided by a river and a fence, we are still one. We are UTEP and we bleed orange!!!


My school has a large diversity of ethnicities and has thousands of students. It is an alive campus that is always busy. The weather goes along with the architecture of the campus. It is like the details are what make the campus so good. There is always a new spot that you can discover while walking around campus. You feel part of the community and proud to be there. It makes you feel comfortable with your surrounding.


the school is growing and attempting to become a tier 1 school


UTEP is located in one of the largest binational communities in the world. Since its beginnings as a small mining school in 1914, UTEP has been committed to providing access and excellence to those seeking a higher education. UTEP offers 75 bachelor's, 78 master's and 19 doctoral degrees, with others in development. With nearly $70 million in annual research spending, UTEP is dedicated to becoming the first national research (Tier One) university serving a 21st century student demographic. It is a designation that will boost the region's economy and quality of life.


My campus is a very unique because it is like a home always from home. Everyone is very nice and is willing to help. I work on campus and many of the people here are happy because we, The University of Texas at El Paso, try to do anything possible to help students. Many of the teachers are available to help you and guide you, always willing to help. I am thankful that I am in a very friendly school who does not let me give up and pushes me to be a better person.


What is unique about UTEP is that it works very well with the local community college, making transfers a very easy process.


A unique thing about the university is that it is in the middle of the mountain and is on the border between Mexico and the US. Because of this we see alot of heritage from mexico and the united states become one.


The school I'm attending is unique in many ways. One way would be that everybody is concern about Earth, and everybody is doing their part to help clean it. There is nobody in this campus that is not doing something to help clean Earth. Professors, students, staff, everybody gets together to help . I dont hear about othe schools doing what my school is doing.


UTEP allows you to develop in more that just and academic way. It allows you to develop yourself as a person abd I think that makes UTEP unique.


what is unique in my school that others do not have is to my family serca it. power out of school and being able to reach my family to share my new knowledge with them is very valuable. Apart from this their yards, the green parts, the power to live with the green areas that God gives us is something that fills me with life. I can find people from many parts of the wold, I can live and learn from different cultures. UTEP is a school that offers me a good package in my career, having a good future


My school is different in that we are a border city university that educates students from various cultural backgrounds in a learning community that stresses cultural diversity, academics, leadership, unity, and success.


UTEP is a border school that has two complete ethnic backgrounds to it.


UTEP is a very prestigious University. It is an honor for their students be part of it. That is why a considered ,the unique is that once you graduate you will have a good job.


The University of Texas at El Paso it's placed on top of a mountain, and the weather unusually feels like beach during summer. In a more important field, UTEP is a border college, which has all kinds of mixed races, and racism is usually really low. Everyone coexists with everyone and there is no limit with such power of communication, team work, and friendships.


Big population of minority's like myself.


One interesting aspect of our school is that it's architecture is from Butan and it helps in offering diversity among students. We are located in a desert mountain but we have interesting landscapes.


Well, considering that I couldn't afford to consider any other school, there's nothing standout about my school in that regard.


The one true aspect about our school that makes it unique is its level of diversity. Situated within a stones throw away from the U.S./Mexico border, the ethnic and racial diversity is at an all time high (not even including international/out of state students)/


My school is unique because of the communication available between students and teachers. It is hard to get that at a large scale university where you are just a number. As well as communication, many of the professors here strive to give students the education they deserve.


I think that UTEP is unique compared to other schools because it is not an on-campus university for the most part. It is a commuter school, and it attracts people that do not want to leave home or leave out of town to advance on their education. Also, I think it is most affordable in comparison to other universities in the Southwest area.


It's in my town. It has a good engineering collage, It has good SAE proyects. It has a big diversity of students.


It is a commuter school. No one really lives on campust unless you are an athlete. Engineering program is excellent though.


The vast majority of the student population is actually of hispanic background. So in many ways I feel a lot more at home at this campus. Also, there are more programs to help minorities succeed---such as co-ops and internships.


At UTEP, we have captured history since it first started in El Paso like segregation (Movie: Glory Road), Hispanics, Ft. Bliss's contributions and more. This campus gives the student the opportunity to interact with family in certain events and make a new family of friends. El Paso is known for being a big city with a heart of a town, in this case, makes the city have school spirit for UTEP from good days to worse. UTEP also gives the opportunity to be someone in life not only for Americans, but for other races and in particular Mexicans.