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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


"Hey You" Listen up Mr. these's years in high school are going to your most important years ever. You better buckle down and take High school serious. Don't get me wrong you can still have fun and the time of your life, but remmeber academic wise you better study your but off. The more you know going to into college will better prepare you for your future classes. In addition your first at college their will be a girl name Amy with big gorgeous blue eyes, and just a little shorter than, and trust me your heart will stop when you see her. My advise to you is stay away. Not because she will leave you or hurt you, but because you will later find out through pictures she is your long lost cousin. Beside that you will do fine in college bye past me.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, there is a ton of advice I would give myself. However, the thing that I feel would have most benefitted me would be to be smarter with money. My parents did not contribute at all with paying for school which forced me to work full time while pursuing my undergraduate degree. Since I was from a low income family, I was eligible for the max amount of financial aid and took as many loans as I could to help with transportation, supplies, living arrangements and the overall cost of attendance to name a few. However, even while working full time; my immature self often spent the money I made on foolish things instead of putting something towards my school. Now, I am trying to attend graduate school only to question if I can even afford it because of the amount of debt I have already put myself in. If I would have been smarter financially, my current debt would have been lower and graduate school would be certain. However, now I hope I am doing the right thing for myself and my family financially.


If I could go back and talk to myself during my senior year of high school, I would tell myself that nothing you did in high school prepared you for college. I would tell myself to study harder and to challenge myself to think more, whether by taking an ap class or taking my studies seriously. When I first attended UTEP I felt overwhelmed with the amount of studying that school actually required of me. I would also tell myself to be open to learning new concepts and to not be ignorant, rather than thinking that I knew everything and that college would be as easy as high school. I used to think that asking a teacher for help was to show a sign of weakness, now that I think about it, I was completely wrong. Normally I would just ignore what I did not know, and sometimes fall behind, but I would tell myself that education is important, that learning about new subjects is actually beneficial to discover what you would like to study in college, and ultimately what career I would pursue.


If I could go back to high school I would tell my future self to really research what degree I wanted to pursue before entering college. When I began college I was considered a sophomore student because of the college credits I had obtained in high school. This would have saved me a year of school, but because I changed my major during my second year in college I lost that advantage. Also I would suggest to apply to many internships and study abroad programs because they are very beneficial. Although I obtained a research experience during my junior year, I still wish i had been able to do more internships and get more experience in my field before graduation. Additionally I would suggest that, although education is very important, it is also important to keep a social life.The reason is that there will be times when the workload will be too stressful, and in those times it is good to simply take a small break. Having a bit of fun to relax yourself will help tremendously, and once you get back to the workload it will be easier to accomplish.


Please apply for scholarships. Please, please do it. You won't get any financial aid grants until your're 23 and by then you've used a lot of loans to pay for school. I know your counselor is scary and comes off rude, but bug her anyway that's what she's there for. You had a chance once to apply for a logo competition, do it! Apply to everything! You're scared of failure but nothing bad can come out of trying. Learn how to drive already. I know you're freaked out about it but it'll help you more than you know. Going to Community College before the University was a good decision, you saved money that way, just make sure you don't take a physics and chemistry course like you did. It was a block of one or the other so one course is seen as an elective you don't need. Rent all your books! They're the most expensive thing and 90{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the time are not used. You're happy with the campus you're at now but don't be afraid to look at others, you'll always be wondering.


The first thing I would tell myself is to mentally prepare for the college life. College is nowhere near as easy as high school. The teachers are not flexible with your assignments and they could truly care less if you pass or fail. Another piece of advice that I would give to myself is to look for scholarships as a senior in high school. A higher education is not cheap, and if you want to continue on with your education, you are going to need a large amount of money, or you will have to take out loans and step into what feels like a shark infested swimming pool. The last thing I would tell myself is to try making connections from the start of your higher educational studies or even before. Connections, and professional acquaintances can definitely help you find a job right out of college to help you start paying off your student loans.


