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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


start thinkin about what major you want early


I would tell myself to pay attention to financial aid deadlines and inform myself about scholarships and their deadlines. It is also important to establish relationships with professors. Finally, I would tell myself to join a club or something and be actively involved to create a better social life.


Friends at this stage will only hurt you and not help you. There will be many distractions along the way including boyfriends, illnesses, and times when you want to give up; stay focus. What seems important now will not matter in the future, except your education what you make of it. Remember you have it in you to make a great impact in your own life and the life of others.


the advice i would give my self would be don't be afriad of going to college. theres notting to worrie about, everything is going to be great. college life is not as hard as other people made it to be. if anything you should have finished high school early and jump into college . the class work at college is fun and the learing part is better. meeting new people and making friends makes the college life better. Your are going to meet a lot of students that have different views about the world and learn alot from them. the teacher there really help you not only in the class room work they help you on life it self. Going to college is great and you can make something of yourself.


Make sure not to procrastinate on applying for scholarships and turn them in at least a month before they are due, it will relieve a lot of stress to get paperwork done in time. Nobody will be pushing me or reminding me to meet with specific deadlines to have certain paperwork done. Always keep in contact with a financial advisor and make sure you are setteled in and completed all the paperwork into being accepted in the university, you don't want to know months later that you have unmet requirements. College life is full of active groups. Find one that you are interested in and attend the events and become active in the college community. There is no such thing in that you don't belong in a group. You have to accept to find that comfort zone into being able to socialize with other students and professors. If you are interested in criminal justice, attend the meetings and events with groups of people in that major. You can get insight of the career and expand your interest in all the different jobs in that major that you have never thought would have existed.


Justin, All that you dream of and wish for... everything you ever wanted, is waiting for you to rise up and take it. Most of all, I believe in you with all my heart, you are going to great. You'll meet friends you never thought of, finally have the family you dreamed of, discover the friends you always wanted, find a job you never thought you could have, and find your purpose in life. You will find the girl of your dreams and become great friends with her. Both of us knowing there's something more, just take your time. You'll discover your passion in life, and go on to master life and write your book about your journeys. It may be painful at times, you may be wondering what you are doing and why you are here, but honestly... you needed it. And in the end, you are worth it. Our dream is worth it. So don't worry because I love you so much, my heart is with you. Listen to it, you'll get better at it as you go. Trust yourself, focus on the dream, learn quickly, and believe in yourself... others do too.


I would tell myself to pay take more AP classes through out high school. I would advise myself on the hard-learned good study habits I've picked up along my college career, and to be prepared for the wealth of volume I am about to embark on. I would tell myself to be prepared fo disappointment, but to remember that it is no the endof the world should I get a B or even a C in quiz. I would tell myself to get ready to learn many of life's lessons, such as managing money, managing time and managing my emotions when life throws curve balls at me. But most of all, I would tell myself to be prepared for to experience the greatest time in my life.


Enjoy high school for all that it is because college is a completely different scene. Take full advantage of dual enrollment so you will have a less load of work on your hands. Most importantely stay focused. Surround yourself with positive people who have the same goals and ambitions as yourself for they will be your support group and keep you on track.


I would like to say that I really want to continue in college to get a career and be successful in my life to get a better future for myself. I really love going to school because iit's good when I learn new things everyday that are going to be very helpful in my life. I would like to continue with my master's degree after I get my bachelor's degree to get more knowledge about my career.


I would tell myself that there is certainly life out of highschool and that there is more than just the surrounding environment. I would say to focus and stay driven.


If i could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior i would advice myself to slow down and take in everything slowly. I would advice myself not to take too many classes my first semester and to study the work we do in class every day when i get home so i dont fall behind. I would also advice myself to get more involved in school activites because your freshman year is the easiest year for you to get involved. I would advice myself to choose a major that interests me and stick to it. Make goals that i would like to accomplish during my four years and space it out so that i dont run out of time. If i feel like im falling behind for any reason i should get help so that i stay on track. I would tell myself college is not easy but i can do it if i stay focused and involved in my studies.


