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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Viewing a scene from the outside is not the same as being part of it, there is plenty myths that people can say about college but there is nothing like living the moment, then we realize what it really is. Being in college brings responsibility, it gives the opportunity to really test ourselves and see what are we capable or doing. Leaving by myself in a new city make me appreciate all the little things that I had in my house that sometimes we just let pass. I miss my family and I enjoy every single moment when I go back to my home town with my family and friends. I learn also the importance of responsibility in many aspects, in college I have a lot of freedom to do with my time whatever I want, there is not more rules that I have to follow, but that is when my maturity is prove, I have to choices either stay in track with school or just do whatever things I want, but thank God until this day I have choose right and dedicated my time to school. College really shows who you are.


So far college has been a great learning experience for me. I met new people and explored new places. College opens your mind to new possibilites and if you let it change you, you can become a better person. It makes you feel like you belong somewhere in the world and you have meaning in your life.


My college experience so far has been amazing. I have met wonderful people and am very lucky to still be surrounded by family. The school itself is rigerous, yet I get satisfaction out of doing well. The professors are extremely helpful and kind. They are more than willing to give extra time to make sure that we understand the material.


Haven't attended any yet.


I have got to know that how to live independent, away from your family and how to rely on yourself. It is valuable because by this I got to know my strengths and weaknesses without my family, and I got to know how much can I do on my own.


I have gotten more knowledge than what appears on my transcript. The value of time allocation is a skill that I had to learn very quickly when transferring to this university. It lightens the overall stress load and helps me finish tasks effectively and efficiently. Also, monetary management was also key in this. The fact that I am paying for most of my education out of pocket forces me to manage my money in a way so that I would be able to pay for tuition. In the case of acutal education, I have been learning how much work my major is and how it could apply to real-life programming situations. It is interesting to find how most of the modern programming feats (i.e. games, internet applets, devices, etc.) are based off the material I am learning now.


During my current time in college as a new freshman, I have experienced so much freedom and along with that freedom a lot of responsibility. I have gotten a wonderful experience in life that I will never forget and I hope that it continues. It has been extremely valuable to attend because by attending college, I have learned how to further be independent and figure out who I am as a person.


The biggest thing i have achieved through college is a sense of responsablity, in order to succede in school one must have priorites and be responsible enough to study, listen, take notes, and turn homework and various other assignments on time. Through college i feel i have achieved this.


The best college experience that I think is valuable is living on campus. It was easier to make friends and to start up study groups. It also made me become more involved on campus. I also felt that I got ahead of the game and knew where everything was faster. I also knew everything that was going on campus and was able to attend. Living on campus gave me several oppertunities that I wouldn't trade for the world. There was more time to study since I lived on campus. I felt being there with less distractions made me a better student.


I'm learning alot about the major i picked. I want to be able to help people that are in need. i would like to one day go abroad and help those in need. I think with out college i would never got has far has i did. I want to learn has much has i can. I love college and learning. I have learned alot from my parents. They told me all the mistakes they made and not going and getting a good education. They told me to get has much education has you can. learn all you can. That is the key.


I have gain not just the basic knoweldge and skills that will help me in the workforce but i have learn communiccation and teamwork through my soroity and other groups i am appart of at my university which will help me in my future career. Its been very valuable for me to attend my school so i can keep learning and advancing my skills so i can have the best opportunity for myself.


College has been a valuable experience in that it has allowed me to gain knowledge that is necessary in my chosen field of work. Without a college education, my dreams would never be attainable. In addition, I have acquired writing, communication, and research skills that I had not previously possessed. College for me is mostly an academic experience.


UTSA was my first choice school. Not only is it close to home, but its in the middle of a big city so there's always things to do whether it be shopping, going out to eat, or going to the movies. My campus is so diverse that its impossible to feel out of place there. Not to mention, everyone is so friendly! Seriously, you can be sitting down eating lunch and someone will come sit by you and start up a conversation. I love that there's a Starbucks on campus, so I can get my caffiene fix while spending late nights at the library. Speaking of which, it seems like during the week, everyone is at the library! Which I love because it motivates me to see my peers studying, it just means I have to work harder to get my grade. I love this school because there is so much to do, there are so many different clubs and people, and I have made so many friends. Its a big college, but it feels small because I know people wherever I go, and I know that I'll keep these friends for life.


