The University of Virginia’s College at Wise Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


In the fall semester of 2009, I attending Virginia Tech. Though I enjoyed the classes, I felt that the environment was too large and impersonal. UVA-Wise is a much smaller university, and I believe that is the best thing about the college. The small size allows everyone to be familiar with one another, and the professors seem to truly care whether or not you succeed in their class. They simply do not lecture or give out the information, but they make an effort to ensure that everyone grasps the concept before moving on a different subject.


The people are the best thing about this school. Everyone is willing to help you adjust, fit in, get along, and get your work done. The professors are amazing and always willing to give you their all. The counselors are great, if they aren't in their offices, just e-mail them and they'll get back to you same day. Even the staff such as the cafeteria workers and the maintenance staff will smile and wave when you walk past.


The community, both student and town. Everyone is extremly supportive of you.