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What is unique about my school than other schools is the demographics. The majortiy of the school are hispanics. The athletics departmet really is the only one that brings in the diversity to the campus. I really wish there was more diversity, but the school is located in the Rio Grande Valley, so I cannot expect much.


What I like the most about this school is the number fo people that speaks spanish. I like it becauase my first language is Spanish and when I hear people talk spanish I feel like in home. Eventhough they should be speaking to be in English in order for me to practice I still like to hear Spanish.


What I find most unique about my school is that although the majority are hispanic, there are still so many different backgrounds and different ethnic activities and social clubs, which means that I have heard plenty of different stories, ideas, hopes, and dreams. Another thing that is unique is that in doing research I found that Pan-Am is one of the top schools not only in education but in affordability, which is the main reason that I decided to apply here, I feel that I am learning the same things as a student that is attending an expensive school.


I really cant think of something "unique" to say about this university. i imagine its like the rest of the schools. with sports, academics, the thing that might be different is that this university does not have a football team.


Its close to home, down to earth, not to flashy and its comfortable, like another home. Its calm and people are friendly as well as the faculty, I found my niche where I need to be.


No other school would be relatable to the lifestyle that I have been accustomed to. It is like the home away from home that a lot of my peers enjoy going to. Its almost like thebrighter side of our seemingly meek day. When weare there , no matter how difficultour school day has been, there is a certain sense of hope that cannot be found anywhere else other than our campus. The light at the end of the tunnel seems tobe a lot brighter th emore time wea ttend.


My school is unique based on it's size and curriculm. The university is small but not so small where you can know everyone here in a couple of days. The professors are really nice and actually get to know their students because of how small the classes are. Another unique part of the campus is its spirit. The kids who come here really do love it and get involved so much with the campus and its community.


What my school brings through its uniqueness are the traditions that this campus brings along with the culture that allow me to keep in touch with my ethnic background.


I really wanted to look for a school close to home and UTPA was the perfect school for me beacause this school provides top quality education. I don't learn from the best because it's a small school but the teachers we do have are great. They teach us the fundamentals and beyond and that's all we actually need. Not only does it actually teach us but the school is just the perfect amount of students. The classes are not that big and that provides better one-on-one time with the teacher.


My school is close to my home, allowing me to live with my family and save money for more important things, while still experiencing the joys of higher learning. I know many of my friends and classmates chose this school for the same reason. In the hispanic culture family is very important. Going to this school helps me maintain my bond with my family.


feels very home like and is just the right size. Great enviroment for meeting friends and finding your classes


For me its close to home, but I say for people that are not from the RGV it has a lot of different cultures and Mexico is just around the corner.


It is close to home as well as a great school for Engineering within my budget. Having graduated from the Science Academy of South Texas I had gained admittance to so many schools. After having realized my financial status was not sufficient to attend many i decided to attend the best i could afford. It is in a nice area with plenty of jobs, friendly people, as well as great instructors. Those who think UTPA is just another UT school should speak to the students and see how much many love the campus.


I considered the University of Texas Pan American because it has a great curriculum and has many beneficial services to offer their students. Every day I go to school I feel that there is a lot of positive energy in the air. UTPA has great ratings as a college, and offers a great variety of programs that students could discover. I enjoy walking around campus every day being able to see new faces, make new friends, and most important learn new things that will have a positive effect on my education.


There isn't a whole lot of uniqueness to my school, except that maybe I think that it is so far, a more inexpensive college to attend, than the other Southern TX Colleges, that I looked up in the Internet.


I realized that it shared many of the qualities a big university had such as great professors, high ranking programs, and a great university experience close to home.


I heard that they had an active Theatre Department and which I have worked a total of over 150 hours as my first semester apart from work-study and full time student. It amazed me how much I got to be a part of different jobs backstage on my first semester as an incoming freshman. I?m currently pursuing a career in Theatre Design in which I want to design costumes. Networking with students in the same major is very crucial. With networking I had connections into being part of film directing projects and outside film competitions. I love UTPA.


I have never attended any other university than the University of Texas-Pan American, but what deviated my attention from the other universities was its advisors whom helped me so much more than they really had to, from choosing my classes to finding me a job on campus. They even gave me advice on what clubs to join and wrote some letters of recommendation for me. I know that the same case might have happened at another university had I gone to speak to an advisor, but the will they had to help me succeed made me stay.


My school is unique in it is very one dimensional and focuses on one culture. If you don't like the culture you won't like this school at all. There is no diversity and it can be annoying.


The culture and the warmth of the people.


Its small and close knit


I guess that we're primarily hispanic, whereas most other school's ...are not? Also, other schools I'm sure have a lot more soical events based on campus where here pretty much everyone can get into their own little cliques and have things going on at the campus, off campus, and within and without particular clubs. It's kinda like highschool with a lot more privelges. You make what you want from it.


In this school students can get an internship even in my freshman year, in other schools students can get an internship only if they are juniors or seniors.


My race is a majority instead of a minority in this school.

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