I've learned that life takes work in many different aspects. It's like the saying, " If it's worth it, it isn't easy. If it's easy, it isn't worth it." You have to want the best out of your college experience, and make it happen it doesn't just happen on its own. I've grown up a lot being away from home and college has given me the opportunity to learn who I am on my own and gives me the motivation to want the best for myself. I've met numerous great people, and have really grown to appreciate every type of career there is out there.


I have gotten many valuable things out of my college experience physically and mentally. Mentally I have learned to be patient, work with what I have and never be afraid to speak out. Financially, I am not able to have all the necessary items such as books because of their high cost and so i've learned to find alternative means, or work with what I have because i've had no choice. If i'm not able to read a chapter of a required book, I take lots of notes or look up some info on the discussed topic. Physically i've learned that when having an eight o clock class, having good cardio is a big part of the morning. A bus never waits, so being able to run serves as a middle point between being early or late.


Well school is important to our family. I would be the 1st to attend college and have my fellow brothers follow in my footsteps. I am from haiti and have been in the U.S. for a long period of time. Being from out of the states I know and seen the struggles and how people can be torn about financial wise. Struggling to get through high school, knowing things would get better, I finally graduated and now life after isn't a piece of cake. My mom did not complete high school nor did my father. So they always pushed me to continue my education because parents do know best even though she wasn't able to provide help in any of my homework. School is very valuable to me because the key to success is how much you know and how far your willing to go to get it.


The college experience has been one of the most valuable experiences in my life because of the people I have met, especially the teachers. It was through them that I learned to expand my thought process beyond just finding the "right answer": they taught me how school subjects related to real-world issues. The teacher of my Medieval Philosophy class, which I originally thought was going to be quite nondescript, was outstanding. He had us look at questions that are still relevant today, such as "Does God exist?", "Why is there evil in the world?", and "Is there such a thing as a just war?” He challenged us to think as the people in those days would have thought, helping us to broaden our thinking processes. Another great teacher taught my Music Theory class. He spent his time not only talking about the fundamentals of music theory, but also discussing how it has influenced current pop music. This encouraged us to think outisde-the-box and we learned more because of it. These people taught me more than just what to think, they taught me how to think; and that is a valuable lesson which can be applied daily.


I have not started any college classes yet, I am looking to go to Everest college, I went for my first visit and was very impressed with the location, the teachers and the level of education provided.


I have learned quite a bit about the criminal justice field. I want to be a Federal Probation Officer, so I had to pursue a bachelor's in criminal justice.


The value of my college education reaches much farther than just the mandated curriculum , which I believe was and still is efficient. I have met a cohort of people with similar interests, passions, and ethics that I will be able to rely on in my practice. My education thus far has provided strong, valuable, and culturally competent practice skills that will assist in my pursuit to work with marginalized populations. I have learned to manage and prioritize family, school, work, and internship schedules and responsibilites while maintaining high standards in the quality of all my work and efforts. I have built relationships with instructors that continue to serve as invaluable mentors through counseling, advice, and encouragement. I will continue to utilize the resources the university has provided beyond the completion of my Master's degree and will stive to provide some of the mentorship and resources to future students as I continue my education.


I have developed skills to actually learn and not just get through my classes


I have made some of the best life long friends I could make amongst the students and faculty here at UTSA. I've also learned everything I need to be successful here on this rock we call Earth.


I am the first in my family to every attend a university and the experience will be great.


I've learned many things in college but the most important lesson I've gained is definaly how to relay on yourself and that sooner or later it just be you and no one else in the real world. Which to me is the saddest lesson also.