“When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on”, famous words by Franklin D Roosevelt that speak to those who understand the importance of perseverance. Typically as a high school student, many often feel invincible, on top of the world, and with an infinite source of knowledge. It is not until college brings one down from the clouds that it becomes very clear the pursuit to greatness is not as easily achieved as previously imagined. The walk uphill might even seem unreachable. However, there is no mountain top that isn’t reachable. I would love to explain to my former high school self that life is about perseverance, even in the face of defeat. “Your will can be broken, your crown can be stolen, but your heart of a lion must never be hurt. The mighty roar of persistence knows no walls it cannot climb. It may seem easy to abandon ship when the tides of college seem to be unbearable, but greatness comes in remaining aboard and overcoming one wave at a time.” Those would be the words I would tell my high school self.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself that prioritizing will be important when getting to college. This would include prioritizing time for studying and making class and homework a priority. I would also tell myself that the transition from high school is not one I had to handle all on my own. Asking for help from those who had already gone through their freshman year would benefit me tremendously. The final thing I would tell myself is that college is expensive. There is a necessity to budget what my employment was paying me so that I could pay for school and still have money set aside for fun and socializing with my friends.


Glen Charles Chapa, what I am about to say can set you down the path of success beyond any comprehension that you have at this moment. I am you in about 10 years... After you graduate you will be tempted to join the military, Do it do not wait. Once your out do not move back in with mom, move right into the dorms, this will help you not miss class as well as be around those who have the same goals as you. You won't know what you want to do once your in, but I will tell you right now that you want to be a doctor so chose pre med. Also, do more than just full time and expedite the process. I know youll want to hang out but you will have fun in the Marines, so now its time to grind. I can tell you how to be the best, but I know my have to choose to be the best. So make that choice and do better than how I did it. A smart man learns from their mistakes, a wise man learns from others! I hope you make the right choice!


Speaking to my 18 yr. old self as a senior in high school, could might as well be the same thing as speaking to a complete stranger. I'd tell my obsessive self that in 2 and a half years, missing top 10{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c}, and not being able to attend my dream, overpriced university would not matter when I'd find myself studying abroad in beautiful Italy with the absolute best people. I'd tell myself that things were about to drastically change; that the boy I once thought was "the one" would break my heart, and I would soon become a person few would recognize. I'd tell myself that it gets better; that it would take college and it's wonderful experiences to make me realize how strong, independent, and capable I was of doing ANYTHING I truly set my mind to. The main thing I would advise myself was to never lose my "soul." To keep dreaming big, and never lose my passion, because it was those two things after all, that would keep me moving and keep me motivated.


The advice that I would give myself as a high school senior would be to try the hardest that I possibly could have. If I were to have tried harder in classes, particularly math, I would not have to be in a remedial math class right now. Unfortunately however, I slacked off for three years of high school and it truly has come back to kick me in the butt. If I could go back in time and talk to myself I would have forced myself to try harder and to strive for excellence, something of which I know I could do. I would also tell myself to start opening up more and talk to people that I do not know well because college is not only about receiving a higher education, but also gaining the social skills to communicate with strangers and people that you do not know too well. I can gurantee you, one-hundred percent that if I were to go back right now and talk to my previous self I would tell him to get his act together and to work his butt off. It truly does go a long way.


Dear past Marlene, You will be attending college soon and I am quite proud of you. I want to let you know that college is a different world from high school. You may take your teacher's advice very lightly, but I am here to give you more in order for you to understand it better. When you enter into your classes make some friends. Some of these people will remain your friends for a long time. You may change your major once or twice, but remember this is your decision and NO the school colleges are not conspiring against you; they just have to go through a prodecure to make sure your classes transfer correctly. The last thing I want to let you know is have fun. Some of your classes may be tough, but remember to relax and take sometime for yourself. This is will help you in the log run to finish with the expected timeframe you have put for yourself. Sincerely, Future Marlene P.S. Invest in a good bike, lock and chain!


If I had to do it all over again I would suggest to my mother to take me out of school and do homeschooling instead. From my first hand experience I learned a lot from sports and my coaches and from social life in my religion. Also being a basketball manager, my coaches treated me like a student coach and I still use some of knowledge and skills they taught me today in my life. I also use my leadership skills from my religious social clubs into my everyday life.


Seeing as how I’ve always been one to sweat the small stuff and worry over the littlest things, I would tell myself just to relax a bit and not worry so much. I should just take everything a day at a time, try my best, and the rest will come naturally. Worrying will just make things worse and cause me to become more overwhelmed which will not help any situation whether it be with a class, job, or internship.


