The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


The stereotype is that people are not friendly and self-centered. This of course is not accurate.


Well the UTPA commercial says "there's always something to do." which is true because there is always something do with homework or something related to class.


Here at UTPA there all kinds of people, you can find the emos, the frat/sorority people, the geeks, the athletes and more. It is like any other normal university except that the number of hispanics, me included, is way too high, I dont know the exact number but I want to say that 50+% of the students are hispanics or from hispanics roots. People don't discriminate each other, everyone gets along very well despite what groups you are part of.


The common stereotype at my school, are mostly just Jocks, Hippie type, and more Frats.


The stereotype is that we are all Mexican immigrants who can't speak English.


There are more than one stereotype. You can easily find friends like you, if you are skater, or if you love music you can find friends to share that passion.


I'm a nice person, listen to the teacher, help other when is needed, try for everything to be right, and if I need help I ask.


Some of the mos common stereotypes are geeks or latino students, mostly mexican.


The kind of people that you are likely to meet are highly motivated individuals seeking to better their future through advanced education. The stereo type is dependent on your own goals and ambitions and if you want to succeed you need to surround yourself with the right individuals. In my experience I think this is very accurate.


Our University don't really have any stereotype but what many people think is that because we live in the border with mexico, there are only people who are hispanics in our University. But i would say they are not well informed. Even though we live in the valley where the majority of people are hispanics, we also have diversity in our University and everybody is welcome.


They are many different different types of stereotypes at the University of Texas-Pan American. Every person is different to actually to put them in a clique. Some are in different types of cliques. They are many ranges of people at this university.There is many different types of stereotypes but many fit into their own. Because not one person on campus doesn't just fit into one stereotype or clique. Each person is their own person with their own interests and ambitions to be active or inactive on campus.


Some of the stereotypical groups encountered at campus include stoners, library rats, preps or "fresas", jocks or gym rats, headbangers, and skaters. However, there's also a vast population of older students who probably parent a child, or more, and just go about their day.

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