The University of Virginia’s College at Wise Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


UVA Wise is a great school, however, the never ending construction can become frustrating at times. Right now Wise is in the process of building a new stadium, as well as new buildings and parking lots, and other facillities. The constant noise and traffic back-ups can sometimes get overwhellming, although I'm sure when everything is finished the full campus will look amazing!


Their is nothing to do at all. Most of the time on the weekend everyone is bored since 75% of the student who go there are from the area and they always go home. The school is small and isn't really a college campus. It's only fun when their is parties which includes drinking. It's also frustrating that people aren't open minded about other sexual oreintation it 2009 come on now a man can have a baby. People need to stop acting weird if their a gay guys or girls and calling them homosexual slurs.


There is nothing too frustrating, althought i sometimes wish there was more of a workload. Also, all the jobs on campus are work-study, so people like me who do not receive financial aid cannot get a job on campus.


There is nothing to do in the town and at least half of my friends have failed out.


All the neccesarry paper work that you must complete in order to do anything.


Hard to make good grades