The University of Texas at Tyler Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


While I love the staff and the size of the classes, the thing that I brag about the most is the Honors Math program at the school. Most math programs that I see just forcefeed you information and expect you to learn it, but the Honors classes actually show the proofs and everything that you need to make sense of the subject, and that has really contributed to a more full understanding of the subjects. The professors in charge of this program are very competent and obviously really care about the knowledge of their students.


When telling friends about UT Tyler I always brag about the beutiful campus and friendly people. Our campus is centered by a large lake and it is gorgeous year around. The school does a fantastic job of maintaining the campus appearance and it was a huge selling point for myself. I also talk about the small class size and friendly students. UT Tyler is a smaller campus with only 8,000 students and the student-professor ratio is balanced really well. Students here are also very friendly always willing to help and be available when neccesary.


When I brag to my friends about my school, it is usually about how beautiful the campus is. Not everyone has the opportunity to walk through a beautiful scenery full of pine trees and lakes. The beauty of the university changes my bad mood instantly. While walking through campus, you encounter squirrels chasing each other, turtles relaxing in the sun, fish swimming, and a family of ducks wandering around campus.


UT Tyler has a beautiful campus, the scenery is amazing! The professors are great; they are knowledgable, they care about students' progress and are willing to answer questions in order to ensure the greatest comprehension. The on campus housing is magnificent! The apartments and dorms are in walking distance, they are quiet and home-y places! The advisors are so helpful; they are always there for you when you have a question about your degree program, your classes and your degree choice. The campus has great student activities. There is a club or organization for anything you'd imagine!


UT Tyler has the best school spirite i have ever seen. Although we dont have a football team, they doesnt stop us from showing our Patriot pride. As students we take value and pride in our school.


In the fall semester of 2009, I receivd a 3.92 GPA. I am extremely proud of myself fr this acomplishment. I have always been an intelligent person but I never thouht I would receive a 3.92 GPA my first semester in college.


From the perspective of someone that is a full time student and has to work part-time I brag that I go to University of Texas insitution so I know that the education is specatular and also because it is a branch I am not paying the university price.


I think that school I go to is just very peaceful. It's just place you want to go to for education. It's in a very good environment, where you don't hear much about crime. The students that go to the school are cool and just seem focused on their school work. It's not too crazy off the campus like it most Universities are. Other Universities always have parties on like this school that I attend. It's just enough to have fun and enjoy


I joined a music fraternity called Kappa Kappa Psi and I tell them how much of a respect I have not only grown for the music progam but the university as a whole. Also, I tell others how much the professors assist the students when they are in need of further assistance.


Great teachers, Costs less than any other school. Atheletic programs dominate at every sport.


my fraternity


How nice the professors are


that i have a great apartment.