The University of West Florida Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I wish my fellow students had more pride in our school, though our school is currently working on that by starting a football team by 2016. I feel that the school will benefit greatly with this positive option.


What i would consider to be the worst thing about the University of West Florida is the lack of parking spaces. Even as a student living on campus, I had a difficult time finding a parking spot. If I were to sum up all the time lost because of the waiting time for a parking spot, that figure would be outrageous. There were times that i had to park in faculty spots which eventually lead to a handful of tickets. The best advice I can give to a prospective student is to be highly effecient with their schedule.


If there are any worst things about my university, they are most likly resolving the problem. I pretty much like everything since I started school there.


In my opinion, the worst characteristic of the University of West Florida is that the University has a limited selection of majors. I am a civil engineering major; however, just to aquire hours, I am picking up a minor in computer engineering.


my school makes some silly decisions. they didnt act fast enough to punish a trouble maker who had stolen from me insulted several people including me and had several other incidents on campus. they designated housing in strange ways by giving 90% of on campus dorm buildings to incoming freshmen only which left many of us incoming sophmores out in the cold. they forced some double rooms to become triple rooms AND single rooms to become double rooms even though they werent out fitted as such.the mess hall staff is lazy.


Even if you don't know what you want to major in, or what you want to do for the rest of your life, The University of West Florida is a wonderful place that helps you on your journey into the future.


There is not to much to do on campus and everyone goes home a lot. On the weekends, it can be pretty dead when you don't live that close to the school and do not drive. Also everyone tends to have there own thing going on a lot so its hard to actually get to know people around this area to find out about stuff.


I don't know of anything, so far, that is not favorable at my school.


I consider the hills at my school to be the worst thing because even though it's great exercise, sometimes your not in the mood to climb a hill or don't really have the energy because you just came from the gym, but you have no choice because there's no other way to get to your destination.


All classes are not online.


Parking is HORRIBLE. Especially if you are a commuter, make sure you get on campus long before your class starts. Late mornings and early afternoons are the worst so try to schedule classes accordingly. I have been late to class so many times because of this.


The worst thing would be that I dont feel very safe walking through campus at night. I feel that it is not well lit enough, so I always feel uneasy about the dark shadows.


The worst two things about my school are that the food services are aweful. They are way too expensive, do not have enough options, and you do not get your money's worth. Also they are not open at convienent times. There are no late night food services open on campus. Also the school has one general computer lab that changed their hours and are not open at conveient times for the students. It has limited weekend hours and closes at like 9pm and is not 24 hours any longer.


The worst has to be the parking, there is hardly any parking


The worst thing about my school is the distance the main campus is from my home. There is a smaller campus closer to me, but the main site offers more classes with professors I prefer.


The school doesnt seem to take much into consideration, and closes valuable resources like the library, computer lounge, etc rather early. Also, campus life is awful on weekends as most things are closed. Also the school doesnt seem to enforce its policies strongly enough on criminalized issues and lets people get away with too much, even when caught, which puts other students in danger. Last, the school does not have a dead week before exams.


It can be very boring sometimes.


I think the only thing bad about this school, which is also a good thing is being close to the beach. It great to have fun, but most students will miss class to hang out at the beach. It usually things like this bad choice is where students mess up and soon there grades stop dropping.


The only problem I encountered while attending UWF was parking. I lived on-campus and later commuted from off-campus. Parking was an issue either way. Due to the vast square footage of the campus it is not always possible to walk or bike to all the buildings. However, since my graduation they have made modifications to address this problem.


I consider the worst thing about my school is the ethnic cliques. The university is very diverse but the diversity stays within itself.


The worst thing about my school, I think, is that the ArgoGalley (i.e. food) closes to early.


I consider the worst thing about my school is the weather protection. When it rains, students that are walking, or riding their bike to class becomes soaked by the time they arrive. A student would have to catch the bus, or waste gas just to go to class that is only five minutes away from where they are. I believe there should be some form of walkway or covers that shield the sidewalks from the rain. What would happen if a student walks into a building and slips and falls down? Would that student be able to sue the school?


It lacks that big university atmosphere.


The cafeteria because you have to buy a meal even if you just want to sit down and hang out with your friends.


Not enough places to eat, and no small cafe for the branch campuses, as I expected. Everything is on the main campus, which is somewhat far from where I live.


We don't have a football team, and when it rains the sidewalks flood. The population of my school is compromised of mostly commuters.


I believe the worst thing at my school is how small it is. I think that is why so many people just end up drinking and getting themselves into bad stuff.


It's very difficult to find our way around at first. The campus has so many trees and the maps aren't to scale so everything seems different when you're walking around trying to find classes. The buildings are also numbered in the order they were built so it appears as though there is no logical number system, which can make locating specific buildings difficult.

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