The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


I love the University of Texas-Pan American. It is a school small enough in which the student and teacher have a bit more interaction because the classrooms are much smaller than in most Universities. I would not change schools for any other. I also live away from home but it is also an hour away, so I do get a bit more of freedom.


The best thing would be the interaction with people around campus. One thing i would change is the security of the school, i think there should be more safety methods. as in more security guards. The school size is just right. They think I'm a nerd when they find out I'm from UTPA I spend my time mostly in the Union I think they need to better the school's administration because the people helping you there have a horrible attitude the days i have gone to inform myself on things. The biggest controversy was that a girl died recently on campus and everyone is still thinking it was murder instead of suicide. yes there is a lot of school pride, they have like pep rallies around campus not that big. things unusual is some people, like last time i had a guy follow me from class all the way to the parking lots just to stare at me, when he noticed i saw him he took off. the first day of school is the experience i will always remember. frequent student complaints is the safety on campus, and the parking space.


It's a great campus with lots of opportunities for a vast diversity of students. Especially so for students who come from low income families. We have a lot of different ways of fitting in--there is something for everyone and a great deal of friendliness around campus. A great time to spread your wings and learn a lot about yourslef and the Rio Grande Valley..


UTPA it's perfect, is not that big, but is not that small. The best thing of UTPA is that you can always find help easy, the people who work there are remarkable I would change nothing. People from my home say that is a good school and that it's a great opportunity, and I feel proud of myself going there. I will always rememeber the learning assistance they help me a lot with my homework. Students complain about the city because there is nothing to do, but UTPA really is a good choice.


The school is big and they just give you 10 minutes to get to the next class. I like that they have a gym for us to workout and they have tutorials for us if we need help. I really don't have pride school because I'm a full time students that I don't have time to get involved in school. I'm mostly in the library finishing my homewrk.


The thing I like most about the University of Texas Pan-American is how friendly people are. The one thing I would change would be more parking spaces. The size of the school is perfect for individuals who don't want to feel to crowded but also for individuals who want to experience how college should be. People react with joy especially since the college has grown so much over the years. I spend most of my time at the library. The school administration is very professional and always help you with any problems you might face throughout college. The biggest controversy would probably be school parking. There is defiantly a lot of school pride on campus especially on game days. There is really nothing unusual about the school. The one experience I would remember forever would be HESTEC week which is amazing and a fun experience. The most frequent student complaints would be the parking.


The best thing about the school is the Honor's program. The class sizes are down to twenty students. I would change the parking situation. My school is just right. It is big enough to have students all around but small enough to have everything within walking distance. People always ask me how I like the school. I have never received a negative reaction. Most of my time on campus is spent in the library studying. The school's administration is involved and friendly. The biggest recent controversy at school was over budget cuts. "Bucky Pride is shown throughout the walk ways" There are many student organizations that show school pride. I will always remember the "Hestec" festival they have every year. All the student organizations come together with the community to have a great time on the campus. The most frequent student complaint is about the parking situation.


the best thing about this school is that it is really affordable one thing i would change is the sports. i would like to add a football team for my university my university is just right when i tell people about were i go to school they always ask "where is that school at?" i usually spend my time in the library and the gym what college town? the administration is really good especially for the people who are in need the biggest news right now is about that one person committed suicide in one of the buildings in campus school pride is not that big the only unusual thing here in my school is that there are a bunch of Hispanics here i will always remember the kareoki nights in campus its really funny the most frequent complaint is that the parking lot is not big enough


The best thing about this schools is that here the people is very kind and like to help others. I believe this University is one of the best Universities in the United States. It has excelent professors that are available for you whenever you need them. They are experts on their subjects and know what is the best for their students. I would definetly not change anything about this school because is perfect as it is. The only little thing that i don't like is that the parking lots are always super full. The school is huge and the building are beautiful. When people ask me where school do i go to? and I answer them that i go to the University of Texas Pan-American they sorprice because is one of the best schools of Texas and everyone who goes to that school is well recomended and get the best jobs. I like to spend a lot of time in the gym because I like to be in shape and because is a good place to be. The administration of this school is great and the staff is always there to help you with anything you need. The recent controversy on campus is that there was found a girl death in one of the science buildings. The police said that she suicide, but that was the only thing I heard about it. The school has very supportive students, and therefore there is a lot od school pride. GO BRONCS!! There is one thing that i will always remember from this school, there was a time when I was just starting to attend to this school and as many new students I was lost and then the other studets helped me to get on time to my classes. People in this university are very kind and are always helping others as I mentioned already. Many of the students complains are about the parking lots that are always full and that there is not enough space to all the students cars.

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