Don't sweat the hard stuff. Making friends may be hard for you, but it's worth it in the end. Trusting people can be difficult, but trust is only one part of a relationship. People will always try to push you down and keep you on the ground. You have to learn how to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and continue on as if nothing had happened. There will always be idiots in the world; you just have to have the patience to deal with them and ignore all their uneducated comments. The key to success is not knowlegde, but patience. You must be more like an ambush predator than a pursuant predator. You will never catch your prey if you don't have the patience to wait.


Marisol, take more seriously the ACT and SAT exams do not think that having good grades is enough, prepare for these exams if you want to get accepted into your first option university. Don't be scared, trust your English, and take double credit classes, believe me it's better to take them now, you could save money, finish your core classes faster, and start your major classes before. Don't be shy about asking questions. Study hard and manage your time, but don't forget to have fun. If you go to UTEP take math1321 because math1319 will be boring to you, when you have writing assignments go to the writing center they will help you, and you will get better grades. When you want to study go to the rooms on the 1st floor in the Library. Rent your books to save money, and read before going to class. Try to eat healthy and don't drink caramel frapuccino every day because you'll start to gain weight. Sleep 8 hours and don't stay awake late watching k- dramas because waking up early will be hard. Don't be stressed and enjoy your college journey.


Research all the possible careers you can study. There are so many careers that you are bound to end up in the wrong one if you're not careful. Don't waste your time waiting for the career you're meant to be in to come to your head, MOVE! Do as much as you can about everything and you'll eventually find what fits you best in school.


If I could go back and talk to my high school self I would tell her to stay focused, motivated and finish what you start. Work hard and always do your best is the best advice. If you always do your best you feel acomplished and fulfilled. Be sure to take advantage of all the help and resouces available to you and make the best use of your time. Take the time to get to know yourself and what kind of career path you would like and go for it. It would have been much easier to finish my college education 15 years ago before I was married with three children. There is so much more to juggle now that I have to support myself and my family. What ever stage of life you are in it always seem hard, but you do what you have to do to get it done. The last thing I would do is give her a hug and tell her good luck, work hard and it will all work out for the best.


As hard and painful as your adolescent years have been since trying to grasp with your OCD, while anxiously longing to fit in at school and truly express yourself, do not be dismayed! You have an abundance of gifts and talents that are waiting to be explored and developed. As challenging as it will be, give yourself a clean slate in college to make friends, believing that others will like you and see your wonderful personality and enduring qualities. Do not be afraid, but embrace with confidence and optimism all the good things campus life has to offer, like getting involved in an organization, having a newfound freedom away from your parents, meeting fresh, new faces, and most importantly, having the opportunity to learn! In a way, your life is just beginning now, as you set out on a road of self-discovery full of whole, new experiences. Last but not least, trust in God and His power to fill you with hope and assurance that your college years will be fun and enriching as long as you keep an open mind, work hard, and stay committed. Faith and love make all dreams possible.


Dear Hannah, “Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength” –Corrie Ten Boom. Every sleepless night of worry and anxiousness will not contribute to your confidence level. Look in the mirror. You see that? You are beautiful and intelligent—and ready for college. Not all high school seniors have it together. They are nervous and excited, too, so do not feel lonely. Right now, focus on YOU. Focus on your education, your friends, your family your faith, and most of all, your happiness. Your happiness fades away the more you worry about college. Only you can make you happy. I know that sounds cliché (and as a sassy high school student I know I sound like your mother). But if you work toward happiness, nothing can stop you. I promise you are more than prepared for college. Your mind is strong, and your talents are sky high. Look within yourself and find that confidence and happiness. You are ready—you just need some courage. Just remember, only YOU can make you happy. Sincerely, Hannah


I would honestly tell myself thatbyes it is a big change but it will benefit me and my (our) future. There is nothing to be scared of and with the coirage and suppprt I have with family, my success lies on me and will take me to where I need to be in life.


I thought of college being tougher academically than high school when in reality it’s easier, as long as you are dedicated to your studies and follow your professor’s guidelines. What’s not so easy is the financial burden you get into without scholarships, a College Fund or Financial Aid. One thing I resent not doing in high school is taking advantage of the opportunity to enroll in Advance Placement courses. Not only would it have boosted my Grade Point Average, but I also would have graduated with an Associate in Arts and saved a lot of money since most high school’s pay for the courses. I look back and see how foolish I was for thinking I couldn’t handle it because the truth is I didn’t even try. However, I have come to realize that you learn more from making the mistake yourself rather than hearing what not to do. Just like how your mother would say “No more sugar or you’ll be bouncing off the walls!”. It was mostly for our benefit so we wouldn’t get a stomach ache, but then again curiosity did kill the cat.


