The University of Texas at Tyler Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Because the campus is so small, it is easier for the student body to help make changes if they wanted to. Everything is within walking distance, except for the grocery store.


The best thing about UT Tyler is that there has been a tremendous effort put into growth and renovation over the last decade. This progressive approach to improving upon a model that was already successful demonstrates that UT Tyler clearly cares about it's image, it's students, and the future. With the inception of athletic programs, the construction of impressive facilities, and their continuing effort to implement new educational programs, UT Tyler has defined itself as an excellent option to students of all levels. This University has much to offer in the way of a dynamic college experience.


The best thing about the University of Texas at Tyler is definitely the campus location. The campus is located in East Texas and is surrounded by a great community. The people around here are very friendly and there is always something to do. The campus has two ponds in the center of it and has tons of huge trees and forrestry; it's an outdoor lovers dream! If you love the lake, then Tyler has two great lakes nearby. Overall the campus is beautiful and the community is alive and active!


The best thing about my school is the small size of it. This allows me to get to know my fellow students alot better and develope long lasting frienships with people in my classes and at my dorm. The small size also allows teachers to interact with the students at a more personal level, giving us more attention, making the learning process alot more successful and enjoyable. Being a nursing major, I am able to talk to and get to know my advisors, allowing me to easily develope my plans for the future.


The awesome vibrant student life! There are wonderful activities provided by the school to jump-start your college life. Meeting new people and establishing lasting friendships strengthens your entire view of college which makes school a more positive experience. Togetherness and community is a great bond to add to the life of classes, studying, and tests. Student life does not have to be limited to college. Friendships that are established now in college just may be strong enough, true enough, and loyal enough to last a lifetime. It?s not just about being a student; it is about your life!


In the nursing program, we have the opportunity to work in the hospitals and get a lot of hands-on experience. I find that very valuable and a much better learning experience than sitting in a classroom and watching videos.


UTT is a great small school. I grew up in a small town so it made it easier to transition to a college after high school. I love the fact of there not being a lot of students in the classroom, I believe it make the learning enviroment better. The smaller the number of students in each class room made it easier to learn and get help from the professor.


the campus and most professors


As small and conservative as it may be, as well as mostly populated by commuters, it does seem somewhat tight knit, and it is easy to know other people in your classes


A lot of extra-curriculars


The campus is gorgeous, the community is friendly....and the professors are really, truly amazing.