The University of West Florida Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I would have known about many scholarship options out there, as well as how to manage finanaces and homework.


I wish I would have known before I came to this school how little of parking there is. You better arrive thirty minutes early for class so you can park two miles away and have time to walk all the way to class. Better bring a long board or skate board to make it quick!


When applying for financial aid, you can never apply to early. Apply immediately!


I wish i had know that it rained a lot here so I would have been prepared with rainboots. Everthing else I was prepared for.


How much better it is than a junior college. I attended Junior College prior to entering UWF and I regret not just going straight into UWF after High School. UWF is much better at guiding students in the direction they want to go, and instead at the junior college I was attending they didn't help me at all and I ended up taking unrequired classes and wasting time.


The University had responded very well to all questions I had by having campus tours, and seminars for students going to attend The University.


Before I came to this school, I wish I would of known the town better because it would of allowed me to find things a lot quicker. Also, I wish I would have been given more information on the different opportunites to join numerous clubs they had here on campus.


I wish i had known that choosing to live in the apartment style dorms is convient because you have your own kitchen, laundry facility, and room. However it is not convient to campus. It was hard meeting friends at first because I would have to walk or take the trolley to get to the commons where all the activities took place.


I wish I had done more research on the Zoo Science program because I didn't realize the program didn't have it's own department and is mostly business classes.


I wish I had known that the school was so big on sciences because I'm not studying science, I'm studying journalism and the journalism program isn't as big as I would want it to be. I also wish I knew that I would have to work harder once I got here. I thought it would be just like high school but it definitely isn't. I wish I knew how much I would miss my family and wish I could visit them on the weekends which I can't because I live 12 hours away.


Living closer to campus will save a lot of money in gas.


Scholarships. I wish I knew how important they were--though you could say that about any school. I suppose the big thing that catches people off guard at UWF is the meal plan. Every freshman living in a dorm is required to buy a meal plan that cost over $500. 10 meals a week and $300 'Argo' bucks is the least you can purchase. No one uses it all, and they don't roll over to the next semester (when you have to buy it again). Also, the food leaves something to be desired.


I don't really know.


There is a big difference between high school and college, but if u stick to your study habits you will be fine. Get involved in everything possible because it increases your experience of college. Talk and meet with prospective students at your school's orientation. The people you see at orientation you will see at school.


I turely wish I would have had better time management before attenting a University. I also wish I would have known a little more about the real world.


I wish I had known that the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship required two years of a foreign language to recieve benefits.


The lack of people around campus on the weekends.


I wish I had known that my financial aid will be no longer put into effect following this semester.


Nothing really, I expected everything I have experienced at this school.


Nothing comes to mind. The adjustment to UWF was very smooth.


Before coming to this school I wish that I would have known about the other education degrees before I started Elementary education.


Nothing surprised me.


I wish that I was more prepared on how to juggle playing a varsity sport and being a full time student. Most athelets when they are put in this position do not know what to do and then they adapt to their situation and having already a set schedule and plan to follow for the rest of their higher level of education.


I wish I would have know that the dorms were so small!!!


I wish I would have known more about the clubs and extra curricular activities offered on campus. There are so many offered that I had no idea about! There really is a club for just about everything!


how quickly costs add up for school.


Before I came to UWF, I wish I would've researched it a little bit more. Its not the school I need to go to for my particular major.

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