The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Enjoy college freshman year because it only happens once in your lifetime.


What I wished to have known before coming to the University of Texas - Pan American is how well educated the fauclty are. I came into this school believing that I was about to get the worst education of my life, but I was wrong. I have, easily, learned the most here than the previous schools that I have attened. I wish I had come my freshman year knowing that I was going to have a great education.


Make sure you have a meal plan Always make sure that you carry at least seven dollars in your pocked unless you have a meal plan. With the much walking going on and students going up and down the stairs it’s smart to maintain your energy. Also, I wished I purchased more comfortable shoes, shopped for books early so that I could have a better chance of scoring a used book deal with the campus bookstore. or money for meals because that can add up.


How the public safety and police work and how they tend to treat students


That it's pretty small. I thought it was bigger.

Luis Romeo

Actually northing because before I attended the Univeristy of Texas Pan American for my undergaduate studies I had previously attended the univeristy for a summer semester to take courses I know it might not be the most prestigious and the largest univeristy, but it devotes its effort to help students acheive greatness and success in their future endeavors. I believe that this university makes students feel comfortable with no judgement it makes students feel at home and happy that they ever came to study in this wonderful institution.


I wish I knew what I really wanted to do with my life before I ever left highschool.


If I had known about the BSN program's courses, I would've taken them earlier before I applied so I could get the most of the classes out of the way. I was in a Dual-Enrollment program in high school and graduated with a Associate's in Biology, but am continuing to be a Nurse.


I wish I had known a little bit more about the history. This university has such a background to it that I only got to know it by coming to it. It keeps on expanding and growing beyond the limits a university should have. It's become a major staple in the city of Edinburg but I didn't know its history. Never was it mentioned in any orientation either.


I wish I knew more about the opportunities it had. I also wish I knew my way around more. Also, I wish I was aware of any friends attending the same college. Other than that I'm happy to learn more :)


I wish I had known how challenging it could be. I wish I had approached my high school years more seriously and taken more challenging classes to have been better prepared, thus my transition could have been a smoother one. I love and have matured through the situations I have expreienced during my tenure at Pan Am and I would not change them for the world.


Before I came to UTPA, I wish I had known I wouldn't need to buy a book for every one of my classes, and some classes were going to require more than one book. I also wish I would've known that all of the college professors aren't as strict and intimidating as most high school teachers make them out to be.


I wish I would've taken more college courses while i was still in high school because now that I'm at UT-Pan American I would've saved time and money by taking basic core courses in high school instead of now. Also would've helped me graduate from university faster.


My major. It took me about one year to be sure of which major was convenient for me. Even though I went to advisement sessions and talked to many people regarding what career to choose, I could not decide in the beggining of College.


I wished I knew a little more about what I wanted to study for because I would of been finished by now. I also wish that I knew that there was concurrent enrollment until I found out in the latter part of my high school years.


nothing,i'm really fine with all i know and all i 've been learning at school.


How important it was to keep your grades high and what your overall GPA meet in college? I knew that I need to pass the classes and that I had GPA but I always just thought that as long as I passed I would be okay. I could have done better and I did my senior years when I finally saw how my GPA would affect me into being accepted to a university but one year of tring did help much on my GPA.


When I was in high school I was already taking classes here, so I knew quite a lot about this school before I became a fulltime student. Ussually the high school counselors know a lot about the school so they tell us everything we need to know ahead of time. And then we attend UTPA Freshman Orientation where they give you all the info you need. Most people may say its really long, but it covers everything you need to know and it gives you time to look through all the other clubs or organizations present in our university.


How challeneging so me of the classes would be.


That the nursing program is very hard to get into. ony about 80 students get in out of 500 applicants


Primarily that financial assistance is not as available as they do advertise, and that most students struggle to pay for their classes. Along with the availability of classes of my scheduele.. there is a huge gap of hours between classes that are requiered for my major. .. journalism /PR majors are stuck on campus all day because teachers availability hours are horrible, mostly because 90% of them have 2nd jobs, and or have a big family to take care of and use that as an excuse.

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