The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Their is over 200 clubs and organizations at UTPA. I know that in the College of Business their the Accounting society that constantly meets every week to discuss events and fundraisers or competitions. twice a month theirs weekends were they meet up off campus like at a bowling ally or ice skating, interacting more as friends than just classmates. I personally dont drink so its easy for me to do things that dont involve drinking like movies, bowling, laser tag, beach, or just stay home and study.


Christian groups and sports


I believe it is the political science club.


the most popular activity groups are the community service groups, inside the fraternities.


Movie watching, ice cream mondays, a lot of honor societies, any sort of student union activity. I am in the NSCS, the pre-med society, Alpha Lambda Delta, Tri-Beta Biological Honor Society. We have sorities, fraturnites, amine, history, psychology, poltical, and book clubs all over campus. Whatever you're intrested in--there is a club or society for it here at Pan-Am. I am not kidding


I not sure what are the most popular students activities because I'm not involved in anything. I bearly join NSCS. I meet my friend in high shool. I don't party or anything I mostly in my study than anything else.


The most popular school activities would probably include the women's/mens basketball games.

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