The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


They are certainly friendly and they are willing to help you in whatever they can.


Most students are really cool people. I am a music major so I hardly ever hangout with people that are not music major.




In the years that I've been attending this university all my classmates have been very nice and helpful some have even become close friends.


They motivate others, helpful, involed, and genreous.


Classmates will vary, we have a large diverse population of students, so the classroom norm. will vary depending on the class subject or diffuculty level.


Our school is basically all hispanic. Everyone is nice to each other and dont take into consideration any personal information. At the end of the day everyone is here for a reason to get a higher education for a better future. Most people go to class in regular comfortable clothes their are those few who like to dress up occasionally. Most students are humble about their economic issues.


there is a huge diversity in my school racial, religious, economic, ethnecity and so on. for a student to feel out of place they would have to speak zero english. students just wear comfortable clothes,


We have a huge diversity here at Pan-Am with thousands of undergraduates and graduates. I've seen high schools students, working moms and dads, migrants, and very old people here. I have never met someone here I didn't like or wasn't welling to help me in some way.


No one is let of, everyone is kind, Most UTPA students are really kind, and have this beautiful culture. Really is an experience that you will never forgett. Most students are from texas, the other one's are from Mexico. I am from Mexico , and people treat me very well.


I can not describe the students for school becuase I don't really talk to people.


The students are very respectful and always seem to have great morals in life.


Classmates are part of the everyday learning.


Classmates are very nice and helpful. They are easy to converse with because we are all under the same college. So there is so many similarity in what we like.


They are very studious and goal oriented.


Classmates in this university are competitive, friendly, and most importantly willing to help you out if you have a school relate problem or anything else.


My classmates vary from ethnicity to religion. My classmates are fun and very outgoing you get to learn new things every year. You can see how people live in their homes. Many are from diferent countries. You get to know many of their traditions from back home. Also it pretty easy to make friends. It's as simple as in he/she can be your roommate.


Mostly keep to themselfs, unless instructued otherwise.


Good students who are fun to be around with and have good classroom etiquite.


It is very interesting but there are alot of different ethnic groups that my classmates pertain to. I believe we are all as equally interested in our future careers since we are all attending class. I can see that alot of my classmates aren't afraid to speak their minds nor communicate amongst ourselves even as strangers. That has helped me become more of an outgoing person myself.


The classmates are an alright group of smart individuals who seem to have somewhat a grasp of things. Alot of them are very much to themselves and probably has some lack of respect for others. But overall, they all have their goals and ambitions that they would like to see come into fruition.


Attentive and wanting to learn.


cool fun people who are very outgoing.


Most classmates keep to themselves, but there are a few who are very out spoken, and like in any other school as the semester continues its easier to start a conversation with your neighbor.


My classmates are honest, studious, hardworking, skillfull,dedicated and all true to their education.


Its impossible to describe my classmates, we have the loud type, the intelligent type, the outgoing, the shy, its a mix of everything.


They are ready and willing.


My classmates are very diverse, some young, others old, some with families and others barely starting out.


The first day, I don't know most of the people who sit next to me especially in my science classes because most of them are in huge classrooms. I would know the ones I graduated with or I have met before. But then as the days go on I get to know some of the students who I sit next to. Most classmates are really friendly and we share information about different classes and teachers and such. Ussually if your classmates are in your same major then you see them in more than one class.


My classmates are wonderful i get along with most of them during class time we talk and just have a good time.

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