The University of the Arts Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend The University of the Arts?


A creative and outgoing person should attend the university of the arts. There are so many great opportunity's and great people waiting.


As a music or arts major you need to be prepared to work VERY hard. Not only are you taking general college courses but you are working fast and heavily at your musical or art career. A person that is not passionate of the arts should not attend The University of the Arts. A statement that is so obvious, yet true. Students that major in these kinds of fields have a fire in their heart for this so unmotivated students should not enroll. Only people that take this field seriously and are ready to take on a challenge should attend.


Someone who does not like art.


A person who isn't willing to learn new ways of doing things, from the teacher, and discovering things on your own. Someone who can't spend a lot of money. Tutition is high!


Any person who isn't accepting of other peoples artistic expressions.


A left-brained very scholarly focused person may not attend The University of the Arts. UArts provides a broad variety of academic classes but the main focus is on visual or performing arts. A person who is not pursuing a career in the arts should not attend this school.


A person that is creatively impaired or lack creative talents should not attend this school. Additionaly, if you are a person who is more so interested in the social and physical sciences, and other liberal arts should not attend this university because the focus is on the Arts. If you do not like working collaboratively with multidisciplinary students in production projects etc then you should not attend as well.


Someone who doesn't have an open mind.


A conservative person with a lot of reservation about sexuality and social behavior. Also you cannot be too shy or too in too yourself, its a very communal environment.


This school is geared toward those who like starting with a blank page and filling it with their own thoughts naturally, but students going to apply should be prepared to begin at the basics again. They should have an open mind about what it means to be an artists, be prepared to execute their ideas at a higher standard, and be experimental when creating to grow into the artist they would like to become. If the student only cares about sticking to their particular style this school is not for them.