The University of Texas at El Paso Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


The one thing I wish someone told me about freshman year is I could work while I was under eighteen. If I was told this I would've began collecting money for college a long time ago thus having no issues with paying for college.


Since UTEP is a communter school, it is very hard to meet people which is what I wish I would have known before attendance. If you have close friends at UTEP, chances are you either have known them from high school or you are involved in some sort of extracurricular activity and met them that way. Through out my whole time at UTEP, it was very hard for me to meet people on my own.


I wish I had known the amount of studying it was going to take to pass classes. High school was very easy for me and studying was not necessary in most cases. In college I have had to learn how to study and make time to do it.


To apply early. I applied at an extremely late date and was accepted approximately two days before the final Freshman Orientation.


I wish I had known just how similar my situation would be when dealing with professors and students who are anti-Semitic.


I wish I would had known exactly what I wanted to study for before I came into this school. I spent half my four years trying to figure out what i wanted to finally go into and had taken several classes that only prolonged by initial decision of my career. Other than that this school has helped me rediscover my potential in many ways. And I now know what i want to spend my entire life doing.


Something that was very confusing for me that I wish it had been explained to me before was how degrees work. When entering college it was quite hard choosing a degree. There was a lot of pressure from the advisors and very little explanation. They assumed I comprehended the system and what a degree entitled. After a lot of stuggle an advisor finally sat and explained to me what a degree was and my career choises suddenly became clear and simple. I wished it had been explained by my highschool conselors instead.


I wish I would have known more about the clubs and acitivities of the university.


I wish I knew how classes would be. So I should have done more research about UTEP. It was important for me to know also about GPA and the costs. It was hard for me since I am the first from my family to go to a university.


I wish I had known what help was available to me. I didn't utilize campus resources as well as I could've. I was shy and afraid to approach other students, and I've realized it's a lot easier to know people in class and on campus.


I wish I would have known more about all the clubs and organizations available at UTEP. I knew about fraternities and sororities but that was it and I was not interested in a sorority. Now that I'm close to graduation and also have many more responsibilities at home, I do not have the time to join a club or organization.


This would be my first year at The University of Texas at El Paso, I am transferring from NMSU, before coming to UTEP I wish I have done things different in past and have analyzed better the choices I had, while I was studying at NMSU I encountered too many difficulties, such as being kidnapped in Mexico, this situation made the accomplishment of my student goals harder to complete and made me loose one semester. The most important thing is that I wish I could know how much responsibility it takes to study and work at the same time.


I wish I had more information on financial aid but this is for all colleges. Need a list of items required.


At the age of fourteen I experienced my first college course along with the infamous long nights of studying, endless search for much needed creativity, and tremendous amounts of effort throughout my high school years. I graduated with my Associate's Degree at the age of seventeen before graduating from high school at Mission Early College. Despite being prexposed to the college life, I wish I would have known the importance of overcoming the poisonous fear of failure. Fear blinds you from reaching your goals and prevents you from achieving your full potential.


I wish I had known about the new programs UTEP offers because I am now thinking of changing my major to something in the health sciences field.


All the different opportunities to do research and get involved in areas of the major and all the programs and scholarships available to undergraduate students who are intersted in doing research starting as a freshman. Also would have liked to know that the classes the advisors pick do not necessarly have to be taken in the order or time at which they may tell you to take them. If you prefer to take them at different times or at a better pace for you, it is possible. I got overwhelmed my first year and it didnt go too good.


Flexibility to get a Master Degree


What I wish I would of known before I started college would be knowing what career path I wanted to take. This would of saved me alot of time and money.


I wish I had known mor about their curriculum and scholarships for students.


I wish I had known that this school is mostly interested in the income that it can use for sports related issues, while it does demand alot from the student academically it wants to get as much out of the students financially as it can, and it does not want to provide as much financial aid as it should. It also has policies that center on not providing the students with education as much as getting then away from their money.


one thing that i wish i knew was that dual credit classes could have really helped get many of the unimportant classes out of the way and i coulve started on the actual classes i needed way sooner


I wish I had known about their lack of organization. If I had known this I would have gotten a hold of the school sooner to check up on my application and had kept up with my stuff sent to them. Had I also known about their lack of organization I would have learned to be more patient with the staff I came in contact with. Though they are disorganized I wish I had known how kind they were, it would have given me a better view of the school.


I would have liked to know more about the opportunities the universities offer to athletes.


I want Finish my school. Start my master in education. When, I will be finish my master in special education, I want a start with my project. On helping low-income people who can not afford to have an education of how to deal with special children. realize that inwhichthe form must be treated, teach and educate the patient referred to his disability. Performing as a woman, making my life projects. Being able to help my community with my career. with the opportunity that God gives me opportunity to study. I know that I can finish my projects in life.


The types of courses offered for the core curriculum, major, and block electives.


The only thing I wish I had known before attending mt first semester here at the University would be to look more into specific registration fees and payments that were involved. Aside from main tuition, there were also other expenses I wasn't immediately aware of. I just want to send this out to other students who are interested in attending so that they will have this information on hand.


I wish i would know that in college you haveto learn to manage you time wisely. if not you will be doing all your work in the last moment.


I wish I had known a little more math before I arrived here. I also wish I could have attended class so I could've better prepared myself as far as note taking and budgeting my time in class and after class.


I wish I was a little more knowledgeable on the way financial aid worked. I wish I could have been more involved in my studies, rather than trying to splitting up my time between school and work.


I wish that i would not have slacked off for the easy classes my first two years. My GPA is okay, but it could have been extremely high. Also, always try to make your teacher know who you are my asking questions in classes, and introducing yourself before or after school. That always helps with your grades because the teacher can relate the work to you. If he/she knows you are trying they usually lean towrds a better grade.


More about scholarships available


I wish I would have known more time effiecent ways of getting around campus instead of having to find them out by trial and error.


About carreer opportunities in other schools


I wish I knew that you have to study tremondously to earn the grades that you aquire and that you can't keep putting things off until the last minute.


It's really laid back and friendly


how good the business college really is. i would not have wasted my time searching for schools had i known that.


I wish I knew more about the extra-curricular activities made available to students. I didn't find out much about them until I actively sought them near my junior and senior years.


I wish I would have known how poorly the office of financial aid operates. I also wish I would have known how hard it is to get on-campus apartments and how hard it is to qualify for financial aid. The socioeconomic situation here is so poor, that even families who would qualify for financial aid at larger institutions, don't qualify here because there are students who are worse off. Furthermore it seems as though financial aid penalizes students who work hard to do internships because their financial aid gets reduced.


I wish I had known about all the organizations and recreational activities I could have become a part of.


There is really nothing that I find a problem, so nothing.


That it was going to cost so much.


Before I attended to UTEP, I would have liked to know how each program in the campus works. Not only as an individual but as a team. Also, I would have liked of known the resources I was able to take when in campus, for example the library. I would have also liked to know programs I could have taken part of in order to have better experience in my field of choice.