For myself I never made it to my senior year I had to leave school to start working to support my family. This would be the best advice that I could give to myself would be to never give up. For the next 14 years life is going to throw you all kinds of challenges but do not let them get you down. There is nothing that you can not handle I know in your darkest hours when you fell that you can not go any further or you feel that it will just be better to give up and take that road that you know you dont want to take, just remind yourself that it will get better. You are going to turn out to be a amazing person and learn so much. Yes you might have fell behind of all your family and they might have moved on to bigger and better thing's, just remind yourself that you helped them get thier. Life is what you are going to make of it and you will have your adventures starting soon. Keep your head up and keep reaching for the stars.


Make sure you do your research on the intended career you want to do for the rest of your life before entering a University and if possible, apply for internships as early as you can. Internships and researching will help you decide if your intended career is really what you want to do for the rest of your life. The one mistake you do not want to make, is to work in a job that you dread waking up to every morning. By taking this advice, you will have adequate amount of time to change your career path as necessary. Why waste devoted time towards a certain degree only to find out that the degree you are pursuing is not what you really want? Not only will this save you time but also plenty of money, especially since you will, unfortunately, not be receiving financial aid. Last but not least, always remember life is not easy and you will encounter obstacles that may seem impossible to overcome but I’m here to tell you that its part of life and with hard work, you can overcome anything.


Dear me, a lot of things are heading your way. They are going to happen to you whether you are ready for them or not. So I’m telling you now, prepare today for the tomorrow. I know it hasn't been easy but you will get through it. Great opportunities will soon be knocking on your door; don't be afraid to take them they will only help you become a better and stronger woman. Keep staying focused in school just like you have been till this day. This is not about you anymore; this is about what you will be doing for your family. By the way, you will be attending college; I know it’s hard for you to believe that because no one else in your family has ever done so. But you will be the first to break that chain. Therefore take as many college courses now so you can get them out of the way, and start dreaming again. Know where you stand now and where you want to be in a few more years because all is possible. P.s Your first summer classes will be difficult so study harder than I did.


More than anything I wish I could tell myself not to bite off more than I can chew. I was so determined to prove my capabilities that I took on a huge course load, got a job, volunteered, and was extremely active in two organizations. I managed to do it all, but I burned myself out and did not get to really appreciate each experience. I do not regret what I did, and I am proud of my accomplishments, but even so I know I could have taken even more away from each of them if I had not been in such a rush. I do think college is the time to get involved, and really push yourself, but it should also be about growing as an individual and that is something worth taking your time on. Your time at any University is ultimately limited, so I believe you should treasure every moment you possibly can. I wish I had not rushed through my first year but I learned from even that, so not a second was wasted and I have every intention of relishing my final year.


Sofia, you should make more friends. Talk to people, socialize, enjoy. You can make a few acquaintances in each class and that's all fine and dandy, but you need friends to hang out with. Don't wait until the term is over to ask for their phone number so you can get together, invite them to go out and they probably will. Losing contact after the end of the term sucks and each term will be lonely if you don't start with someone you know. Also, apply for more scholarships, earlier. Most have a June deadline, and if you don't start being proactive about it beforehand, before you know it, it will be October and you'll still be arguing with your mom about the FAFSA. Don't count on grants and loans to get you through school. You know you can do something about it, especially with your grades, so do it! And don't be lazy at school, since that will only make it harder. Last of all, good luck. You need it.


It is never a bad idea to demonstrate that you have excelled academically. Nevertheless, as some may think that the intelligence coefficient is a good indicator to land a job, this is not necessarily the case. Indeed, it is formidable when you can graduate with a GPA of 4.0, but this is no good if your emotional intelligence ends up earning a GPA of 2.0. By emotional intelligence, I mean the kind of intelligence that lets you discover who you are and what you really want in life. It is also the ability to control the negative emotions of oneself to overcome the hardships of life. For instance, an individual with a high intellect may find himself unemployed due to his inability to have an optimistic outlook whenever something does not go the way it was planned. Rather, he might be prone to believe that the failures in his life are the result of his ineptitude and adopt a "can't do" attitude. It is this emotional intelligence that can keep you from falling into a stress stagnation stage and encourage you to start thinking beyond obtaining a high GPA and also earn careeer experience.


