The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


The school spirit and mascot. People wear UTPA shirts and make the hand sign alot.


My school is best known for its competitive science and technology programs. It hosts a big school event called HESTEC where the students compete with each other for most innovative projects. We have had myth busters visit and various famous artists. UTPA also offers a PA program, which is highly competitive in Texas. Most recetly, it has merged with UTB to form a new medical school in the Rio Grande Valley.


The University of Texas- Pan American is near the Mexican- American border. UTPA is located in the Rio Grande Valley which is one of the most growing areas in the US. The University offers courses at Rio Grande City, Mcallen, South Padre Island for specific majors.


My favorite campus tradition is going to Buckey's Block Party. It is held when summer is over. It is a good way to meet new students and catch up with old friends.


My school is best known for being inexpensive. UTPA makes receiving a college degree affordable. It is one of the cheapest universities in the state which is good news for students who struggle financially. This school also has a large hispanic population. This means that it helps minorities earn a college degree. The majority of the students at this school are hispanic and becuase of their education here get to reach their goals in life. Many of my family members moved to big cities to work for distinguished companies such as General Motors and General Electric.


That is Better than UTB ( Univ. Tex. Brownsvile)


I've heard that UTPA is acknowledged for it's strong engineering program. But it is knownn throught the Rio Grande Valley due to the fact that it is the only University in the area and is part of the University of Texas system and can be seen as a starting point. The campus is the only choice for some students to continue their education.


My school is best known for the fact that it is so close to our area. Home is where the heart is and my campus provides a comfortable environment for out areas type of people (for the most part). we do have a few people from out of town but there is never any discrimination. The campus is an open-minded location that accepts all backgrounds. The best part about it isthe fact that we continue to grow every academic semester.


My school is best known for being a commuter school, yet also being one of the top 40 Universities in the country. I am proud of being part of this university due to the fact that it has excellent programs and very affordable tuition. It is also known as being an opportunity-giver for Hispanic students who choose to being (and continue, for some) their education. The reason why many students also chose this university is because it's close to home, yet it offers the entire "college experience" one needs to enter the academic world.


My school is best known for the amount of hispanic graduates we have every year. The University of Texas Pan -American has graduated more hispanic students than any other school in Texas. The staff, both professors and administrators, are extremely helpful. Our location is perfect for those seeking to experience a different culture. We're little Mexico in Texas.


I think our school is probably best known for being conservative, and for bringing about alot of educators into the system.


University of Texas Pan-American is best known for being the world leader in nano technology advancements. UTPA is a very community orriented campus in the town of Edinburg, Texas. UTPa also has a large athletic department as well as a large technological department.


My school is known best for having one of the best engineering programs in the country.


Its ranked as the 32nd school in a list of the top 100 America's Best Public Colleges in the 2009 Forbes magazine. It also ranks 2nd nationally for bachelor's degrees awarded to Hispanics and 3rd for master's degrees.


The University of Texas Pan American is mostly known for being the fastest growing university on South Texas and is the 10th largesst in the state of Texas. It is also ranked for the number of degrees awarded to Hispanics. This university also provides students with a variety of activites to keep students involved with there education. One such event is held before finals and is called "Midnight Breakfast". The campus does this to provide students with a meal while they are studying for their finals. Its a great campus!


Being composed of mostly hispanics and being a commuter university.


In my point of view, it is best known for its Theatre and Film Department. Our University of Texas Pan American is the only university in the Rio Grande Valley that has an active amount of students that have worked with films and have a huge background in professional theatre and have worked with actors like Valente Rodriguez in the star hit comedy show, George Lopez. Even people from Brownsville have traveled to Edinburg to watch plays like Mice and Men, when they adopted a shy and abused dog that played a perfect role in the play.


It is known for producing the highest number of graduating hispanics in the country.


My School i believe is best know for its school Spirit and community out reach programs that they sponser. It is alot of fun to work with community projects.


best known for being a commuter hispanic based school. I believe it we have a really great engineering program or so i've heard....Being a communications major I can't really speak for it. I say overall all the programs are more than fairly good and the instruction (or at least the instruction I've had) has always been fair.

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