The University of Texas at San Antonio Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


It is a great school with a great sense of family and school spirit!


It is a great School. It has a lot of areas to investigate and get help when you need. I had the orientation session a week ago. It was very organaized and the people very active


It's a perfect campus that offers a wide variety of majors, and encourages student growth.


The best thing about UTSA is definitely the family atmosphere! The school is very large but that makes it even easier to find a group of people that you will fit in with and will genuinely love and care for you. I have met so many people who want to see me succeed and it's so great to have a support system like this! I wouldn't change anything about UTSA! While on campus, I love relaxing and getting homework done in the Sombrilla Plaza, even though I always get distracted by the Fountain of Luck! The Fountain of Luck is just too beautiful to not admire! One experience that I will always remember was RowdyRush! Running onto the football field to cheer on our Roadrunners before games was a great way to meet other freshman and express my school spirit!


The best thing about going to UTSA is being a part of a growing tradition. The size of UTSA is just right....there are large lecture classes with around 200 students but there are also smaller class sizes of 30-60 students. I wouldn't say that the students at UTSA have a lot of school pride, however, it is growing. The area around UTSA is also growing....a bunch of new apartments have been built near UTSA. If I could change one thing it would be the parking situation. Parking is really terrible on campus....I live in an apartment nearby and I always take the shuttle or walk to class so I don't have to deal with the parking, or lack thereof. People's reactions about UTSA are changing in a positive way. It used to be that everyone thought UTSA students only went there because they couldn't get in anywhere else. Now UTSA is becoming a first choice school. Yay!


UTSA is a really great school. A lot of people think that it's just some little college that's just a local type of school but it's not. There are students from all over the US that come here. It's a really good school to come to. One thing I would change is the campus living. There are a lot of student from outside the San Antonio are that have a hard time trying to find a place to leave because the dorms on campus fill up quickly because there aren't that many.


The physical University consists of two main elements: UTSA 1604 campus and UTSA Downtown campus. It's possible for any student to take classes at both locations, but most students will spend the bulk of their time at the 1604 campus. This campus, located on the north side of San Antonio, is somewhat like a giant concrete treehouse. The entire center of campus is built above ground, and thus the main entrances to many of the buildings are situated on the 2nd floor. In the middle of all this, and in front of the JPL Library, is a shaded fountain and sitting area known as the Sombrilla. You'll pass it on the way to most of your classes, and students can be found here at all times of day. To the north are the various sporting fields, the Activity Center, and most of the on-campus housing. Most non-students are suprised to learn that UTSA's student body is rather large, nearing 30,000 students. Nonetheless, the on-campus experience is pretty cheery, and interactions with other students generally positive. Clubs and organizations have a strong presence at UTSA, so new students are likely to find a smaller circle to relate to soon after arriving on campus.


I think UTSA is a great school because it isn't too big. It is not small either, but small enough to get to know people and form lasting friendships. I would definitely add A LOT more parking. When I talk to people and tell them I go to UTSA most of them agree with me on what a great school it is. Most of the time that I am here (usually from 6 AM until 9:30 PM, including 8-10 hours on Saturdays) I am either in the BSE building or the EB in a computer lab. San Antonio is a great city for a college. There are plenty of places for the students to go that want to go party or whatever, but there are a lot of other things to do like bowling, ice skating, miniature golf, movies, etc. Administration here has always been very helpful to me since I started school here my junior year. They are very kind and if they can't answer a question they will definitely know where to send a student to get the help they need. The only controversy that I have ever heard about from the Paisano was when some organization was trying to get the "Border Crossing" statue removed for different issues they had with it. I disagree and think it should stay, but I am not going to look down on anyone for having a different opinion other than mine. When I think of school pride, it reminds me of my high school at different sports events and I never have attended anything here. I would have to guess yes though. There are so many experiences I have had here at UTSA that have all been so positive that I will always remember. They range from working with professors and other students to helping out at volunteer events. I think the biggest complaint here right now is the parking issue that everyone has. Hopefully after the new garages open it will help out a lot.