The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


I can say that the academic in my school is average. The best class of my interest is accounting information systems, the professor makes us use actual programs that will be needed in a future work place like for example, "QUICK-BOOKS". I had never seen or messed around with this software but i am sure that by the end of the semester i will master it and will be something i can put in my resume since its a common software. My least favorite class would be Texas Government, I am not a political person and that makes this class boring for me. students here are competitive especially in accounting program. I personally have never spend time with a professor outside of class but i am sure they do participate with students that are involved in organization.


I think they are good. I just made the deans list this past semester.


my professors are really nice but some do not even explain the material you need to take tests, they do offer office hours but i would suggest they reviewed information in class.


The Professors don't know my name. I really don't have favor class because all the classes are the same for me. I do my work, study for their test and I pay attention to them. If I have a question, I can ask the teacher or a students.


The professors are very friendly. They are willing to work with you and help you out when you need it. There are writing centers available and a student learning center that offers tutoring. You can always find students in the library studying. The classes are usually full with eager students wanting to learn. Some professors put their lectures online that help if you miss a class. The most unique class I took was asian philosophy. We learned how to meditate. I am majoring in Psychology and so far all the professors have been helpful. I am writing a thesis right now and I have three professors on my board. Two of them I have never taken for class but they were still willing to help me. The education is geared toward you learning something not just memorizing facts.

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