The University of Texas at Tyler Top Questions

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Smaller campus and smaller town but big and lively if you desire.


It has my major and the faculty is very helpful.


The campus is small and easy to navigate. People here are very friendly and eager to show you the ropes. Class sizes are relatively small in comparison to a large university, such as UT-Austin. I will graduate under the Univeristy of Texas system without having spent an enormous amount of money had I gone to the "flagship" school in Austin.


I believe that my university is very warm and friendly. There are always people wanting to help you out, and do things for other regardlesss of where you are not only on the campus, but around the town as well. It is a very big team enviroment as well. Everyone does everything together, you're never alone in something.


It offers a lower student to faculty ratio, which allows for a higher quality of learning in my opinion. Students are able to connect better with the teachers and thus learn more.


Availability of campus activities and support systems for students as well as the commitment of school officials to improving facilities and equipment available to students.


The University of Texas at Tyler is different than other schools i considered in the way that it is a four year university, but it is not as expensive as others. The school doesn't have a football team so there isn't so much focus on football which gives the art programs more of chance to blossom.


Its personal without being small and the professors are extremely easy to talk to.


It is a small school that seems to provide a good and well respected education in my field of study.


They have a great nursing program with great job placement after graduating.


The campus and surrounding area is incredibly beautiful. It is very academically focused with brilliant and accessible professors.


It has small classroom sizes and is a really fun place to learn. I felt really comfortable on campus.


small classes


The size of UT Tyler makes it unique to the other schools I considered. It is large enough to have many people here yet small enough to know most of them.


It has an excellent education for it's cost. It is especially fantastic for those in the health or business fields. If you pay your own way, it is one of the better choices for a 4-year university.


I like this school because it is a small school within a large city. The school has about 7,000 students and the city has about 100,000 residents. But the school is tucked away in the city and the wildlife and natural surroundings on campus have been preserved. For example, there is a lake in the middle of campus, and there are TONS of tall pine trees--makes for beautiful scenery.