The University of Texas at El Paso Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


When you are born and raised in El Paso, it is not ideal to go to UTEP. However, the thing in which I bragged most about and still brag about is the school pride everyone has. Although many people attending UTEP are not doing so by choice, we are still very proud of our school and to call ourselves miners. Even now, meeting someone who also attended UTEP is a great feeling to be able to share the connection we have for the love of our school.


I don't brag. There is nothing significant about this school since admissions accept everyone. It doesn't mean it's a bad school, it's just average because most residents of El Paso go to this school since it is the most accessible.


That I am proud to be a miner and the first generation to be attending


A financial friendly school that has everything any other college has and gives students the ability to graduate without having an extensive amount of student loan debt.


The location of the University of Texas at El Paso allows for a diversity of cultures. Each year the different communities work together and bring the students of the university an international food fair. All the communities cook a special dish and some of them even bring clothing or costumes used in special occasions. My university is very concentrated on the success of the students, it offers many programs that excels their knowledge. One of my favorite programs is the research program, which allows the students from different departments to be part of the solution finding process.


When I tell my friends about my expierence so far at the University, I tell them how much of a difference it is and how great the community is. The college community is so diverse and you get to expierence different teachings from the professors. The environment is very mature and very very enjoyable compared to high school.


The one thing i brag most about is how the teacher can understand that for many students attending, english was not their first langage, therefore teachers tend to do an amazing job working with you.


The business college is ranked high nationwide and I really enjoy being part of it.


I tell people that I enjoy the flexibility of online classes. Also, I like that I am saving money by attending this school as opposed to going to the previous university to complete the same degree.


I usually brag about the baskeball team.


When I tell my friends about my school I brag about how hard the classes are. When my friends mention how easy their classes are at their community college or other universities I frown. I tell them that I love UTEP so much because instead of gliding through it to get my diploma I am actually learning the material I will be needing in the future for my career. I do not want the easy way out, I love to brag that my school challenges me and because it does I will be a better employee in the future.


I love my schools gym! Its an open air gym, 4 floors of machines, an indoor basketball court, an indoor swimming pool, a track, and it even has a rock climbing wall. The students are not judgemental they are very nice they dont judge you and you dont get bullied around. They offer free fitness classes like kickboxing, weight lifting, and zumba. If you are a person who likes to exercise, UTEP is the place for you!


I don't really brag about anything. I do like to give random little facts like "Did you know that the Fox Fine Arts building is modeled almost exactly like the one in UT Austin?" I also tell people that, contrary to popular belief, UTEP is actually a pretty good school. Some of the best teachers I've had are the ones that I've had during my years at UTEP.


I brag about the fact that my school is one of the top schools in the nation for Engineering. UTEP students are recognized after graduating as well educated students with hands on experience. I also brag that the professors help each individual student.


The biology department is continually growing, last year they inaugurated a 45 million dollar research building with state of the art equipment.


I tell them about they flexible curriculum, the large auditorium and buildings in the school.


This school has a very close-knit community because the majority of students who attend here, grrew up in this city. It is hard to walk very far on campus without running into someone that you know. There is a lot of pride for this school throughout the whole city, not just the school community, which I think is neat and unique.


Since I live here, my friends know all about UTEP. However, what I would tell someone who wasn't from here is that UTEP has a high hispanic enrollement population. I'm from a border town and I enjoy the fact that in the United States, you can go to different parts of the country and experience a wide variety of cultures which is what makes this country great. UTEP, like the U.S., has a wide variety of ethnicities and that makes for very interesting conversations. I would recommend to anyone who likes hot weather to attend UTEP.


What I brag most about University of Texas at El Paso would be the few teachers that I have encountered so far as great teachers of their disipline. I would also brag about how well they train you in different athletic areas. I would also brag as to how utep is continuing to grow and change to help make the school better for incoming students and current students.


When I look at the students that attend The University of Texas at El Paso, I see that they are all united by their love for the school. Not only does it have beautiful architecture, but it also is surrounded by the mountains that many here at El Paso are proud of. This is also a school that provides its students the great quality of education that they are looking for. Recently, one of the professors at the university has been recognized by the president of the United States.


What I tell my friends that are attending other schools about the university that I am attending is that the professors are very accessible and down to earth. All of the professors that I have had the pleasure of having have made the transition from high school to college very easy. The are not what I expected from college professors, they understand that some college students carry a very heavy work load and so they do not attack you with work but rather divide the workload into several phases and they help you with any problem you might be having.


It is a four year university and it has affiliation with other schools to help its students get into those medical schools. It has a lot of awesome internships with businesses around the city and out of the city. Also local and outside businesses look to hire graduates because of their excellence.


After having attended UTEP for almost two years I am proud to tell my friends that here one can actually feel that the faculty and staff really care for you to succeed. As part of the College Assistance Migrant Program I have been able to help other low income incoming freshmen.


What I usually brag about the most is being in the Fraternity Lambda Chi Alpha. I'm proud to be apart of a outstanding fraternity, bragging about how fun it is. Telling friends how much we help out the community with donations and food drives. Showing off how much ethics you need in order to become a brother. Telling them how high you have to keep your GPA in order to make it and not get in trouble. I can keep going and going but one of my friends always have to tell me to stop showing off.


One of our electrical and computer engineer professor, Ben Flores, was honored by President Obama and recieved the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Technology, Mathematics and Engineering Mentors. (STEM)


The ability of getting an exrtemely good engineering education and the way you can get to know people.


well, i must say that the firneds that i have are amazing. The buildings itsel are extremly nice and the classes a very good. They teach classes in english and in spanish and i have a lot of fun.


The fact that we are research-oriented. The fact that we are trying to become a tier one university as well as the fact that there are many organizations on campus that touch on all subjects. We have very progressive organizations that help keep the students motivated to do the best they can in their scholastic duties. We also have the lowest tuition out of the whole state of Texas and we have a Students for Sensible Drug Policy Chapter that focuses on finding alternative ways to the war on drugs because our border sister city is affected by it.


I tell them that in more ways than one, UTEP is like an undiscovered gold mine. At first mention, people might dismiss it because of where it's located and the socio-economic status of El Paso, as well as the proximity to Juarez. What they don't know about is the world-class faculty (in multiple departments), state-of-the-art tech., and solid education that UTEP can seriously offer.


That it is a great place with huge school spirit and great people who respect you and your property. It has great extracurricular activities that you can join no matter what you like, you will find it. It is the home away from home.


a good and extensive campus with lots of activities to do


Considering the constant rise in tuition, tuition at UTEP is extremely affordable. Despite its inexpensiveness, the quality of education is exceptional. Moreover when considering the social/economic reality of El Paso, to have an affordable education for anyone interested and of such great quality available, is something to be taken advantage of. I really cannot brag about our football team, because we are not that renowned; however, in 1966, Texas Western (now UTEP) won the national championship starting five Black players! Monumental moment in athletics and American history. Plus, El Paso is the only city that has Chicos Tacos.


How it is so much of a family. Everyone from students to professors truly care about you and how you are doing academically and personally. It is a great environment, just the right size and so friendly. I love it I never want to leave!


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