The University of Texas at San Antonio Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


There were plenty of opportunities to communicate with the professors outside of the classroom. Even a friendly lunch was encouraged.


I think that the best thing about my school is their school spirit. Despite having school spirit, they seem to extremely motivated in accomplishing goals that they not only set for college, but also for their future endeavors.


UTSA is a wonderful and diverse campus for students. While it maybe one of the fastest growing universities in San Antonio, UTSA still has an incredible capability to make any student feel welcomed. The adminstration are extremely helpful to the students as they make sure the student's success comes first. The library is a great resource for both students and staff. The professors take the time to make themselves available to help students succeed. It keeps coming back to how UTSA's mission and vision is the student! They care and work for the student.


What I enjoy the most of the campus where I'm at is that it's always improving itself, whether through administartion, or structure, yet it's surrounded with the richness of the native culture that my city's hometown has to offer.


The school spirit


The professors at this school tend to genuinely care about their students and their success in and out of the classroom. Not all professors are this way, in fact some are quite the opposite, but there are enough professors here that actually do help in every way they can to merit their acknowledgement. The professors in the Architecture program try to make the design process fun and engaging while focusing on real-world applications. Their efforts have been invaluable in the learning process here, and without them the learning process would have been worthless.


The best thing about UTSA to me is that everyone is really friendly. It makes meeting people extremely easy. The fact that everyone is so friendly also makes it easier to form study groups and to study with strangers. I've gotten a lot of help in my past two years from random people in class. There is rarely a person that would ignore you when you need help with something.


The interaction between professors and students is great; the professors frequently express an interest in their students, and take great strides to ensure their students' success. Professors here come from different countries, have incredible diversity, and believe in their students.


The two campuses. both the downtown and main campus allow students to explore different oppourtunities to learn and grow. I also like how UTSA started off as a small school and it is growing each day.


That it has a large libary as well as computer lab which takes up three floors as well as a tutor lab off to the side of it. Because of this it's easy to get papers done as long as the libaray has them or if their not checked out.


The expenses of this school because they are really affordable and the school costs are not very expensive.


Everyone is so friendly, I meet new people every day just by being on campus, and everyone is so diverse, so you dont feel out of place or anything.


I consider the friendly environment has a lot to do with why I like it so much. Being so close to the downtown part of San Antonio, the closeness of Six Flags Fiesta, Texas, and having family being close as well is a huge reason why I chose to attend this University. Being able to have everything so close as well is also a plus when it comes to budgeting your money as you pay for school as well


The best thing about my school is the faculty and staff. UTSA is located in a safe area, where kids are able to receive a great education, without the fear of bad conditions. The faculty at UTSA are very understanding, and trustworthy. They take their time to really understand what a student needs help with, and works with them at a good pace. The faculty maked sure the student is getting the best education possible.


The best thing about my school is that the everyone is friendly and willing to help you. If you are a freshman coming into a new environment that is so important. I grew up in a small town and city life was hard to adjust to . Having all the staff and other students be friendly and helpful helped me have a great first year.


the location. because san antonio is a nice city and its not too far away from houston but its far enough.


I think this school is very good about letting students know what is happening on and around campus. There are many activities that happen at campus and it is very easy to know about them because there are always e-mails sent out, many signs around campus, and a very good and convenient events calendar on the schools website.


There are many great things about this school, but if I had to name one, I would definitely pick the size of the student population. It's not so big so as to make other students feel overwhelmed and overshadowed by the mass of people on the campus, but it isn't small to the point where you don't get the many different culture submersions you would at a big campus. In my opinion, the number of people here is just right.


I really like the programs that are available to me as a student. The research facilites are becoming more developed and will be offered to me in the future. I also really like the diversity of the students and the school's ability to balance both student life and academic in the system.


I personally considered advising the best department here at school. They have a great department who are always willing to help student and give them their best advice.


