The University of Texas at San Antonio Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


College requires students to go out of there comfort zone and gain new experiences that one would not recieve in high school. College is what a student makes of it and having fellowship makes it even better. Yes, loneliness may arise at times, however the truth is college allows each individual to gain independence, friends, and embrace one's own individuality.


I don't think that there is anything else I could have known before choosing this school. During the college days that took my place at my high school, the representatives from The University of Texas at San Antonio were extremely helpful in informing students not only about the school itself, but advice on scholarships and other programs.


that many of theCRJ professors actually have worked in the fields that they are teaching us about. it wuld have made the decision to go to UTSA an obvious choice


well the school that i was going to attend wasnt in the options i am going to the art insitute of austin but it wasnt there so i had to choose that one but i got accepted to the art insitute just for the refrence but to answer the question it is going to cost almost 100,000 dollars


I wish that I would have known, or realized really, just how much you have to commit to your classes. In high school they always said that college was hard work; My uncle even used to tell me that college would be a full time job. Until I got my first test grades back, I didn't realize just how much time outside of class I would need to dedicate to my studies.


That freshman are allowed to have cars on campus.


That living with a roomate would have been much more interesting and that having fun doesn't have to be put on hold completly.


I wish I would have known the work load.


That alot of the science teachers are not native english speakers.


I wish i knew how different it was going to be from high school


I wished I would have known a little more about the campus itself. The Orientation did a very good job on showing me the locations of the buildings and were able to come up with ways to remember the names of the buildings as well. I was wanting to know just a little history behind the school itself though.


I wish I had known that despite the feeling of the large university as being more of its own independent city, it was still first and foremost an educational institution that held little tolerance for me diverging from my degree plan.


That the parking situation isn't that great!


Well there are many factors I wished I knew before I went to college. Like the costs, curriculum, people over there, but I believe the most important factor would be knowing about the responsibility one has to take to be successful in college. Everyone I knew that went to college always told me that, "college is blast" or "independency at its best." But no one really stressed on the responsibility or the time management that played a major role in college survival. So my first semester was rude awakening if I only I knew about responsibility in college.


There are many things that I wish I could have known about UTSA. Since I came all the way from Garden City, Kansas, I did not know how the campus was like. Living so far away made it a bit hard to make an appointment for a campus visit. However, I should not have thought about that. Now that I am here I wish I could have known how big it was and that I needed a campus visit to get to know all the different places. I did not know it was this big of a university.


I would have liked to know the campus and the resourse that are proviede to the student, only to better understand my academic environment.


I wish I had known my way around the school better. I wish I had known more about different organizations on the campus.


I wish I had known how to better prepare myself for a large campus. I am used to being in a small community due to the fact I went to a smaller populated high school.


I wish I had taken a class about financial aid, and to have learnt what the ?true? expenses of school would be.


I wish I had understood the size of the school. I was unprepared for the number of students I would be attending classes with. I had more experience, after moving to San Antonio, with the downtown campus and did not know how different in size they actualy were until I started classes. The downtown campus is much smaller with fewer students per class. This size seems to fit me better and there seems to be more older non-traditional students like myself there. I am taking all my classes downtown this semester and I am enjoying that environment very much.


I wish I had known that I would have to study so much.


I wish that someone would have explained to me what exactly I can get out of college. What the degree means and the simple fact that I can major in more that one field would have helped me make decisions about what I want to study. I wish I had known what a degree plan is and that some courses overlap saving me money. Also, having known that taking basics at a community college transfers for equal credit and that I didn't have to be in such a hurry to get in and out in four years.


I wish I had known more about the programs being offered in each college. I should have researched more thoroughly each college and what degrees and programs it had to offer. I also should have talked to the Advising Center to better understand the hours and requirements needed for the degree plans I was interested in.


Before I came to this school I wish I knew how the meal plan worked, I ended up with too many meals and dine-in dollars that aren't carried over to the next semester.


I wish I had known that parking permits were so expensive! Also, I wish I had known that if you do not have a permit, then you pay for parking by the hour. I have no idea how much money I've spent on parking this semester.


That I can't jump ahead in the music performance program. Have to start from level one in the performance program, because UTSA doesn't want to give credit to transfers that might not meet their expectations of performance level, which is fine.


I wish I had known more about cheaper off campus housing and APA writing style.


Making friends is harder than it seems and that it's hard to juggle between sports and school.


I wish I would have known about all the volunteer opportunities available.


More financially ready.


How expensive living on your own can be.


i wish i had know a little more about where things were located.


How unlike a college university it is more like a community college


I wish I had known that I could take courses at a community college during the summers of my high school years.


I wish I would of known that I Biology 1404 is so hard.


How much construction is really going to be going on.


To talk to my counselor about signing up for courses sooner rather than later.


How impossible it would be to get into nursing school for me.


A better GPA


That school wasn't going to be as stressful as I thought it was going to be. Were all the tutoring centers are located and a better orientation of the campus.


i think i knew everything i need to know before i went to UTSA


That the professors like to take attendance even when the class is a repeat of the assigned reading the night before.