The University of Texas at El Paso Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


Because El Paso is a border town the worst stereotype is danger i have come across many individuals who believe its dangerous to do anything here but in reality El paso is the safest city in America for the 4th year in a row according to a national ranking.


Many people that live in El Paso or are looking for the college that best suites them always seem to look passed the University of Texas at El Paso. The typical stereotype of the students at this university is that these students are poor, not educated, and usually coming from across the boarder. Even though there are students that fall into this stereotype there are also several other schools that do. The Univerity of Texas at El Paso has a broad variety of people that would fall under different labels such as jocks, geeks, stoners, etc.




there is all sorts of people. from the ones that don't talk much to the ones that say hi to you even though you don't know them. there's of course the athletic people, which some, think they own the world, but most of the people is really kind and will be more than happy to be of any help to you.


There is a stereotype here of having many Hispanics in particular "fresas" or "fronchis". These are two terms used to describe a person of Mexican descent as being conceited and believe their culture and background is very important and at times try to impose on others. However, it being a stereotype does not mean that the campus is surrounded by them and yes, we do have plenty of people who fit this category but we have a variety of students here on campus. I would have to say it depends on your major. if your in business you will find "fresas" or "fronchis" and if your in liberal arts you find very independent people. Creative and very artistic people. In the psychology major there is many Spanish speaking students interested there. In science and math you find the geeks and nerds who in no means dress to impress they come to learn. We definitely have variety here.


I am a distance learning student at UTEP so I think that some people think that people who take distance learning classes are "slackers" when in reality it takes a lot of disciple to take on line classes.


At UTEP we have a variety of people from all over the place. Hispanics, White, Black, Asian, etc. Being that the university is right at the border of the United States and Mexico, the Hispanic population is the largest of them. However, since there are people from all over, we also have all kinds of personalities, we have frat kids, geeks, athletes, to name a few. There is not just one stereotype.


Now, utep is a hispanically dominated university but you have a wide variety of student stereotypes theres a little bit of everything


I have noticed that many students think of the school as a part of something bigger and thus don't engage in the activities sponsored by the university or organizations on campus. I would say, even if you really wanted to come to UTEP or it was just the only option do become engage in the activities whether is a fraternity/sorority, or other organizations, or make your own one.