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I think the unique aspect of UTSA is that students are exposed to so many cultures and types of people with different backgrounds. There's not a sense of division, so the students blend well among one another. This makes the campus very inviting, and gives students an opportunity to broaden their way of thinking and maybe even their view on life. As a student here, I got to meet so many people and make many friends from different parts of USA and even out of country.


There are plenty of opportunities presented to the students to get involved with organizations on campus, and although the class sizes are usually large, the professors with get to know you if you show them that you are willing to work for your grades.


UTSA was close to home for me, also the school has GREAT diversity and there's always something on campus to do. In additon there's a wide variety of majors you can choose from, and classes to take.


Compared to other schools I was considering of enrolling in, UTSA was best for me in particular, because it took place in my hometown, with all the people and culture that I hold so dear to my heart. In addition, for me, it's just the right amount of humble, as to not get too cocky from the prestige, but it also has just the right amount of growth as to provide a wide diversuty of majors and an abundancy of knowledge.


What was unique about UTSA is it has changed from a commuter university on the outskirts of town to a major university that is embraced by San Antonio. My time at UTSA had fewer buildings, fewer choices on activities, and fewer parking spaces. UTSA now has many buildings, campus apartments/dormatories, football, and parking garages (although I'm sure there are still fewer parking spaces). Watching this school grow from its roots to what it is today is amazing to watch. My son is about to start in the fall and I'm excited for the changes he'll see.


I can't honestly compare it to another school because I have never been to another college, Im sure that schools in Texas would be different from a school in Boston or Montana. However the people in San Antonio are very friendly and its a pleasant environment, cost of living and groceries is way cheaper here. What I like most of the school however is that the classes are pretty easy to handle if you are willing to put work into it.


The diversity and population


The Univeraity of Texas is very diverse, growing so fast. I enjoy the way the campus is set up. It is beautiful! At the time I started, the campus was rather small, but has expaneded so much with buildings, sports, housing, and degrees. I chose this college because of the option for my degree program.


Great Housing


I would say the fact that it is very diverse and their are many foreign people from all over the world that come to UTSA and introduce their cultures to the unknown. I also like that there are many volunteering programs that can get involved with not only the people at school but also invovled with the world around you. Everyone has a voice to promote their beliefs. I also like that at the beginning of every month we get open mic where if you are a singer writer or whatever you can jump on stage and perform your skit..


It is affordable and suitable according to my budget in regard with the fact that it is also among one of the best schools of U.S.A


My school is growing bigger and bigger each year but it still feels like a little town or community. The teachers and advisors are their for you and are very helpful and willing to see you succeed. All of the campus organizations work as one and do a lot of work for each of their philanthropies and help out others not just themselves which i think makes the university unique because it cares about others not just its self.


This is a small and rather comfortable school to attend. It is not as overwhelming as other schools seem.


Most students are non-traditional students.


What's unique about my school is the school spirit. Although many other schools have students representing their school, I believe that no other school i considered had more pride than University of Texas in San Antonio. The school spirit shows throughout the cleanliness of the school, to the motivation students pass from one to another!


There are great professors here. I hope UTSA will continue to hire knowledgeable professors that care about their students and field of study. The ones from "prestigious" schools provided wonderful recommendations.


It's a fairly large school but it doesn't feel that big


The learning environment and the closeness make the whole college experience blissful. I go to learn in a true community where everyone recognizes each other and can feel as family.


UTSA is way smaller school compared to the other schools I have considered. You get familiarized quickly with the campus and the people around you quickly which I see as a plus because as a freshman everything is new to me and it helps me transition easier from high school to college.


The University of Texas @ San Antonio is a great school it isn't too big, but at the same time it's not a tiny college where everyone knows everyone. This school is growing and I love being apart of a great community where the professors and staff actually care about the students. There is always something to do, because of all the programs and the location of the school.


This school is more education focused than any other university I personally know and has a diverse group of people.


It is close by to many neighborhoods I grew up in, so I know more students. Easy commute makes it easier to take day and evening classes. Much of the internship required for classes is in schools around where I live.


The setting. UTSA is located on the edge of San Antonio so it is part suburb and part country. The other schools I considered attending were either in an urban setting or the school was the city (not much of a town around it).


It is small enough to get induvidual attention, but big enough that there's always new people to meet and fun stuff to do. It's in the perfect place in San Antonio. It is about 10 from downtown and the river walk and everything you need is no more than a 5 minute drive. There is a gorgeous outdoor mall right down the street. The school is extremely diverse and filled with culture. There's always something interesting and fun going on on-campus.


The one thing that is unique about The University of Texas at San Antonio is that, even though it is in a big city like San Antonio, it still has a small town feel about it.


Oour school is continually growing and getting better. We are expanding everyday with new buildings and classrooms to state off the art recreations programs and center.


Our is school is growing, I see change every year, from population and diversity to buildings and beautification. It is not too big, but not too small and it gives the students an opportunity to find themselves, figure out who they really are.


It's small town living in a big city.


I think is unique that they do not have football team we finally going to have one the next school year 2009-20010. I like the diversity of the school hispanic, african americans, caucasians and also international students.


I like UTSA because it is surrounded by suburbs and upper middle class families. The environment surrounding campus reminds me of home and I like the the fact that I dont always have to be surrounded by college sudents.


The rich heritage in San Antonio is everywhere in the city. There is never a dull moment because there is always something going on downtown or at the 1604 Campus. Events such as First Friday, Oyster Bake, etc. allow students to experience and appreciate the culture of the city. My school is not only extremely diverse, but we are accepting of others differences. I honestly feel that all students feel that sense of belonging.


The overall campus size is just right. Not too big and not too small.


the people


My school is racially, economically, ethnically, and culturally diverse. It has a really good career-services center on-campus. It also has many school organizations on-campus that you can choose from to fit your needs


There are three campuses located throughout San Antonio.


It's continually growing. It is diverse in every way and it is well rounded when it comes to the academic program and extracurricular activities. If you have a new idea for a club or a sport, they willing and open to you starting that activity; so there are always new clubs popping up on campus.


Not that I can think of. But I don't have time to think right now...I have a meeting to go to. :)