The University of Texas at Tyler Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The University of Texas at Tyler is a difficult school. The professors push you to know all the material and test you over specific things. At UT Tyler, they really prepare you for your future. I am a student athlete and it is frustrating balancing school work and softball with the practices, games, and travelling.


The most fustrating thing is that lots of people come from little cities near Tyler. A majority of students goes home on the weekend. Which makes it difficult to have a good student life.


The athletic director.


just buying books on campus was a expensive.


In the music department, the schedule rotates so if you fail a class you have to wait 2 years to take it again. Also there are no music night classes offered. Grrr!


The most frustrating thing is that most students are not involved in campus activities. It is a commuter school, but I wish there were more activities on campus to get students involved. Tailgating parties or more activities to get the students involved would make the school a lot better!


No college football!!!


The stringincy of the rules and regulations regarding alcohol use among students attending the school and living on campus.


It's small so everyone knows everything about everyone.


There is not a lot of parking.


Professors in my field are not the best teachers. They know their field but lack the ability to truly teach it to the students. Then because of their intelligence they are very intimidating.


I think the most frustrating thing about UT Tyler is that "campus life" really doesn't exist. There is only one dormitory, and two sets of on campus apartments. I think if there were more dorms there would be more student involvement and a more positive campus life. Also, we do not have a football team, which I think also attributes to a poor campus life. Also...parking SUCKS.