The University of Texas at El Paso Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


During the last few years, there has been a lot of construction in the school which has meant having to figure out alternative routes for reaching the building in which the class is being held. Overall, I believe the University is a decent institution for the cost of tuition. It has good professors, and was ranked 7th best national university by Washington Monthly in 2013. The only thing I wish we had, is better research labs and more courses in which the lecture required a lab as part of the co-requesite.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that it is not very diverse, and compared to other universities, i'm not sure i'm getting the whole big university college experience.


The current construction.


The most frustrating thing about my school right now is the construction because we have to take long alternative routes in the campus to get to our class, but when this ends I think there would be no problem. I would say that the school needs more spirit and fun activities.


There is a campus transformation occuring in the school right now and it's a hassle trying to get to class but honestly it will be worth it on the end and it will benefit the school as well as the students.


I believe what is most frustratin about this school is the fact that due to the region where it is located it might not be so easy to find a job. For instance, if you graduate with a Major in Psychology without having done any internship opportunities, it is hard to find a job here. Even so, a Master's degree in Linguistic will not gurarantee you a job in El Paso.


The most fustrating thing about my school would have to be that there are not many late afternoon or night classes being offered to students. I work full time and am a full time parent and I would like to take some classes at night and on weekends but very few are offered to us. This is fustrating for me.


The most frustrating school about UTEP is the fact that the personnel is not very friendly at all. When it comes to customer service, registering for classes, advising etc. the people who provide customer service are not very welcoming or nice. Another thing is the fact that it is VERY expensive.. They charge you almost for the air you breathe. Another thing is the fact that they let you get intop the University with low SAT scores yet the teachers are very very demanding of you and there's too many homework.


The most frustrating things that I've experienced so far is only the sort of bureaucratic way of getting things done. However, this is a situation that all college students must go through. I believe it is an experience that prepares you for the majority of what adult life may be: lots and lots of red tape. All systems have their flaws, as well as the University that I attend, however, I don't see it as a hindrance, no matter how frustrating it may be. Ultimately it comes down to overcoming the obstacles presented to me and growing.


The most frustrating thing about my school would be the uphills that are climbed everyday to get to class. The way the school was built is a beautiful masterpiece and great work up art, but the walking is what is most frustrating. To sum it all up, it would have to be the walking from class to class.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that some classes are reserved for certain colleges, so when you register you cannot choose a class that you would prefer to take. I have to take a night class and an early morning class with horrible gaps inbetween. I honestly wouldn't mind but I don't have a car so I am at school all day so that I wouldn't miss a them.


The People driving in and around campus don't respect the pedestrians.


The fact that it is not a very diverse group of citizens. You mostly see the same people you already know and maybe a handful of others. I would have liked that their be a more diverse ethnic group.


Speaking for myself, I am a Mathematics Major with a Minor in Secondary Educations. In order to register for classes you have to be advised by both departments. It is somewhat redundant to hear the same thing by two different advisors. Also, trying to schedule with two different advisors is very cumbersome and difficult as Secondary Education advisors are specifically available.


Nobody is willing to help you with problems, it's always someone else's job/problem


The most frustrating thing about the school is its organization. Many advisors and administrators are filtering in and out of the school so it can cause some confusion with things such as advising students and losing applications (as happened with me). There is also a lack of organization with the school website making things like tutition payment and searching for certain answers difficult.


Honestly, the most frustrating thing about my school, or at least my feelings towards it, is the fact that I feel like it's just one huge high school. When I walk around campus it doesn't feel like college to me. I don't feel like I am getting that college experience that I should be getting. When I say college experience I don't mean all the partying and fun, I mean that satisfaction that you are finally taking the first steps of creating your own life. For some reason I don't feel that way at UTEP.


The most frustating thing about going to school for me is no other than the class assignments and tests! You need to attend class everyday because you don't know whats going to happen. One day I decided to sleep in and skip my math class and ended up missing a quiz! In college, your professors don't care if you miss and they won't let you make up for it. You must keep track of when your work is due. Your going to have so much fun but you need to stay on top of your school work.


The most frustrating thing about our school is that the majority of the students do not speak fluent English. It is worrisome how my anticipated major requires the ability to speak, write, and understand English, but yet over half the students in the class can barely form a proper sentence in the language.


The most frustating thing about this university is that most teachers do not share interesting facts to keep the class involved and interested they just read everything off their slide and thats it.


The parking situation. We are a commuter school so most students have to rely on their vehicles but I think UTEP could do a better job in promoting car-pooling and more environmentally-friendly alternatives of getting to school. Also, tuition is going up again but at least it isn't as high as California's. I also believe we can do a better job in promoting a green campus, meaning, we can implement a bigger recycling program on campus by encouraging students to use the recycling bins around campus.


Everything is kind of far, like the buildings are spaced out, but it's not incredibly far apart. Good work out


Sometimes the classes you want are not always available. Also, shuttles go around the school and most students walk a lot before getting to their class. Makes it difficult to get to class on time, especially when shuttles are late, which happens often.


One of the most frustrating thing is parking. Allow yourself a good amount of time to prepare for traffic and parking.


Financial aid offered.


Students who complain about the workload form certain professors, run aorund when you need something.


The school gives you the run around when there is a problem.