The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person interested in receiving a college level education.


I recommend this school to anyone who is eager and willing to learn. There are many useful resources and professors are always available to assist you. They really do above and beyond to have students succeed. Everyone here is friendly, easygoing and invite you to join in socially.


Resourceful, inspiring, creative students who can achieve their goals to their full potential with hard work and determination.


For me, is everyone who wants to study. People who really want to have a future and do their best at every class. For a person like this going to college everyday shouldn't be another studing day it should be another learning day.


A person decided to improve in school, with the courage to strive the hardest obstacles on the way. As in life there are ups and downs, the same is in college; students sometimes don't get the desired grade and the average goes down. However, with the attitude to overcome, or accomplish to study more can go up.


I believe the kind of person that should attend this school is someone who like me, is not ready to leave home yet. The main reason I came to this school was because it was close to home so I could live with my parents while going to school. I graduated from high school early and was only 17 when I started college. I didn't feel ready to be on my own. I know appreciate this because thanks to the guidance of my parents I managed to stay focused on school.


I believe anybody interested in continuing their education in the area should attend.


Anyone can attend this school. Although it is great for someone who is afraid to attend a BIG university but doesn't want to be stuck at some little community college. Its a great learning expierence for anyone who would also just like to attend as a freshman and then transfer out. With that I think would help the most. The student to professor racio is great and the preofessors try to help you out in anyway possible so it would be good for someone who doesn't understand material that fast either.


A person who has ambition, who knows how to deal under pressure and stress. Everyone is smart and can attend college it just takes practice and lots of patience.


Someone who is dedicated in everything they do. Someone who is a hard worker and likes to get things done. A person that doesn't slack off and is very resposible. Someone who sets goals for themselves and has high standards.


The kind of person who wants to continue their education post bachelor's degree. The majority of the students I come in contact with, including myself want to go to graduate school and are highly involved in mentoring youger students.


Anyone willing to succeed in life and wants a good future. You must have your mind set on what goals you want to achieve in life because if you do not know what you want then you won't care about what your doing and it'll be a waste of time.


Students that want to succeed in life especially students in the RGV, because it is close to home but its a good school that you will be recognized for.


A person that is determined to graduate with a bachelor's degree and not qive up on school. Those are the people that really know how to value and appreciate the money and help that is given to them, that is why this is the kind of person that should attend this school. There would be no point in havine a careless student becuase they would only be taking up valuable space that another determined student could be taking.


A person that wants to be part of a smaller ncaa divsion one school. A person who is looking foward to meetang alot of new people,but at the same time desire indivual attention from professors, and tutors.


Any type a person should come here because UTPA is one of the most diverse colleges and there is no segregation


I think anyone can attend this school... Really the school is for you and what you want to get out of it. I believe UTPA really provides all the tools necessary for you to win. They have the learning assistance center, tutors, teachers available... there really isn't an excuse unless you work, do research, and took too many credit hours with really tough classes... like I did. There are tons of things to do as well, clubs, and proams and just activites like a gaming room with viedo games, pool tables, a recreation center... just lots.


any kind of person because everybody has the right to learn new things like everyone's else


Someone willing to learn.




This campus is good for all kinds of people and is big enought to have all different types of people. It isn't too big and no too small just a overall perfect campus.


Everyone, can attend. It is a very good school.

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