If I could go back to the past when I was a freshman I would tell myself that what I do now in school will either make thing easier or make things complicated to achieve my goal of being a teacher. I should study and try hard to pass my class than just tring to get by. There is alot of help and ways to pay for college not just because I was in a low class and a member of a large family would denie me from attending a university. I would have explained the process of what I need it to enter a university since I never knew anyone that went to college. I would have give myself a list of what I need to do to keep myself in the right path. I would also given my self information how to start working on programs or activities that would help. Watch the Gilmore Girls show because that show would tell you how hard and dedicated you have to be even from high school to enter a university. I would also tell my self what it felt to be rejected from a university that I would like it.


Now that this is my third semester at the University of Texas Pan American, looking back to my senior year, I would say to myself, "Keep up the great work!" For the most part I don't have any regrets, only the fact that I still need to get my license. I would tell myself to hurry up while I'm still a senior in obtaining that license because it is very essential to drive in college. Also, to learn more about myself and be more avid in finding what is it that interests me the most and makes me passionate in working in it. Furthermore, I would advice myself to learn how to communicate in front of groups and to perfect my Spanish in order to be a real bilingual instead of using a Tex-Mex language. In addition, as a senior I would say to relax, apply to many scholarships, and make the best of my senior year. Lastly, one thing that I would definitely tell myself as a senior is that life is a rollercoaster; it is not the end of the world when things aren't going my way, and to live life step by step.


I would tell myself that even though people say college life is easy, its not. Its about responsibility and self-control. And It definitely is not the same as High School. My High school was one of the more challenging ones in my place. The teachers would say that if you work hard now, college life would be easier for you. My highschool prepared me well for college, but it is not easier. In fact you need to put in more effort and time into studying if you want to maintain a 3.7 or 3.8 and higher GPA. I would tell myself to push myself harder so that I get used to studying harder. Also picking a career you are passionate about is important so that you can stay dedicated and interested. Its also important to know what method of learning is most efficient because Pre- Med is not easy. It takes time, effort, and perseverance to get through. Not just to get through but to be on the top (especially for an average student like me). But college life is not all about studying either. Getting involved on campus helps relieve stress and helps build good character.


Pick something that offers a good program in your destined filed of study.


For the best college experience, keep an open mind! If you enter any university with a negative attitude, you will have a negative experience. But, if you enter with an open mind and get involved on your campus you will make friends that can last a lifetime. Trying goes a long way in academics and social activities.


Remember why you are there and focus with a little fun.


The advice that I would give to parents/students regarding searching the right college is to search for a college that is right. What I mean that is right, it has to be a college that the student or parent really likes. For example, it has to be in consideration the mayor chosen, size of college campus, class size, college ranking, college evaluation of teachers, and also college prestige in some instances. For many students they have to have in consideration choosing a place to go to college along with expenses. It is important to consider all the factors mentioned.


When you graduate from high school so many questions flow through your head. "What college should I choose?" "Should I stay at home or go somewhere far".I was there not to long ago. And here is what I concluded. First off, choosing a college. Although people say choosing a college is not hard, but to a senior in high school it is basically figuring out which path will lead you to the life you want. First decide if you want to be close or somewhere far off. If you're independant either will work for you. If not, some distance will help you grow ,get some sort of responsibility,and experience to figure things out on your own. Find a school that has things you like, hobbies (hiking, surfing, etc) As to finding a major, here is what I suggest.Get involved. Find something you are really passionate about and find people who share that passion. Also, try new things. But also do not be afraid to venture out of your circle of friends. Meet a lot of people, because the friends you make in college will be the friends you will have for a lifetime.


There are so many things to consider when choosing the "right" college for you, but my advice is to make a checklist of what qualities you are looking for in a university, from location, available programs, tuition and fee cost, availability of financial aid, professor to student ratio, and any other quality you consider important in a university. I advice you to write the checklist with their parents. Despite the fact that the parents might have not attended college themselves, it is imperative that they know what steps you are taking in order to help you succeed and so they know where you stand on declaring your academic pursuit. Next, research the universities that you may have heard of or your school might have recommended and, from your checklist, check off what each school has to offer you based on the qualities you are looking for. I encourage you apply to atleast five universities, and if possible, contact an advisor from each university if you have any questions about the school or simply to get an opinion of the school from a primary source. Finally, visit the school, and if you like what you see, go for it!