You know those commercial for MetLIfe insurance? Snoopy always worries about the "if" in life, and MetLife steps in to help. But actually, MetLife isn't necessary, at least not metaphorically because if you believe in yourself, and stop worrying about all the "ifs" going through your head at once, everything will be just fine. Worrying and getting one's feathers all in tizzy only keep you from focusing on doing all you can and being your best. To sum it all up, think about Roosevelt's famous phrase, which I always paraphrase, "There is no greater thing to fear than fear itself." Fear, like a quiet poison, or a terminal disease creeps into you and taints your mind, so stamp it out as soon as you feel it. Once you do that, the world can be yours!


Assuming I could go back in time and talk to myself when I was a senior in high school I would tell myself not to give up. Life is hard and things happen but the determination and hard work will all pay off in the end. I would say that because you hit some bumps in the road that you can do it. You can reach your goals and that no matter what happens to you to just keep trying. You can reach and meet your goals in life if you believe in yourself and you have the love and support of your family. that the person you need to depend on the most is yourself because you are the only that will be able to get you through the tough times. In the end you are the only one that can get you through it and if you keep pushing forward you can accomplish anything. Just never give up.


When we think about college we immediately think about money. This association has been wired into our brains and all we can picture is eating ramen noodles for the rest of our lives. There is nothing exciting about a thousand cups of soup; but if it helps you find success, then it is a valid consideration. Going to a community college to save money is a smart choice, but it is not the choice for you. Community college will lead you away from your friends who have the positivity to help you be successful. You will drown on your own, but with the help of your friends you will find your passion and be successful. Don't stress out about money for there are many ways to obtain it. Apply for scholarships and work at a book store. I'm sure the benefits are great. If all else fails, I know you can get used to the inability of differentiating breakfast, lunch, and dinner. When all is said and done, you can either have an empty cup of soup in one hand and a degree in the other, or just a cup full of soup.


I would really recommiend in joining the advance classes that you can take at High School to start doing some core courses while you still are at High School. Get prepared with all the expenses for your tuition, apply early for financial aid and apply for scholarships. Get group studies that can help you with the transition and stay on top of everything so when you go to class you already know the material and its going to be just a review for you. Schedule your time and budget as much as you can. If you can live with your parents do it and do not party too much preferably just go for a coffee to relax. Exercise so you can distract your mind and also enroll with an association or practice community service.


If I could go back to revisit myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to keep up everything up as I was doing. Senior year was the best year of my high school years. I was very involved in extra curricular activities, sports, and academics. The only thing I would try to change, is to force myself to try harder and study for both the SAT and ACT exams. Because I was one point shy in the ACT from obtaining a scholarship here at UTEP as well as 20 points away through my SAT score. So I was left with bitter taste post senior year, from not getting any scholarships. Other than that, I would encourage myself to stay in the path I was in and to always try my hardest in whatever it is that I am doing.


My advice would be, take your time on deciding your career, independently of what other people think or tell you. Research a lot, be passionate, engage yourself, and never take opportunities for granted. Never get intimidated by anyone, you're strong and intelligent, and you know what you want. Overall, everything is going to turn out fine, you will do great, do not fear. If you get confused, trust that, eventually, things will always become clear over time. Never feel regrets or sorry for yourself, all your decisions will make you stronger and a better person. You most probably would go through certain mental and emotional struggles, it is natural. You need the struggle and suffer a bit to become better person. In the meantime, just trust yourself, you have the right to be happy at all times, because you’re in the right path and eventually find yourself.


If I could go back in time and see myself when I was a high school senior, I would tell myself to not give up on my dreams. That even though I had to raise my children and take care of my family there is always a chance for you to finish your dreams of an education. To just believe in myself because I do have what it takes to make it in school. I always have even if anyone else couldn't see it. I would say it is a hard road but it is worth it in the end.


