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What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Just because first semester was easy, doesn't mean the second semester will be. Don't overload yourself because you thought you could handle more. As much as we both know you can, its better to stick with the same amount of credits and extracurricular activities because second semester you don't get as nearly the same amount of breaks and also you're so close to be going home at the end and you just give up on going to classes. If you find the right schedule for you, you wont be missing classes. Also DO NOT TAKE 8AMS UNLESS YOU HAVE TO BECAUSE YOU WILL REGRET IT.


Because this is a liberal arts college, I wish I had know all of the requirements to just finish the general education requirements. I believe that at first I did not believe it was going to be that bad and it is not really, but being an English major I would have to complete more Spanish and I don't quite understand why that would be required of me and I am an English major.


i lived in the area so i pretty much knew what was needed too