So far, my college experince has been very enjoyful. I have learned how to broaden my horizon and how to learn how to not fear being in front of other people and giving a speech. I have been in my vocational school for a month now and so far, I feel as though I've learned a lot more here then I had in all my thirteen years of grade school. I feel that it is very valuable for me to be attending this vocational school because I want better for myself and a great paying CAREER. A career is way more important than a job. With me attending this school, I know that I will be able to better my life and take that one step further I need to give my children the life I always wanted and never had.


I have gotten a better grip of responsibility and what it takes to become a young man. Living on my own and being my own man takes a lot more than what people think. You must be able to realize what is right and wrong and by doing certain actions how they might affect you as a person for the rest of your life. Also being able to be responsible for showing up to your classes, studying a substantial amount for each course, and manage your personal life in the right, responsible manner. It has made me into the person which I have become today and I would not change that whatsoever.


What I have gotten from my college experience is I have become a lot more social with people at school; I've also learned so much from the diversity this school has. This has been extremely valuable to me because, I have come out of my shell and seen what I have ahead of me in the next few years.


Although education is a major part of going to college, gaining experience and responsibility is just as important. Throughout the college experience, I have been forced to mature into an adult, and handle all situations on my own. As bad as it may sound, struggling has taught me a lot about myself as a person. I have learned how to utilize my organization, and time management skills. I have been able to determine my strengths and weaknesses as a person and use them to my own benefit. I think about life without college, and I wonder how long it would have taken me to learn how to survive on my own. I wonder if I would have been forced to show my strength in my weakest situations. It has been a valuable life lesson to attend college, for I have been allotted a good amount of time to find myself, while building my knowledge.


I have not yet started my college experience. I am excited and looking foward to starting it because of all the opportunitys. I have a choice between two colleges and i am going to make a decision soon. When i do, i will be on my way.


I have learned a lot about myself during my college experience. I have learned the value of hard work and perseverance. I have also learned the importance of not procrastinating. I have discovered what I want to do in life through taking various classes. My classes and coursework have taught my a lot about my own personal interests. College has also helped me to grow and mature. Through my two years in college so far, I have matured from when I started right after high school. College has forced me to grow up and become more responsible. College has been extremely valuable to me. Without attending, I would not have been able to figure out what direction I want to go in life. I believe that attending college builds a strong foundation for the future. Without college, it would be difficult to gain the training necessary to succeed in the work force.


Of the many things I have gotten via my college experience, I am thankful for the increased maturity, ability to truly focus on subjects that I am particularly involved in and realization that in order to compete in the 21st century, one's eyes must be opened beyond their societal and cultural norms to many differing views and backgrounds. I have diversified my until-recently homogenous group of friends and learned to view life more than just a black and white accomplishment game. In this civilization, success is about something more than the empirical. It is about understanding everyone's logic and behavior. It is about coming together as a people to lead the charge into the next generation of innovation and perserverence and it all begins at institutions such as the one I currently attend.


College has taught me to be responsible and to care for others. When I first started college I did not realize how much work it was going to be. I have to make my own meals, wake myself up on time, and get to class on time. College has also taught me to make friends. I had a hard time in high school making new friends. I was kind of shy and kept to myself. With group projects and Freshmen Seminar I learned how to make new friends.


Education is very important especially in today's society. My college experience at the University of Texas in San Antonio has been a very positive one. Attending this University will be the most valuable resource that I will need in my educational career. As a future educator I know how important it is to prepare individuals to be successful, this is the foundation that society needs in order to bring political stability, social prosperity and economic wealth in all levels of society; local and nationally. I believe that my college experience has prepared me to be responsible and integrate myself into society in such a way as to be a good leader. I will take an active role in education in order to produce a willingness in children to learn. UTSA has showed me that as an inspiring educator I hold much power in my hands, and how I use it can determine a child's future!