During my high school I made many mistakes that now affect me as a college student. One of them was to slack it off during my freshman and sophomore years. I thought high school was really not important at all, and I chose to have fun instead of paying attention in classes and getting good grades. Because of that, one of my derams did not get accomplished, this dream was to graduate in white (with honors). An advice I would give to myself is to be on track with everything and get all A's in classes; Now that I am in college I realize that high school was not hard at all compared to what I now have to get used to, in college no teahcer or administrator cares if you get a degree or anything, it is your responsibility and there is no hgelp like tutoring offered. If I had challenged myself in high school and get all A's it would've been a great help in my University, I would've gotten scholarships and grants and not have to wory about the $4000 tuition I now have to pay every semester.


There are several things that you should take into consideration before making your decision. Firstly, when you're choosing your college, make sure that it absolutely has what you want to do, any possible career choice that you could ever want to make, it offers as at least an undergraduate degree plan. Because, you'll change your mind a hundred times before you're there and back again. Next, don't squander your time and intelligence, take absolute care in sending out numerous applications for scholarship, and always make sure that your financial aid applications are filed on time. There is absolutely no sense in spending money that needn't be spent. And lastly, but most importantly: Make sure that the college that you're going to is absolutely for you. This is of the utmost importance because it will pain you to spend the next four years of your life at a place that you absolutely can't make a connection with. Your reluctance to be there will diminish from any sort of social or academic experience that you may hope to achieve. With that in mind Taylor, choose wisely, and choose with your future in mind. Good luck.


If I could go back in time and talk to my high school senior self, I would tell myself to work exceptionally hard and to always remember their is light at the end of the tunnel. The college experience is one where you will meet many people from all over the world which will open your eyes to what is out in the world. I would tell myself to not be kept in a bubble of my own experiences but to realize the world for what it is and soak up all the knowledge that is to come from professors and students alike. I would tell myself that only through the education I have received in college would I have known so much I do today. I would say that their is so much excitement and joy attending college, because of the adventures professors have experienced themselves and the students coming from all over the world. I would lastly tell myself to never change and continue to be the person that he is to that day. That being himself has led him a long way and that he should always stick to what he belives in.


I would tell myself to start applying for college early and continue working hard. I would tell myself that applying for colleges early in the year would assure that I will be at a university. College life is so much different than high school. My first piece of personal advice would be to not allow myself to skip school in college. It is so easy to sit back and just simply not go to school. There's no one calling your parents if you skip classes, so it's a dangerous trap of not going to fall into. In high school, I managed to get good grades with only a little studying. I would tell myself that this is not going to work in college. Again, there is no one holding your hand and making you do class work and homework. The most important piece of advice I would tell myself as a high school senior would be to stay motivated and study hard!


I would tell my high school self to go to college and to graduate and from high school and college and get a job in the world and to help my family and friends in the world and that way i can have a better live then what i have now. I would say not to wait on going to college i would go to college as soon as i could go i would tell myself to do good in college. I would tell myself than i will have a better life when i go to college then what i have now for my life and then my mom and dad would be happy for me. i would also tell myself to work very hard for what i have dreamed and what my heart wants me to go for and not what other people want me to do and in high school i listened to other people and not my heart and dreams so i would go back and tell myself to listen to my heart and dreams and not other people saying that i can't do what my heart and dreams want me to do not other people.


The advice I would give myself as a senior in High School if I could go back in time is to start the college process sooner. I didn't start the college process until I was a senior. My counselor told me that it would make everything easier on me if I applied for college the end of my junior year and also began applying for scholarships but I procrastinated until the middle of my senior year. By waiting, it made the process a little difficult for me. In waiting so long, I didn't get the classes I needed for my first semester of college and its made it a bit harder for me to try and accomplish my goal of graduating with my AA in a year and a half. If I could go back in time, I would tell myself to start the process sooner and not to worry about the transition if I do so. Things will be much easier and smoother.


I would begin to tell myself to enjoy life a little bit more because reality hits hard when you get to college. I would tell myself to appreciate the teachers that care about you and do not hate them if they keep you for detention to do homework. In college your teachers will not be this willing to make sure you have a passing grade in the class. I would advise myself to go a take classes that would advance my college credit because college is not cheap. I would tell myself to think long and hard about what I want to do in the future so I can start college right. I would tell myself to do all this, but knowing how stubborn I am I would probably ignore my own advice. No matter how I could change the past I know in the end I probably would not have changed any of it because I might not be where I am today.


