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What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


I don't really think that there is a stereotype at UTSA


I'm not racist but the most common stereotype of students at UTSA is that we are a student body full of Hispanic and Anglo Americans!


The common stereotypes at UTSA are similar to most schools, there is a large mix of many different people. The frat stereotype is not as prevalent here compared to other schools around the country but is present. There are a lot of jocks, geeks, and everyday people at the school all the time. It is a good mixture of different people and they all seem to mix relatively well.


At UTSA there is no typical stereotype; we have it all! There are frat guys, sorority girls, geeks, you name it. Just walking around campus you can see a multitude of student organizations, each a self-proclaimed sterotype from the Atheist Agenda and Campus Crusaders for Christ to the ROTC and the Association of Chinese Culture; there is definitely somewhere for everyone at UTSA.


No, it's not true. The students here are just as intelligent as the ones who attend UT. They are smart, creative and friendly.


Common stereotypes at UTSA are that the students are all commuters and that anyone can get accepted to the university. These stereotypes are FALSE. UTSA has grown rapidly (over 31,000 students now) and has a wide variety of students. Now that we have a football team, the student body has embraced more school spirit and pride. There are so many organizations and things to be a part of. In the middle of my senior year at UTSA, I can say that I have made friends from all over Texas, as well as several from other states and other countries. As UTSA continues to grow, acceptance has grown more competitive. I really want to point out that UTSA is not easier than other universities because a lot of people stereotype UTSA to be easy. Also, I am from San Antonio and I feel like UTSA area is it's own college town. I forget that my parents live 20 minutes away from me. I love it!