When I first arrived at UT San Antonio, I came with the expectation of learning lots of ?book smarts.? I have to confess that this did not happen ? at least, not to the extent that I expected. It being my first year, most of my courses were introductory courses and, as such, much of the information that we were expected to learn was information I already understood from prior experience. Around the second week of my spring semester I began to come to the realization that college wasn?t all about the book smarts I had initially expected to learn. Yes, those were one aspect of college but not, by any means, the only goal of college. What I had failed to acknowledge was the unique opportunity that college provides for formerly sheltered students to come to know the real world, to realize that the laundry fairy doesn?t magically run a load at the end of the week, that food doesn?t spontaneously appear on the table at the end of the day and that, if milk stays in the fridge over the course of winter break, it will cease to be a liquid by the time you return.


During my time in college, I have learned that it is necessary to be on top of things. When given advice such as "attend the class" or "don't put it off until the last minute" it is a good idea to take it to heart and follow it. College is something that is not easily obtained, and even harder to complete but yields satisfying results when finished. I have learned so much about improving my skills from past teachers, and I have also learned that sometimes you have to bite the bullet and complete an assignment accordingly, even if the method is completely rash and will not, in fact, further learning in any way. Regardless of such assignments, however, college has been a rush of excitement, stress, but overall satisfaction. There are so many skills I never knew I needed until I was dependent on myself. College has opened my eyes to that, and I hope to learn so much more. It's just a matter of persistence.


the most i have gotten out of my college experience is the life lessons that come along with it. being in a different city without my parents has caused to me to grow up and become indepedent and i appreciate them for them.


since begining my education i have increased my profeciency in every area of my life and have broadened my horizions exponentally. i was a mother before college , so i learned how to dig down deep and find my inner strength to persevere and successede. my personal life has become more social an exciting. i have gotten good at an important skill and an income for my kids now have an acomplished mom and someone they can learn from and be proud of! i have become more sure of myself and have a burning desire to help all my fellow man. the economy is making it hard to earn a living and i would love to have more income . being a single mom of two , our expenses are hard to keep up with. being a science and math major , my education expenses are astounding. in this unstable economy we all could use all the help we can get!


So far my college experience has taught me there is a huge world outside of high school. A world where life is extremely competitive, and everything has a cost. I believe since I have started college I have learned that you need to work harder than you ever thought you would need to in order to get where you want to be in life. You need to apply yourself and realize there's only one way you're going to make it, and that is to fight for your dream.


I didnt go to college right out of highschool, i took a year off, traveled France and really got to know my self and my limits first. When i was ready i attended Bmcc, or Formally known as, and also really long and hard to write, Borough of Manhattan Community College. I have learned alot in my two years there; i learned how to learn, and now i love going to school. This two year school really took everything slow so it gave me a chance to catch up on my learning. Ive done really well here because my experience really made me focus, to get out and move on to a four year, and to get good grades. And ive done all three. Going to Bmcc has been valuable to attend because now that im moving on to a four year college i know what kind of note taking im good at, how to write a paragraph, how much i can put on my plate at one time so i dont over whelm myself, and best of all, how to balance my life, school and work. Im ready to move on to a four year college thanks to bmcc.


Attending college is not just for those who have just graduated from high school. College is definitely a must for anyone who finds that their education and skills have become obsolete in today's job market. One is never to old to attend college. In fact, life experience and the realization of the importance of a good education are definitely awesome motivators when you feel like you cannot stuff one more iota of knowledge into your brain. At age 60, I am excited about finishing my degree and continuing my studies.


Going to college has been a very valuable experience for me because not only am I learning the skills required to be successful in the business world, but it has taught me many valuable life lessons. One life lesson I have learned from being a college student is time management. Going to school full-time and working can be very challenging and as a result I have learned to use my time wisely. It takes discipline and hard work, but it is very important to have good time management skill in life. Another thing college has taught me is take things one day at a time. College can be tough at times but if you take it one day at a time and focus on putting forth your best effort every day, then you will be successful. This is true not only for college, but it is especially true in everyday life.


College has taught me not only textbook information but how to succeed. When I came into college I was shy and scared to interact with other students and with teachers. Throughout my experience I have been able to open up and see how networking and personal interactions with people is a valuable tool for my success. College has also directed my focus and I will be going to graduate school for a Ph.D. program in biomedical studies in the fall. I feel I have gained confidence that I can be a leader in the research community because I have a good foundation from my undergraduate studies.