A very beneficial aspect about UTSA I find is that it offers the CAP program. In other words, after attending UTSA for one year and meeting certain academic requirements, I can automatically get accepted into UT Austin the following year. This encourages students to save money their first of college while getting a rewarding experience in San Antonio. If however I am not able to get into UT, I can stay at a beautiful and rapidly growing four-year university that is located in a city where there are many things to do.


Our school has so much school spirit and our greek system is awesome! We do not tolerate hazing at all and if there ever is any, the sorority or fraternites is put on probation or kicked off. This prevents dangerous situations from happening, incidents like putting a "new member" in the hospital or killing them. We do not tolerate that.


The best thing about UTSA is it helps you succeed. UTSA has so many programs and tools that help our students succeed academically and socially. At some colleges, you are left alone to figure out things for yourself but at UTSA they try to make a transition from high school to college a smooth and simple process.


We are still coming into our own as a large growing university. I would say the best thing about our school is the spirit we have for not only the school itself, but for the student here to succeed. Everyone is usually willing to help others in classes and in social standards. we are very supportive with sports and finally getting a football team next year.


The best thing about my school is the outstanding teachers, who movtivated me to learn. Each Professior helped push me to be better me. Without the education I gained from UT, I would not be where I am now . Outstanding students come from outstanding teachers and I am proud to say that UT mad em outstanding.


The REC center, it has a wave pool!! It has so many workout tools, it offers numerous amount of fitness classes. They also offer classes for healthy cooking, trips for kayaking and canoeing, rock climbing and so on.


t is close by to many neighborhoods I grew up in, so I know more students. Easy commute makes it easier to take day and evening classes. Much of the internship required for classes is in schools around where I live. If I didn't live at home there are many apartments to consider.


The best thing about my school is the lenient environment. Its relaxed and everyone seems to really enjoy being there.


The best thing about my school is the diversity and character. Our faculty and students are from all over and the faculty is always open to help or advice. This school cares about you and your future. Come here, go far.


The best thing about UTSA is that the University is always asking for our opinion on what they can do to improve the university. For example, they asked us what sport we should add, the general consensus said football, and I think we are getting our own football team next fall semester. :)


The diversity. Every groups is represented here, and all are made to feel welcome.


This is a commuter university in a culturally diverse city. This is the best thing because you are never bored and most places are cheap.


The location and the people, I really enjoy living in san antonio. Also the degree plans the univeristy offers.


The best thing about my school is the diversity of all of the students. This diversity makes everyone feel welcome and that feeling is shown daily throughout campus. Another great thing is the college of business, which I am currently enrolled in, is recognized as being one of the best in the state.


I think it is the perfect size..


Someone I know transferred from a more prestigious college, and when I asked them about their experience here at UTSA, they told me that their teachers here surpassed those had at their previous college. The teachers here are very impressive and helpful!


Its offering of evening courses allowed me to nurture a career while completing college.


The best thing about our school is the community atmosphere created by the faculty and staff. Another great thing about this school is how easy it is to find your way around, and if you still get lost someone is always willing to help.


There is alot of technology on hand, and usefull tools to help you succed.


Being at home and being very accessible


I like my school location and student size population. I like very much library services, shuttle services and career counselors. I like very much their tutoring prgram.


I really enjoy the many cafeterias and food facilities on campus. I like how the campus is big enough to hold all of the students. I like the new dorms on campus, and I like how the teachers are very involved. The best thing on campus is the people you meet. It is fun meeting new people who can help you study, become your friend, and become life long aquaintances.


The best thing about my school is that it is well equipped with the latest technology, which makes it easier to have a wide access to resources that are needed to accomplish schoolwork. There's also plenty of areas to study and various activities to participate in. Overall the people are friendly and helpful to regular and new students.


I love its newness, because it has a lot of opportunity to grow. I also love the small classes and the fact that the professors teach the cources and not their TAs. That in itself is enough reason to consider attending.


UTSA is only 8 minutes away from where I live.


i think the best thing about UTSA is just the diversity of the people who go there. And how everybody is just so friendly. You end up meeting great people!