The University of West Florida Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The food isn't always the best. It's usually rhe same thing every week.


I have no real complaints about my school. I've only been going to classes for a week now, and the only thing I really can complain about is the large set of stairs I have to walk in order to get from my dorm to the commons or any of my classes. But honestly, my school is great and I couldn't ask for better.


The most frustrating thing about the University of West Florida would have to be its lack of employment on campus. Open positions for employment are limited and fill up rather quick, so students who are not as flexible with their schedules have to seek work elsewhere. The easiest way to resolve that is utilize all you time wisley. Even in a moment of rest, be productive with your time.


I'd say the most frustrating thing about my school as a freshman is having to live on campus and purchase a meal plan. As a student with limited means to pay for the over-priced things such as this, it has become sort of a nuisance. The party scene is also frustrating. Partying is a big thing at UWF, and it becomes obnoxious at times when you partner in a group assignment hasn't done their part because they were out partying too late over the weekend or the night before the project is due.


Living in the dorm is not the most fun thing in the world, but then again... I don't like loud people or lousy internet, and most dorms have that. Still, it is the worst thing I can think of about the school.


The most frustrating thing about UWF is a lack of clearity and organization when it comes to clubs and organizations, and many things in general. I find it hard to know who to ask or where to look to find out what I need to know. I like clear and percise answers and routes to answers should be just as clear.


The most frustrating thing about the University of West Florida is that there are not enough intersnships available to students. While the school is great at marketing students for internships available, there are not enough of them for the amount of prospective students on campus.


The slow responses from advisors, financial aid office, housing deparment ect. I could email them today, and wouldnt hear back for a good three days. I recieved my acceptance letter a week after I saw online that I was accepted. I'm not sure if it's thier system of computers or if they truly are just really busy. But, thats just one thing that frustrates me.


There aren't many bad qualities about UWF, but the campus lies an an area that has a lot of hills, so walking to class can become painful. The area sees a great deal of rain, as well, so walking to class in that is like taking a shower.


Its gunna have to be the parking


The only real frustrating thing about UWF is trying to get a job on campus. They are good to have since they follow the school calander, but so many people apply for the few openings that it is hard to get a job. Any edge you have when applying for an on campus job will help here.


The only thing I use to not enjoy was that our campus is so spread out and hilly. Now, I take advantage and practice my breathing skills.


The most frustrating thing about UWF is the social life and the surrounding areaIt is quite BORING.If you are use to the city life, it will be hard to adjust to this school , but keeping your goals in mind will eventually make you stay.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the teachers that grade really really hard. There are some there at the school that grade our material based on the level we are at, then there are some that grade as though the students have a Doctoral degree. It is really frustrating simply because it becomes harder to acheive that one grade of an A or B, when the teachers continue to take off points if it is not what they have in mind. By certain teachers grading like that only discourages the student, and that eventually leads to drop outs.


Because the school is rather small, class availability (i.e. what is offered each semester) can be limited.


The most frustrating thing about my school is there are not more classes pertaing to underwater archaeology.


The most frustrating thing is the school work itself because it can be quite stressful


the parking lots do not have enough spaces and the art department is too clicky


Big campus means alot of walking

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