The University of West Florida Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who doesn't handle stress well. Often times at this school, small things happen that upset me that I really can't do anything about. Things that could be avoided if the administration worked a little harder or cared a little bit more. Also, people with diet restrictions. The options are not adequate.


I think UWF has something for everyone.


People who may prefer the big crowd atmosphere in classrooms with over 200 students, or big time athletes would probably not want to attend this school. The University of West Florida is not a huge college like Florida State, nor is it a division I school. UWF is a mid-size, division II college.


I think this school is fit for anyone who is willing to put in the effort in their studies, prepared to study at least 20 hours a week. Definetly someone who is able to stay focused; that is not only at the University of West Florida, but at other post- secondary schools also.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this school is the student that doesn't appreciate nature (as the campus is on a nature preserve), the student who wants to avoid the party scene, or the student who wants to be exceedingly challenged.


I believe everyone should attend my university! The University of West Florida has great professors and great learning outcomes. My university strives to push diversity, in which there are many organizations that will fit anyone's needs. We strive to not leave anyone behind. If someone is in need of help, it is always avaliable, especially when I was a first time freshman last semester.


Those with very conservative views or those who value the northeastern preppy lifestyle.


The kind of perosn that shouldn't attend this school is someone who is not serious about their fellow class mates and also their education.


Someone who thrives in small classes with engaging and driven professors should attend here.


The University of West Florida is a place of new beginnings; every student is basically granted a clean slate to work with. This almost-cliche statement is more than true. Most everybody you will meet is driven to academically succeed to gain credentials to find a career. The most successful and most genuine students toss their high-school baggage at the front door; it does not matter what you accomplished in high school, how many dates you recieved, or if you were the class jock or star student. Those who carry those burdens with an inflated head will be hindered.


The characteristics of a poor student is one of whom is not dedicated to improve ones own life or others.


Someone who is not self-motivated to learn. If you don't want to learn, or introduce new prospectives into your life then there's no point in going to college at all. You can keep your beliefs and opinions and still experience everything.


The University of West Florida has a place for everybody. Whether your interest is theatre ir mechanical engineering, you can fit in here. Everyone has a place at the University of West Florida.


If you enjoy crowds and lots of school spirit and excitement definitely don't attend UWF. Lacking a football team, this small campus can feel suffocating and make you wish you could just go home.


If your unmotivated and unwilling to do the work than dont come to this university, or any university for that matter.


A person interested in partying heavily should not attend this school.


People who enjoy a smaller learning environment. Very few classes have over 50 students.


Any person who is not serious about their education shouldn't attend this University.


People who are not interested in working hard should not attend The University of West Florida.


This school is for any kind of person.


A person who's looking for a broad ranging and flexible education, in a setting that offers intimate relationships with both professors and university staff.


A person who loves being in a big city, and wants to attend a huge college. Someone who wants the big football stadiums and big basketball arenas because UWF doesn't have that. UWF doesnt have a football team, but I wish they did. The basketball arena is not very big. This school is for someone who enjoys a nice size school.


Someone who likes being in a homey environment. This city is big but not big enough to where you feel insignificant. Also, make sure you are willing to make friends because there isn't too much to do around town.


person who want to get phd degrees or professional levels of degrees




A person who is not serious about their education should not attend UWF.


Any individual who is not self driven, motivated and willing to complete required course work and attend class regularly should not attend this university


Someone who is just trying to skim by without much effort.


A person who loves a huge school and big classes. A football player should not attend the school because there is no football team. A person that needs to party every night should not attend this school because it really is not a big party school.


Someone who needs people around all the time and requires lots of parties shouldn't go here. It's a fairly quiet campus, especially on weekends, because so many people commute or live nearby, so they usually go home instead of hang around. The city is also military oriented, so many places are closed by midnight, and the few clubs close at 2 or 3 am.

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