The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Quality of education


Research opportunities


What I brag most about my school, is that professors are willing to aid you on a one on one basis if you have any questions for him/her. Not many colleges have this "luxury," butI am blessed that I attended my undergraduate studies at UTPA because of this and I look forward to graduate studies being even better as far as collaboration with the professor goes.


Everything, it has very scenic areas, also the Rec center is really nice, love to work out there , as well as the indoor swimming pool.


I say "we're number three in the state :)" Right after, UT Austin and Texas A&M. While they have triple the funds we do.


it does not have a higher standing academically.


How Pan American is a perfect size school. Your just not another number like the other big colleges, the teachers actually remember your name. Also the learning center is very helpful, and our rec center is very new and big with new equipment.


I tend to brag about the extremely friendly faculty and staff. They are very helpful and are always curtious.


The thing I brag about the most when I talk to my friends about my school is the Education building. The walls and elevator are made of glass and it is absolutly beautiful. Since I am an Education major I personally take pride in the Education Building, and that is why I brag most about it.


I brag about my professors and students. The professors are really good. They teach us in a way to where we understand and to where we won't forget what we learned right when we walk out the classroom. The professors that I have go into detail and on the first day I've learnde so much. The other thing I brang about is the students. Meeting new people in the classrooms and at the dorms is real easy compare to high school. Everyone is friendly and you can have a conversation with someone you met two minutes ago.


I tell them that its a really interesting school because they have well known speakers that go and talk to us, there are a lot of things that encourage students to participate in activities like sports, games, and more by having tournaments were the winners get school money. They also have music concerts were the admission can be either free or a couple of dollars.


The teachers are really great and have excellent teaching methods and will work with you one on one, work out any problems you have and mostly are very passionate about their job


Mostly I like to talk about all the game nights that my school has for the students. They really try to make it a more friendly environment by making everyone accessable. I'm not great at the tournaments, but that doesn't stop the fun of the late nights hanging out. Also, the teachers are awesome. Most all of them have a sense of humor and they keep the classes upbeat, even in statistics, which is mighty hard to conquer.


I always tell my friends that you don't have to go to a big expensive school to get a quality education. Family support is very important and it is something you can count on when you attend a commuter university.


I brag about big city education in a small town.


Its pretty big. Classes are good. The tution cost compared to the education it provides is awesome.


I brag about the overall lessons that I have learned in each course. I also brage that my professors rarely miss class and that is important because I want to be as educated as possible before starting my career.


I tell my friends how much my school can offer in terms of classes and social things, even there is not enough social events. Also I tell them that I think is the best school in south texas, in terms of what can offer to students that attend that unversity.


My school is really close to Mexico and South Padre Island.

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