The University of the Arts Top Questions

What should every freshman at The University of the Arts know before they start?


One thing I have already gone back and told the seniors at my old high school was to choose something you love doing. choose something that makes you happy, something that you will love waking up every moring to go to work. Not only picking your major but pick the right school for you. pick a school that fits you and also do as many scholarships as possible, debt is not fun.


GO TO SCHOOL! Stop skipping classes because you think high school is irrelevant. One day, you will wish that you had taken things more seriously! You don't want to be a struggling single-mother when you are 30. Things are harder than you can ever imagine without a degree. Rent, bills, tuition, childcare and food will kill you. You will spend all of your time stressing out instead of focusing on your homework. Yes, I know that you think you are an artist and that sometimes magic happens and people just "get discovered," but that isn't going to happen to you before you are 26 and have that sweet baby girl. You will still be an artist and affect change in your community, but don't do it the hard way. Go to your classes and graduate with a decent GPA so schools will want you. You want more options than community college. Don't dawdle around for years- go to college in a timely fashion. Your child deserves the very best. Let's do this the right way instead of having to apply for food stamps every 6 months. What do you say?


If I could go back to talk to my highschool senior self, I would tell her that she shouldn't be afraid of the future. I would also tell her not to procrastinate when it comes to school work, even though our best writing happens last minute. I would tell her not to be shy and scared when it comes to asking for help with things and not to worry. I would explain that everything happens for a reason and nothing can be done to stop what is suppose to happen. Life will happen, but push forward anyway. Don't give up when it feels like the edge of the cliff, there is always a hidden path that you may not see. Lastly, fill out as many schloarships as you can.


Dear Michelle, College life is a lot different and there are many challenges you will have to overcome. Staying home and studying is better than going out and partying like you will watch so many other students do. It is important to stick to what is important to you and always go the extra mile to better yourself. Even if you don't want to take classes over the summer, it will be worth it in the end and it will help you get into nursing school. It's important to remember how smart you are and to work hard for what you want. You won't get very far if you aren't willing to put in hardwork. The rewards for your committment to this profession and career field will be more than you can even dream at this point in time and all the time and energy you spent will be well worth it.


Everything I went through as a senior of highschool prepared me for college. All of my challenges and struggles to decide where I wanted to go to college prepared me for where I am now. I am grateful for all my struggles and I wouldn't change a thing.


I would tell my hot-heaed 18 year old self to enjoy being home while it lasts. I spent my whole life running away from Texas and now that I'm far away from it, I want to embrace all of my southern sass. Soak up the good culture that Texas has to offer and use it as inspiration. I also tell myself to not just rely on the money I had that first year. Scholarships are so important! I was just too lazy and excited to get out of the land of surburbia, I forgot that college is expensive! I would also tell myself to brace myself for the most amazing and maturing year that is ahead of me. Freshman year was amazing, the ups and downs, tosses and turns, they've all made me so strong and taught me how to actually be an adult. I'd tell my teenage self; "It's going to be a hell of a ride, and worth every penny, tear, laugh and memory." I would also reassure myself that I picked the right school. UArts is everything I imagined it to be. Even back then, I knew what I was doing!


If I could have a conversation with myself as a highschool senior I would ask myself, "What is it that you truely love to do?". The answer to that question has always been easy; music. I would tell myself to not listen to the dozens of teachers who reminded me to doubt that you'll ever get a job in that field. I would tell myself that music is my passion and it is what I was created to do. I would tell myself to never give up and work harder on my studies. During highschool I was distracted with court hearings, struggles with anxiey, and other issues of a girl working to pay her way. I would tell myself not to let anything get in the way of my dreams because I did let my past run my life for a while. Ultimately, I would make sure to to tell myself to follow my dreams.


If I could go back in time, I would tell tell myself to not worry and calm down! Everything works out! College can seem intimidating and overwhelming but it is just like the next grade up from highschool. I spent so much time worrying that I would do horrible in classes and not be as talented as everyone else I was with. I was also worried about not making friends, but by the second day here I was close with my entire floor! I would also remind myself that I am going to college to get a good education to be able to get the job I want, and not to find any best friends. I unfortunately was taught this the hard way my first semester. All of this advice would have helped me been less nervous and more prepared for college.


Shelby, you are on the right track! You will have such a lovely oppertunity to express yourself in ways you could never imagine in high school-- you're not in Bucks County anymore! There is no need to pretend you're someone you're not with the hopes of impressing other people. This is the time to strip yourself of any insecurities you had while you were in high school. You may not be friends with the people you immediately click with during the first semester, but with time you will find a right group of friends who share the same interests as you do. These friends will inspire you for your own work in the field you have chosen. You are meant to be a costume designer, and don't let any difficulties and struggles make you think otherwise. You are a strong and motivated lady! The only way is UP.


I would tell myself to take more time to learn how to study/ practice more efficiently, and to expose myself to more genres of music and playing styles.