The University of West Florida Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag about the size of the campus. I think it's the perfect size. You meet people that you might actually see again, but it's also big enough to make new friends all the time.


When people ask me what I like most about going to the University of West Florida I always tell them that I love the class sizes and professors. The class sizes are not too big and not too small. They are just right. All of my professors have been more than willing to always help me out with things that I struggled on.


For the small size of the campus, there are a lot of options for eating, there's a great gym (pool next building over), huge library (with Starbucks), tutoring labs, an on campus transportation system going to an off campus shopping center as well, the teachers are all competent, and we have an efficient health center.


I love our athletic program. We have a wonderful set of sports. The athletes are the most well known groups on campus. The athletes have the best facilities. The athletic training staff and facilities are very good considering our campus as well.


I enjoy the online courses for long distance learning. There are a variety of classes to choose from. The college makes them very accessible and easy to navigate.


I brag about the beach.


I am most proud of the incredible professors, beautiful campus, and small class sizes at the University of West Florida.


I really like that all of the teachers I have know my name.


Our school has small class sizes and is on a beautiful campus.


Small class sizes and personable teachers. Lots of programs and activiteys.


Financial aid was sufficient to cover most costs related to going to school. The classes are timed to allow students to work and go to school.


The biggest thing I brag about is that the beach is so close. You will not find better beaches in Florida


I take all of my classess online.


Location, Location, Location!! Love the beach and the community. The size is wonderful...not to big or small.


The school is small enough, but not to small. There are a lot of great people. Awesome school. Could not be happier.


Our health facilities, the professors, campuses beautiful landscape and the classes are great!


The friends I've made!


I brag to my friends that my classes are a lot smaller than theirs and I love it because of the realationship between the students and professors. I also brag about the location of the campus because it is so beautiful.


How close knit the campus life is! I lived in an on campus dorm one year, and an on campus apartment the next year! I had a blast!


it's built on a nature park, nice surroundings with lots of trails, great teachers

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