The University of Texas at San Antonio Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The University of Texas at San Antonio has a great campus and excellent equipment for every department. The quality of education you get here is better than some of the more prestigious universities, but at a fraction of the price. UTSA is one of the best universities to the most bang for your buck. From competitive athletic teams to social clubs of all kinds to its own medical center and secondary campus located downtown, UTSA has everything you'll need for a great university experience.


How much I miss the atmosphere of UTSA. I enjoyed being around a diverse culture. I always talk about the statues that were on campus and how relaxing it was. I was able to learn about community health, which lead to me obtaining a job a day after I graduated, at my dream job.


Our dorms are like apartments and we have an all you can eat buffet for every meal, as many times a day as we want


How comfortable I feel while I am at school, and there excitment all around.


The cool activities , the awesome teachers who help you with anything you need, and the amazing campus food.


Once again, select professors I've had are the only things I’ve had reason to give praise about this school. The kindness and ability to generate genuine interest from students has been reason to brag. Times I’d been ready to give up my major and switch, but several professors managed to help recapture my love of Architecture, and inspired my motivation to not give up when the outlook seemed so stale and miserable. In the end I knew I’d made the right decision, because I just needed to push past the dark to break into the light.


The Architectura program is the best. The professors are very helpful and it was thanks to this school a that I'm having a better life.


The football team, on-campus organizations, research conducted.


Everytime a friend asks about my school, the one thing I am most quick to say is that I love the size. It is not too big, as in the sense I can't get any one on one time with the proffessor; and it is not too small, in the sense that there are no oppurtunities for socialization and extended learning oppurtunities.


I like all my criminal justice classes and Professors.


I am sure to inform them of the high quality of our dormitories, the fact that we are percieved to be the rising star of the state, our urban location and relatively low tuition prices and aesthetic beauty of the campus and its surrounding area.


The truth is that nothing is arrogant for me . I like how everything is organized. I just tell my friends how each day is a special day for me on school.


What I brag about most about my school would have to be the dorms. I live in an on-campus dorm and it is not what you think of when you think of dorms. It's not the one small little room you have to share with some one. My roommate and myself each have our own rooms, we have a living room, a kitchenette, and a bathroom for just the two of us. It is pretty much set up like a mini apartment and definitely something to brag about.


AFROTC and the diverse extracurricular clubs and activites available


The campus is smaller than universities like the University of Texas at Austin. Therefore classes are smaller. Also, the curriculum seems to be much easier here than at other universites. At least that's what i've come to conclude after talking to some friends at other schools. It's easier to make all A's.


I usually tell everyone how great the location is and also how great the campus is. The campus isn't to big or to small. The classes and buildings are close together and convenient. The variety of times for each class are flexable and work great according to your personal schedule. Every professor Ihave had is willing to help and be active with their students. The rec center has the best set ups, classes, and trips.


We have a brand new Engineering Building on campus where I have several classes, and I also brag about my dorm room which is very comfortable and a nice setup.


When my school is mentioned I am proud to say that my university is growing at exponential rate. There are new buildings, better dining choices, friendly students, an upcoming football program and the positive reviews it is receiving due to their outstanding academic programs. Although my university is known as a commuter school, I have seen a lot of transformation and growth of new apartments, dorms, and the expansion of land in which the university has recently purchased. I can say that our military programs are great, I can say our recreational programs are great. This university has come far.


It is a relatively new school with attractive and updated buildings and nice living arrangements with available computers and a large recreational facility.


I usually talk about the diversity at UTSA. I love how open and diverse the school is; there are so many different types of personalites and ethnicities. The school seems like a nice little town on its own. I also talk about how the classes are challenging but interesting. One of the things that I find very conforting about UTSA is the many clubs available; there is a club for any type of person and it makes it easier to fit in and make new friends.


Well i say that we are a university that is quickly growing. A School which once started out with 1200 students now is well over 30,000 and growing every semester. We are also about to get a football team with a promising coach who already has several bowl championships with his previous team, the florida gators.


what i most brag about in my school are the classes, the professors, the variety of sports, the variety of clubs, all the different type of restaurants the University offers, how all the students in my school are very friendly, helpfull, encouraging to help other students with their school work. Also all the staff members are very nice and helpfull, such as, the buss drivers, the library staff, the school staff and the cafeteria staff. On the other hand, the security or police are very helpful becuase they do such a good job to help protect the school and students.


UT San Antonio is a great and diverse campus. On the campus there was a great deal of events, student organizations, educational and social clubs openly available to each student. Not only was there a ease in learning your way around campus, but all the teachers and staff were great help. Each person on campus was open to helping those in need. By doing so, I was able to achive a greater connection the school.


Probably about the student life, which consists of housing, eating, and recreational facilities.


its a large school, lots of space and the tuition is affordable and close to where i live


I loved the library and the computer labs. There were also plenty of places to choose from to eat. On top of all of that, I would say that there are a lot of organizations to get involved in and lots of of opportunities for a job. UTSA is always having job fairs for students.


I always brag about how easy the classes are when you read the textbook and not attend lecture. I also tell them how exhilarating the downtown events events are for example fiesta week which is literally one entire week of cultural events, bands and drinking.


Awesome professors, convieniant scheduling, nice apartments for rent around the campus at affordable prices.


I brag most about the food choices.


It is getting better in each and every aspect.


the awesome rec center


Our friendly people. I know almost everyone on campus and I have yet to find someone who is mean. People here share and arent afraid to share. If someone forgot something or needs to borrow something, most kids will allow someone to borrow an item or even have it.


I always tell them we have a great jazz band. Of course, I'm in the band so I should brag about it. But it's not just that. The band really is great.


I brag most about my fraternity.


how big it is.


I tell them how beautiful the campus is. The design of the campus and it's surroundings help left your confidence and spirit when times start becoming unbearable. Just to take a moment and appreciate the architecture of the campus and all the benifits of going to a University helps to keep your head up high because then is when you feel the most gratitude for being accepted into a University with such a high level of success.


Its Big


That the dining service/food is the best that I have seen, and that my professors are really great.


Prof. usually care a little bit more about their students than I've heard about other universities.


the amount of clubs on campus. the great teachers i've had. the surrounding area.


the greek life and the downtown atmosphere


For a commuter school, students have a lot of choices to pick from when selecting their class schedule. The size of the classes may not be great, but if you do not procrastinate in registering, you have a wide selection.