The University of Texas of the Permian Basin Top Questions

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This school is one of the cheapest universities I considered. I grew up with the misguided idea that a university has to be expensive, but this school is living proof that it doesn't have to be that way. It's also great in that it has a small student body which allows for more one on one interaction between teachers and students, something that can make a world of difference in both your grades and your overall student experience!


One thing that is unique about UTPB is that it easily allows students to form clubs. I have personally founded the Secular Student Alliance here and am President of the Gay Straight Alliance. This is quite possibly the best attribute of UTPB because the populace often times ostracizes those who do not fall into the heterosexual Christian background. In short, UTPB allows groups of all sorts the ability to be on campus.


The University of Texas of the Permian Basin is a very unique school because not only does it have small class sizes and you get individual attention from your professors, but it is also a Dry campus. Here you dont have to worry about having some frat boy show up drunk or hungover, there is a high level of respect and professionalism that you can feel when you walk through the campus. Everyone one respects everyone as an equal and no one is discriminated against. This is a University that I will be calling home and glad to be attending.


Ping pong is our pride and joy. Everybody learns to play and it would surprise you to realize how many games you could play in the short 10 minutes of free time you have until your next class. Talk about fun!


it is a hispanic serving institute so there are some experiences that are offered here that you cannot get anywhere else.


I love the fact that my classes are considered small to most 4 year universities. I feel like I have a better one on one relationship with each of my professors


The one unique thing is we know everybody, and are really friendly. Possibly one of the cheaest schools in Texas, it is a great place to recieve you educations


I think that my school is unique in a way that it is located in a different state and a different surrounding. This area is flat! I like the fact that I got far away from evertbody in high school. Meaning, I went off farther away to pursue my dream and career than to stick around where we all grew up and went to school. Where we were was a very rural area with nothing much. So this place here is very unique to me and I love it so far.