The University of Texas at El Paso Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


I feel that anybody could attend UTEP. Not because it is easy to be accepted or because the classes are easy, but rather, UTEP provides a way to for students from various socioeconomic backgrounds an opportunity to attend college. As long as a student will put the effort into their school work, UTEP will provide a student every opportunity to succeed.


I believe any student who wishes to get a great education, without having a huge debt after graduating, should consider this university. The amount of coursework is dependant on the major that is choosen, but regardless of the degree the workload is always doable. Students will feel challenged in their courses, but will still find that they have some time for a social life.


If you are interested in specializing in engineering, buisness, or nursing, this is definitely the school for you.


Someone who really is interested in a great engineer or business program. Also students who want to be move involved in the community and be close to their families. People who attend this college from other cities seem to really like the fact that they can go into a whole new country in less than 10 minutes (being that Ciudad Juarez, Mexico is on the other side of the city). Students who want to experience bi-cultural atmosphere would really love it here.


A person who loves diversity and the culture as well as the gorgous structures of the campus that make it seem like an El Pasoan mini Bhutanese city.


A person who is very well rounded, and has an open mind towards a variety of ethnicities. The kind of person that loves hot, dry weather and get a good tan. El Paso is a very calm city with a relatively good nightlife. Students that are not that into partying but want to dedicate their time studying. If they are searching for the Greek life, they must know that it is medium sized. Overall students that are willing to set nightlife aside and focus in school. Picks Up!


I believe any one can attend this school. The student body and faculty is very acceptive of diversity and speaks both English and Spanish.


This school is perfect for anybody, whether they already know what they want to major in or if they are still trying to discover which path to take. Being devoted to your studies and striving for excellence is very important, as well as having fun and enjoying the process to reach your goals while attending The University of Texas at El Paso. These ideas lead me to believe that a person with a good combination of hardwork and fun would fit in quite perfectly in this school.


Someone who wants to attend the University of Texas at El Paso should definitely be ready to attribute to the school that is beginning to shape. Hardwork is the definition of UTEP, where most kids come from nothing to something. So if you want to be a student of UTEP, commitment and a goal driven personality is a must. As a student, you should be ready to work for the vision of happiness you have been picturing, for it will come true at the University of Texas at El Paso, if you really want it.


a person that wants to become a engeneer since this school has a great program on sciences. a person that their english is not great; this is a multicultural school.


People who want more in life than just a normal routine. People who wantto climb the workforce ladder and excell in what their hearts desire. Kids fresh out of highschool and not interested in college but are still going because their parents made them really look bad. All that money could be spent on better things if you do not dedicate yourself to college. If you are going to enroll in college you must do your best and work hard, if you doo, good things will happen one way or another, I guaruntee it.


Someone that is happy to mix with a racially diverse student population, ok with hot weather. Someone friendly and open-minded.


Any person that wishes to attend college or university in order to succeed in life and better him/herself should attend this college. I started off at Community College and then transfered to UTEP to keep advancing in life. I dont know how other major universities are but I can tell you that this college is for everyone!


"People who are looking for acedemic access and excellence" is our university's motto for individuals who are interested in attending this school. Any person who has the thrist for success in their education and is eager to do something greater in life regardless of race, color, or ethinictity is welcomed here. A person is severly motivated to go an extra mile, knows you need to work hard to reach your goal, and friendly to others.


Any kind of person could happily attend UTEP. Anyone who likes open spaces, the sun shinning everyday, friendly people eveywhere.


Enthusiastic self motivated people should attend this school.


Engineering Students should attend this school. It is one of the top engineering schools in the nation and has good professores teaching there. Nursing students should also go to UTEP because the nursing program is growing and they have even built a brand new nursing building.


Students who like a friendly judgment free enviroment who are here to study and graduate but also take some time off to relax and have a good time.


I'm sure there are very good scholarship opportunities for minority students (other than Hispanic students). This school also has a very good engineering program, so if that is what you are interested in, UTEP would be a good fit for you. The Mexican culture has a very strong influence here, but you do not need to be Hispanic in order to attend, anyone can find a place to fit in here.


The kind of person who should attend this school is one who loves to be mentally challenged and has a lot of patience. They should also have great study habbits, because many of the classes offered here at UTEP require a lot of learning on your own. This school is also good for those who want a liberal arts major and not as great for those who are going into future medical schools, because UTEP does not have a very diverse or large research backbone making it difficult to obtain some research backround when applying to Medical School.


The kind of person that wants to get a good education while having fun.


Anyone should attend this school, it is full of different cultures, not just hispanic, but other great cultures from around the world. Also, our professors have some of the biggest minds in the country.


To keep up with the slight difficulty of the classes, a person should definately be use to having a lot of homework and writing papers because that is something that is really implemented when you come here to UTEP. A person must always be able to attend class with almost no abscences and also be willing to work in groups quite often.


A person who wants lo experience the blending of cultures, especially the mexican culture with the american culture. Someone who is eager to work in a collective manner.


The type of person you should attend this school is anyone who is really serious about receiving some kind of education for their future. The person should be willing to work at school and to spend most of their spare time in studying for their classes.


A person who wants to meet new people, learn alot, and work hard for their degree.


Any person could attend to this school but he must committed to his education, because its tough and one must keep on going to meet his goal.


The kind of person that should attend UTEP is the kind that is looking for a real college experience. UTEP is the perfect college for any person from any background that is serious about receiving a superb college education that will prepare them for their future endeavors. The kind of person that is perfect for UTEP, however, is also the kind of person that is willing to work hard in order to succeed.


Natives usually, on rare occasions people from other places in the world interested in pursuing graduate research.


I feel that the best student to enroll in this campus is the kind of student who may be the first in their family to enter college. This university does offer many opportunities as well as financial assistance to over half the student population. This university includes several students who are the first in their families to enter college and, in turn, welcomes these students to a great foundation of educational wealth, social experiences, and memorable college experiences.


This University is more geared to individuals already living in El Paso whom wish to advance their education. Being the only big time university in the city, most individuals at this school are commuter students. Most grew up in the city and after graduating from high-school or attending community college for a while end up staying at this univeristy. It is a great starting point.


Someone who can not afford to leave home, someone looking to stay close, not really looking to get involved on campus, someone who understandts the concept of commuter...


Anyone who is iinterested in learning a particular field. Someone who doesn't mind nice weather and slow paced environment.


Any person can and should attend the University of Texas at El Paso. We have great professors, an undying support for our athletic programs, a variety of things to do and be a prt of on campus, and not to mention lots of culture. El Paso borders the town of Juarez, Mexico so if you want to experience a taste of Mexico all you have to do is walk right over the bridge, just remember to bring your passport with you. We have something here for everyone and welcome anyone and everyone to the University of Texas at El Paso.




those seeking a business or engineering degree. the school is better than what others perceive it to be and the business college has an accredidation that most other business schools don't have and has a good international business degree which is good for globalization is here.


Someone who is still unsure if they will be successful in college.


Anyone that wants an education. It has been easy for me, some of the teachers seem to hand out grades for anything. There was one class that I had worth 5 hours and I only had 3 simple assignments.


I would say a person that is focused in their career and know where they want to go. This is a school that although tuiton is rising, it is still financially available. Also a person who wants to finish there bachelors and plans to do there masters some where else. But to start of it is some what a good start. Since tuition is not so expensive and if a student decides to borrow from loans, they won't be so much in debt.