The University of Texas at El Paso Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


It has a nice campus... And that's the extent of its positive qualities. Almost every teacher I have had so far is extremely unprofessional and unorganized. Most professors cater more towards students who are behind rather than helping hard-working students. All events are half assed and poorly organized. The customer service at every office is terrible, consisting primarily of untrained students as employees. Honestly the community college I attended in San Diego, California was better than this "top tier" university.


great school


The overall expierience at The University of Texas at El Paso is a glowing promising positive one. The university is growing due to its geological position and brand new expansion grabbing the attention from Universities Nation wide. The expansion is due to the increase in enrollment from students and in turn more grants and projects are reaching this promising school. This University established itself into a community were a huge percentage of members are Latino and Hispanic ethnicity due to its neighbor city Juarez Mexico. The overall vibe at this university is to communicate with one another and help all students to achieve their future goals.


I can get my degree online.


I have been here four years and I have to say this campus is very clean, very activity oriented, and friendly people are at the face of it as faculty members. Professors are approachable and counselors always helpful. I have enjoyed my time being here and the only thing I can think would need a change is updating certain classrooms in the older buildings. Chairs are uncomfortable in the Education building and labs are outdated in the Chemistry and Physical Science buildings. Most people that attend college here is because of location. It is a college city and it makes it easier for many to attend a nearby school. That is another reason I decided to stay here besides being one of the top colleges for business majors.


The Nursing RN to BSN distance learning program at the University of Texas at El Paso is great. The instructors are helpful and always available. These instructors work very hard at bringing everyone together through the web and use technologies such as "Illuminate" to enhance the program. I took a forensic nursing course and they did an interactive crime scene with a web came for my final it was awesome! The one thing that really needs improvement is the ability to participate in organizations such as NSCS there is not a good way to get credit for participation if you are not on campus. Since online learning in my opinion is the future of education I think that being able to do volunteer work in your hometown and get credit would be great.


Two great things I really like about UTEP are the opportunities and the faculty. There is opportunity to do anything one wants to do. If a student wants to get involved with an organization there is over 200 organizations to choose from. There is also opportunities to do summer programs, internships, research at campus or off campus, etc. As for the faculty, they are really dedicated to helping the students. The professors are always happy to answer students questions and their offices and e-mail are always available in case anything comes up. UTEP has a feel of a small school, since students can really get to know the faculty and interact with them, but at the same time is a growing school with 22,000+ students attending, and buildings going up all over the campus. Another great thing about the university is the unique architecture.


The best thing about this school is that the engineering program is very good, is full with with great prfessors and staff, the one thing i would change is the lack of school community, i wish there was more going on around the school so that the students would get to interact more with each other. The school size is perfect, you never walk long distances, theres shuttles available and not many auditorium clases.