So far I'm still a freshmen and my college life is still growing. As far as my first semester is concerned, I found it to be quite an experience. The whole auditorium class size was quite overwhelming and the diverse people living on campus were very interesting. However, in this new environment I found new challenges that would go beyond old high school strategies and the horrors of "weeding out classes." I swear it?s like a horror movie with an illusive killer on the loose. When it came to my final biology exam over half of the class had been weeded out. Either way college was never meant to be easy and I believe experiencing the rigorous classes as well as campus life was worth it. I'm person who believes in striving for a higher education and in these times of uncertainty being in college is the right way to go for a secure future. The experiences I had in my first semester will prove valuable for further improvement in my life in college.


I am glad that I am attending college because it has made me a bigger person. The experiences that I have had are experiences that have me grow up and be a lot more mature. Experiences like having to wake up early to class because if you miss even ten minutes of the beginning of class, you have missed many important facts said in the lecture which will help out in exams. Being in a university has also proved to me that it is now my responsibility to get the necessary notes to study for exams. Professors do not have time to give out 100 study guides in each of their classes. All of the things I am experiencing are just practice because when I go on to my career, that is when all the practicing will have paid off.


First of all its great to be able to proceed in life, to approach every single day of life and now be able to go to collage. But, in order to happen this to me it was because I put the best of me, I put all my effort during high school. Even when their were moments that I just wanted to quit I acted in a positive way and continue with my dream of going to collage. And so now I realize how important is to study and have good grades because at the end all your effort is worth it.


Study, learn to study, find the right notes to study from. But that?s something to do in college for now just enjoy your senior year, it?s going to be the best year of all your high school experience. However, don?t slack off like I know you are dying to do. College is hard at time but it?s worth it the environment is unbelievable, and your fellow students are beyond eclectic then that of high school. College may seem like this scary shove into the real world but, relax take it one step at a time you can do it, I know you can.


First, I would tell myself to do more than just get by. My senior year I obtained the very contagious sickness of senoiritis and I began to totally slack off. I just did what I had to to make sure I passed my classes. I would also tell myself to continue putting in the same amount of effort as I always had and not to slack off just because everyone else is. Senior year still matters to colleges and you still need to make good grades. Secondly, I would tell myself not to put so much on my plate. My senior year I was taking a full schedule, a yearbook editor, and worked two job. I had so much going on that I put homework and studying last a lot of the time when I shouldn't have. After all this time of slacking on homework and not putting studying first I have gotten a habit of it and am still doing the same things now that I am in college. I wish I could go back and tell myself to continue working hard and not to slack so that I wouldn't have formed this habit.


Make sure you remember to set your alarm. Make payments on time. And GO TO CLASS. Its that easy. Have fun but make sure to do your homework. And don't worry about Rick, the guy you'll met, he's a great friend. Oh and make sure no matter what call your mother and father. They support you soo much.


When I first entered college, i was expected to get challeneged mentally as well as physically. In high school I was used to just going through the motions because that is basically what you needed in order to get an "A". There was no skill involved at all. My first week in college was a big wake up call for me. The workload on the first day was overwhelming enough. Knowing what I know now if I can go back in time, I would tell myself to take more challenging classes that push me to my limits that way I was prepared for any challanges that college had for me. Knowing all this earlier, would have definitely prepared me more and make me a more successful student.


If I could go back and talk to myself my senior year of high school the main thing I?d let myself know is that there is no need to stress over the little things. Change is a part of life and you have to take it with a smile on! Yes moving to a new city by yourself and start college at a new school is going to be difficult at first, but you have a bubbly personality and you will make friends without a problem. The hardest part is getting adjusted to the school work! Be sure to study harder that you ever did in high school because your GPA is important. Having a social life is still important but making good grades is very important because without a degree it will be harder to get where you want to go in life! If you have to stay in and study your friends will understand.. Trust me! But remember don't stress!

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