The University of Texas at El Paso Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my campus is how diverse it is. You really get to interact act with alot of individuals who come from different back grounds, and cultures. I found this the most rewarding of my college experience, because not only do I meet wonderful people, but later on in my life I will be able to understand them if i ever do business with them.


Very clean.


The administration and professors. So far they have all been increadibly reasonable and helpful.


The rich traditions and unique history of its strong connection with the Kingdom of Bhutan, that is most evident by the beautiful Bhutanese architecture of the campus buildings. This history shows that the university, made up predominantly of Hispanic students, has embraced a whole different culture from a country on the opposite side of the globe. It's pretty fascinating!


My school is a great place to study. There is an amazing amount of racial and cultural diversity, and discrimination of any sort amongst students and teachers is extremely rare. There are many workshops and places you can go to for help with your classes or your homework, and good grades and performance are recognized and rewarded. The best thing about it is the fact that the university, its students, and its staff are always trying to help you. Everybody works together, no matter the differences among us.


I think the best characteristic of my school is the bilingual environment you get to observe. It is the El Paso/Juarez region that allows you to see the best of both cultures and to acknowledge the importance of knowing more than one language.


I enjoy the cultural diversity, all the different activities, and clubs that are offered at UTEP. There's an International Food Fair that is offered once a semester where they sell food from different countries and a lot of the dishes from other countries are delicious and promote diversity. Also, different bands play once a week during lunch time at the union, so anyone wanting to get exposure can book a week to play there. There are also several club opportunites in many areas that offer community service chances and networking advantages.


The best thing about the school is how receiving a college education is easier than believed. The university helps incoming students adjust to the college life by slowly introducing the student to the basics. After the first year, the student is well adjusted and more comfortable with the university, and is more likely to finish their degree plan.


The Universty of Texas at El Paso is ranked as one of the top schools in the nation, that is on the verge of becoming a tier one University, adding to the school's prestige and traditional southwestern values. The reason I feel this way is that I am a native El Pasoan. I have seen the university grow throughout the years and I am proud to have been accepted into this lifelong scholastic icon, enabling me to become a part of this highly innovative and fully accredited university. Prestige comes to those who are able to call themselves "Miners".


There are many things I love about my school, the environment, the students, the classes, but overall it’s the fact that it is affordable and I get a great well-earned education. My professors are organized, engaging and friendly. The workload can be a bit too much at some points but overall I feel like every dollar that I spend on this university is well worth it.


I believe the best thing about my school, is that it is different from tradional colleges. The majority of student attending live and went to high school in el paso, not to mention the city and school is very diverse. The school itself it very open and friendly, also it has an amazing education programs.


The best thing about my school is the help and support they give to hispanics who are non-US citizens, mostly in the field of Engineering. I'm impressed by the facilities my school has for research and experimentation, and by the way it's prestige has grown in the last couple of years. Because not all universities are as flexible as UTEP with international students, and the one that are, do not offer the same experience and oportunities for research and experience that UTEP offers. This helps the student prepare for the real world.


I like the environment at UTEP, friendly but at the same time dedicated. As you walk the school's corridors you get that feeling that only education can give, a feeling of knowledge and hunger for new ideas and experiences. Always with a fresh touch of youth and enery.


This university provides it's students with a diverse set of professors from different parts of the word that are very professional. The campus also has a great set of diverse students that all hang out with each other which is nice to see no race barriers in our small and humbel campus.


The best thing about my school is that I am receiving a quality American education while paying a small tuition fee, even as a full time student. I am getting the same education here as I would at The University of Texas at Austin and paying twenty thousand dollars less. Unfortunately it still seems like a lot of money


As many people know, the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) admits most of the students who apply to study at this institution. While many people think this means that UTEP is a bad school, I think it is a great school if you want it to be. UTEP has a lot of great resources from Honors Programs to research labs to wonderful professors. It is up to the student to make use of those resources and get a full college experience not only by going to class, but by participating in research, volunteering, and going on internships.


The best thing is that is close to where I live and because it is in the border many people speak English and Spanish. But there are funny stories of thinks that happen in the different buildings of the campus. One is that some students put an alligator in the office of a teacher and he was screaming from help through the window. Then that building was name after the teacher.


Well, I guess i could say that my school is unique in that most of the student body has some kind of hispanic heritage. It is actually kind of awesome to know that people, that are not locals, can like our culture and also a vast majority would like our food.


The best thing about UTEP is the pride and commitment that the students & faculty have for the University. That sounds very clich? but it?s very true. For example, if you look at our football team you learn that it?s not the best. In reality, many people who attend the games already have their minds made up of who they believe will win the game and it usually isn?t UTEP. However, people still go and support the team with the hope that UTEP will come out on top because when they do, it feels like nothing else matters.


The learning environment is the best thing about my school. My learning environment includes the confortable classrooms, enthusiastic professors, well equipped labs, helpful teaching assistants, excellent presentations, and the ease of getting to my classes. Add to this the well prepared and helpful advisors, educational and financial, and my whole college experience has revolved around a very supportive learning environment. I am a Geology major and UTEP is surrounded by our beautiful Franklin Moutains which give us a backyard laboratory to add stimulation to our already pleasant learning enironment.


The classes offered.


its close to home


There is a lot of opportunities if people look for them. For example, I am seeking a degree in Biology, I talked to a Biology professor about his research, told him I was interested, and a few months later I was volunteering at his neuroscience biology lab. As of today, I now work for him. So I believe the opportunities are there, we just need to ask, and look for them.


A school is only as good as the resources that it offers. The best thing about UTEP that makes it such a great school is definitely all of the resources that it offers its students. UTEP offers a massive amount of excellent computers, wireless internet all around campus, various food options, an extensive library, counseling, tutoring for various subjects, transportation services, excellent learning equipment, exhilarating social events, as well as every other resource all colleges should have and more. All of the resources allow UTEP students to have everything they can possibly need to succeed.


Students that have transferred from other universities have mentioned that they have more space to breath here than at their croweded college or university they had attended. Other than the space, the university has been making changes in response to the basic needs of the students and faculty. Examples are the following: making more parking space, creating a bigger bookstore, making a new training facility, in process of builing new graduate laboratories for chemistry).


How helpful the professors are


The facility in the school of nursing.


It is a commuter school and is convient for students who do not want to be away from home or can not afford it


The UTEP soccer team was awesome.


My school is one of the best schools because they guide students to make a right decision about their careers. They give timely advise that is life long. They provide incentives for studying, tutoring, and group study is mandatory in some department such as nursing. This help a lot, students hardly dropout of nursing program at UTEP unlike NMSU where most students are frustrated out of the program . Professors at UTEP are great, they go exral mile to assist student achieve their purpose. Every opportunity available is communicated to students at the appropriate time for students benefit.


The best thing about my school is the upbeat attitude everyone seems to have, and there is no discrimination. My university seems to have an open mind to all ideas and the individuals that have them. The proffesors seem to be well organized in their class lectures, and discussions are advised and encouraged. It is a very open environment always seeking new and better ways to improve.


The best thing about my school is the size and the location. I love how UTEP is not a huge campus but yet it is still big. You get the best of both worlds, the small classes and and a big campus. I also love the location I am close to home, so i always have the support of my family.


Small clases filled with friendly students


The best thing about my school is the library, it provides many resources, and it is a very huge library so that students can study.