When I was in High School, I was hungry for life; I wanted to do everything as fast as I could, so that I could finish school earlier. It didn’t matter to me if that meant I was going to have bad grades, “as long as I pass” I would say, it didn’t matter if I didn’t have enough time to sleep, I didn’t care about having friends, or even having time to myself; I wanted to get it over with. I graduated one year early from High School, while having a full-time job. I can honestly say that I did not need either that one year or the money I was making working that much. Now that I am working just part-time and enjoying studying and spending time with my friends, I realize how precious time is, and how life has everything ready for us. If I could advise my past self, I would tell myself to relax and live life as it comes, I would tell me to enjoy my friends, to enjoy my family, to enjoy school, and even more so, to enjoy that senior year I never had.


I would tell myself not to take the time that I spent with my friends and family for granted. Everything changes so fast, but don't dwell on the past, it will only bring you down and hurt you in the long run. Keep your head up, you're stronger than you think.


Time is as precious as a shiny diamond, each second counts even when it seems as a waste of time. High school teachers are very wise, and they care very much to see us succeed, so go on, be an explorer and ask questions. The next four years of your life will be fun, there will be a lot of activities to join, but don't forget the most important activity of all is give each class the appropriate time it deserves, some classes will need more time than others, so always carry a calendar with you, it will help to improve your organization skills, so you can allow yourself to have some fun, and to stay on top of all your tasks too. Learning some independence will never hurt. Once you leave for college, There are a lot of things you must do on your own, teach yourself how to manage life with the resources you have, make a budget at the beginning of each month before you start spending money and always save some for emergencies.


If I could go back to 1987 when I was a senior in high school I would do much more than listen to music and play basketball. Although I still enjoy punk rock from that era, I think I would tell myself that the music will still be there when I finish college. I did not spend enough time taking college prep classes when I was a senior. I guess I thought that just going to college would be enough. I learned the hard way that in order to carve out a place in this world you must have some focus about what you plan to study and how you plan to use your knowledge. Had I known then what I do now, I would have told myself to really think about my college prep classes and choose a major that I could do something with in my future. As it stands, I am attending college for the second time with hopes of a new career. I believe that if I had questioned myself while I was a senior in high school about my plans for the future I would have skipped my history major and gone straight into nursing.


I would tell myself to work harder as a senior to get scholarships to pay for college. Never give up or think its too hard to apply or too difficult to win. Also to keep working hard entering colloge because its way different than high school.


Knowing what I know now about college life, the advice that I would give myself would be to take as many classes as possible of areas that I may be interested in majoring on my first year in college to more quickly have narrowed down my area of study, instead of wasting my time on classes that I didn't need. I would have joined more organizations to find even more areas that would interest me for my major and to create more ideas for my career path. Also, I would have applied to more scholarships, especially because I did graduate in the top ten percent of my class, I should have taken the opportunities offered with those qualifications. Finally, I would have gone to as many events and activities offered at UTEP, which serve as great stress relievers, fun learning experiences, and networking possibilities.


If I could be a senior one more time, I would tell myself to be more involved in community survice. It is very hard for me to win scholarships compared to those who have a better resume;mostly because they have hours involved with helping the community. I am in need of money for college and I feel that not having to do cumminity service hours has hold me back from winning scholarships. As a member of the middle class I am not getting the money that I need to pay for college. The wealthy class have the money to pay for college and the lower class are getting financial help from different institutions. I think that if I were to have applyed myself to have a better resume when applying for scholarships, I would of had the money to have gone to a better school instead of a community college.


To highschool me: The best advice I can give you is to have a plan. Know in what dirrection you want your life to go. Do the research find what is needed. It is ok if you are unsure or dont quite know but at least have an idea. Myabe not I want to be an MD/PhD Neurosurgeon but perhaps I would maybe like something in the health care maybe nurse maybe doctor and go from there. Never procrastinate any decition and take any opportunity. Every expeience you have will change your life so take advatage of everything comming your way. Always have a plan A a strong solid plan A and stick to it as much as possible. Just never forget to do a plan B, C, D... basically one for every letter in the alphabet. All plans are flexible and most importanly remember the best plans of mice and men often go astray. The only thing you should plan and not break it is to be independent. You are becoming your own adult so find the way you will provide for your self; food, clothes, utilities, toliet paper, if you're sick and all the money needed.