In order to find the right college you need to really consider all aspects of your current life and in what ways you want them to change or stay the same. Education is the most important factor of all those that need to be considered. The college you choose needs to have your educational needs as their number one priority. Other factors that need to be considered included the community, safety, comfort, and help for when times get tough.


You must visit the campus prior to attending. Walk the whole campus and get a overally feeling. Perhaps even ask to attend a class or meet a professor. Research the overall prestige of the college and ask around. Their has to be other students walking around campus and they are a perfect person to ask.


Don't have any regrets.


I suggest that they take a good look at the college that they or their children also they should take a tour of the school where they want to go. They should make a list of what they want in the college or university. Also, they should take the list when they go to the school they are looking at. Also, they should not just focus on the scholar side but also at the other side, because they are not going to be studying.


College is a time to excel academically; personally, it brings fourth maturity and self-reliance. Individuals during your tenure in college may shape or mold your embedded beliefs to a greater understanding of life. Observing the activities of others and learning about the world from or through them will enable you to acquire information with less effort and risk than if you were forced to learn on your own; however; it is up to you to interpret the brilliance of their individuality. Through their cultural, economic, and academic differences, you will be able to grow not only as a student but also as an individual.


Make sure that the student feels comfortable at the college of choice. Make financial plans before student starts school.


I would have to say that visiting is the key, do not let anything or anyone influence your choice. . even if it puts people down, know that the education that one gets in college can determine what you may be in the future, focus on it.. suck it up. And ultimately, don not let money stop you.. there is financial assistance available, look for it. Finally, it is not where you get your education but what you do with it.


Make sure you apply for plenty of scholarships before getting in to college. This will put your mind at ease with the transition from high school to college. It is enough that you are nervous but to have money problems on your mind also is very hard to deal with. Also make sure that you find a school that you will want to be at every day and be excited about learning at. Go over your options together and make sure you as a student ultimatly make the final decision from your heart.


Think about your type of personality, the type of environment you are comfortable in and the type of person you are in general. Not every school is meant for everyone and it is already hard to go to college so don't make it harder by choosing a place you would find as a difficult place to be in general. Be smart and keep in mind your best interest.


Go wherever you want, and be serious about it!


Research and visit the school


Students should look into their desiered program to see if they offer something which they find challenging if wanted. This is a very common mistake students tend to make while choosing universities because they rather take the easy way out than rather face a challenge that will later be beneficial to them. Parents should also keep this in mind because if it was my child i would want him/her to have the best education for their future. Parents should also let their children rome free on the choice of university they perfer becacuse alot of students want to get away from there families to better their education.


Just to pick a college that is financialy economic for you and just to have fun but not to much so nothing bad would happen to your grades and to have some good college experiences to tell your children.


Quite simply college is about figuring out what you need to do for the rest of your life. Parents generally play a large roll, but I believe most of it has to come from the student and their desires. It's better, in my opinion, to nurture the dreams and hopes of the student than to try and shuffle them off into some designed path. The best bet you can have to to first see what you can afford, and then follow that dream. Visit as many colleges as you can and see which one offers the most toward accomplishing that dream. Like Randy Pausch said about going to Carnegie Mellon University; It's all about following and living out your dreams and then seeking to go beyond those dreams and passing them on. So when looking at colleges, one really has to be introverted and ask themselves what is it I want for myself. Also, be willing to face yourself and admit what you want. Don't worry about it being cool or profitable. Focus on going to a place that will accomplish your dreams because that's what will keep you happy for the rest of your life.


First of all, the student need to be sure what major are going to be seeking, and then choose the college that best fits them.


Finding the right college is not just about finding a place to go to class and get academic education, it is about getting personal education as well. It is important to find a school where the student will feel comfortable with the environment, both social and academic. The prospective student needs to look at several choices and compare them before making the final choice. Once the choice is made, it is up to the student to make his/her time at this university the best of it. By being active in classes, organizations, and social activities. At the end, the student will know that he/she made the right choice.


Do not get caught up with the negative eviroment that college brings. Study hard and stay focused

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