The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


People who are just seeking financial aid for the wrong reasons. People who could really care less about their education but barely pass to stay academically acceptable to receive their financial aid to later go "pimp," out their rides. People who are not getting educated because they want to better themselves. Don't waste someones space.


Any person can attend this school. I don't see why not. This campus is pretty diverse.


I believe this university has a club, activity, or sport for any kind of person. I was suprised to find out how diverse the university is. Instead of the question what kind of person shoudn't attend this school, you should ask what kind of person would not want to attend this school?


I believe a person who really doesn"t care much about school. Studying is an important issue that needs to be done to pass tests and the classes. A person who is just going to party shouldn"t attend school.


People who don't like the outdoors and the heat much shouldn't attend this school. The campus buildings are spread out pretty far from each other and walking outside building to building is time consuming and hot.


Anyone whois looking for a good education and great tuiton prices


Someone who isn't intrested in going to school. A person that doesn't want to succeed. Someone who doesn't take life seriously and plays around.


I think the perfect candidate for this school is someone that likes small classes and that want to actually learn.


I can't really say no to someone who should and shouldn't attend my school because of the fact being everyone is entitled to attend, if they have the required scores, of course. If you don't have the right motivation on your shoulders and time management intact with your schedule I can assure you more than likely your going to screw up in your classes because you need to intake alot of time with studying and your other personal necessesities any other person would do, and most important thing you'll need in college is sleep!


People who have a degree plan that isnt found at UTPA.


A person should not attend this school if they are not willing to focus and take this opportunity seriously. Immature people who are not willing to work hard and know the difference between - time to study and time to play, should not attend this school. If a person is anti-social, this is not the university for them because people are friendly here and friendships will blossom.


I really do not think anyone shouldn't attend this school, like i've said everyone is helpful, friendly, and there is a wide variety of cultures, everyone is welcome.


People who are not really going to give themselves all the best they can.


In my opinion, i believe that if a person doesn't have the ambition or drive to want to succeed in life, then he/she shouldn't attend this school. I'm not discouraging anyone from attending college, but to me my education is an important part of my life and something I don't desire to waste. So to answer your question furthermore, if a person doesn't have the willingness to study hard and have the want to persue a career then he/she shouldn't attend college.


The kind of person who sould not atten the University of Texas Pan American is one who does not like a warm climate or one who is unwilling to put in some effort. Provided that they wish to learn and succeed it is possible even for those in poverty to attend this university with all the kinds of financial aid available there is no excuse for those who truly wish to attend.


I think people who does not care about themselves. There are high school students who decide go to College just because they think it will be fun or because their parents are pushing them to get a Degree. Going to College is fun, and I understand we are young and we got to have fun, but also we need to be responsibles, because College is expensive, but all our effort will be worth it if we work hard for it. People without motivation should not attend any school.


I think every person should be given the same opportunity to attend school regardless, but in my opinion people that shouldn't attend school are people who don't want to go to school or get higher education.


People that are not into learing and thinking big about there future should not attend college. College is place were you can take your learing into the next level and be something good in your life.


People who are not serious about receiving an education shouldn't attend the University of Texas Pan American because they will be wasting their time and money and the professors time. Other than that, anyone is welcome! People with disabilities, with ambition, with artistic abilities, and with the desire to learn.


Close-minded individuals


UTPA would be a good school if you plan to get a job in either the health field or education field.


Someone who is racist, there is a lot of culuture in this school, a lot of hispanics and african americans very few white. Also people who attend college for the adventure and for the fraternity and the sorority should stay away, the students here are very family oriented and usually have a family to take care of, or planning a family..


it does not matter what kind of person you are u should always keep this university in mind.


I dont really know what kind of person it might be but i just would say someone that doesn't want to get a degree because you are just waisting your time and your money and the professor time.

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