The University of the Arts Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about The University of the Arts?


My school has one of the best arts programs in the country. It is locate in the heart of Philadelphia's art scene on Avenue of the Arts


It is a good interactive college. The teachers sit down and help you if you ask, and they are nice. It's a good enviroment being surrounded by alot of inspirational students. Its provieds a great work enviroment too.


I often brag about how the homework at my school is not difficult because I am studying only the things I am interested in. UArts really provides an environment that will prepare you for the "real world" of art.


When I brag about my school, I tell people about all the different courses that I can take sch as acting, jewelry making, and photography despite the fact that they are not my area of concentration. I also brag about our different shows in theater, voice and dance that are put on throughout the year as well ast the artsy community that our university is surrounded by.


I have a kitchen in my apartment.


I always brag about my unqiue classes. While most college students write papers for every class and sit in lecture rooms feeling sleepy, I get to work hands on and get the individual attention I need to perfect my craft. I've learned so much while attending the University of the Arts that I know can only benefit me in the future as a Graphic Designer.


I am very proud of The University of the Arts' colleges within the school. We have a mix of dancers, musicians, artists, and actors of all kinds. All students can learn from each other, despite their major, for we are all visual artists. No matter our course of study, we all can gather together and witness our friends' and fellow classmates' learned skills on stage, in an art gallery, or orchestrated in a jazz band at the local coffee shop. It is that feeling that we all are a part of the same learning community that I brag about.


quality of education, relationships with students and teachers, environment, things learned, creativity of everyone there.


U Arts has very experienced staff who actively work in their fields of expertise.


very liberal, accepting people. great facilities, mostly great teachers, in the heart of the city, lots of good programs