The University of West Florida Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I consider the location of my school the best thing about it! UWF is located right next to Escambia Bay, so I get the pleasure of looking out over the bay everyday before I start class and everyday when I leave class. Also, the university is located only 20 minutes from the Gulf of Mexico. So on days when i don't have homework, I am able to go to the beach and just relax with all of my friends.


The teacher are very knowledgable in their career field. They are always willing to help any student in need.


The best thing about my school is probably the housing. There are many options for on campus housing and I would definitely recomend it as it is a great resource to make new friends. The rooms are actually very big compared to other colleges and universities. I am currently in a triple as a freshman and I have room for all of my things (and trust me, I have a lot) and it is not very crowded. Plus, none of the dorms have community style bathrooms, which is awesome!


University of West Florida is a school that is in a secluded location on a nature preserve. The teachers that are there generally care about the well-being of their students and they will work with you one-on-one if needed. It's a small school and everyone knows eachother and it is easy to get along with people.


When I first chose this school, the best thing about it was it's love of the environment. It is set back an several hundred acres of forested land. Recently however, The University of West Florida has begun deforestation heavily within the campus and it's really getting rid of the beautiful environmental aspect that it claims to have. The best thing now about the school is the food and it's gym.


The best thing about the University of West Florida is the motivation, passion, and drive the school have for making every endiviual student successful and an prominate employee in the work force and society.


The best thing about my school is the class size. I have seen friends in other univerisities become overwhelmed with the size and pressure of large schools. This school is a bit less-prestigious than some, but the classes allow for a lot of learning if you take them seriously. This is possible because each and every student has a chance to engage in the class, join in the discussion, and ask questions if they need to... all because of the small class size (my average class has had 40 students).


In many high school classes, teachers barely take the time to get to know their students by their learning styles, mannerisms in class, and even by name; this can also be said for more than a few colleges. The University of West Florida provides a classroom environment in which instructors are personally invested in students' academic journeys and willingly work with them through all trials over the course of a semester and beyond.


The school's class sizes are small and its location is secluded. The University provides for everything we need, from the bare necessities to entertainment.


The best thing about the university is that there are so many activities for you to participate in. Whether it is athletics, art, music, or anything else, there always seems to be an event going on that most people would enjoy, and it gives you great opportunites to meet new people and make friends.


I love the Honors Program here. I messed up early in High School and allowed my GPA to drop. It is nice for me because the requirements to get in aren't essessive, but the Honors course work really makes you focus. I see it as a second chance, and so far I'm loving it! Oh, and on a side note about the Honors Program: the classes are small, I'm in two this semester that are 6 and 11 students, it really helps me get the learning experience I wanted.


The campus is beautiful. Along with the location, the architecture is gorgeous in my eyes. I love looking out my classroom window and seeing landscaped scenery instead of a highway or one huge parking lot.


I choose this school because the classroom sizses are very small. I enjoy having a professor where they learn my name and I can always ask for help. This was one of the key factors I had when looking for a college was to be a name not a number and so far anytime I needed help all my professors were able to meet with me in there office or after class.


I think one of the best things about UWF is the classroom sizes, most of the classes aree fairly small. This is a good thing because you and your professor can still have one on one time if need be because the professors do not have an overwhelming number of students to deal with.


What I consider to be the best thing is how personal all of the advisors and professors are. In every class I have had the first thing they say is that I am here for your benefit and I want you to come to me if you need help. This made me feel comfortable about addressing any problems I was having.


The best thing about my school is that there are so many wonderful professors and that there is such a diverse group of students and organizations that anyone can find something that they are interested in.


The opportunity to further my education in an enviroment where the Professors are so willing to communicate and encourage me on my path to discover my dreams. It is challenging as a freshman but the open door policy of the professors allows me to have extra guidance and encouragement. The smaller class size.


What I consider the best thing about my school is the broad range of classes.


The small classroom size is an amazing learning environment. The ability to talk to your proffessor and have them know who you are and work through the semester with you is invaluable


The best thing about my school is that the class sizes are small, so the professor is able to help that students more.


The student to teacher ratio. I like having a smaller classroom. It allows more one on one with teacher.


It is a small school so everyone knows each other and where everything is. You don't have to trek miles to get to your class, and if you don't know where something is, you can ask anyone and the'll tell you. Also, the honors program is one of the best in the nation. The people here actually care about you, and most know you by name. Honors classes are 15 kids max, and all my proffesors-even in the large classes-know my name.


The best part is the small class sizes. The professors actually know our names and take time to help us when we need it.


Even though it's a 4 year University, it isn't overpopulated, allowing me to feel more of a connection with each one of my teachers. Rather than just being another number in the room, I actually feel like a student who can ask a question during class if needed.


UWF is a small school, but is much better because of it. The school is not preoccupied with football teams or politics, it is just a good school with very efficient teachers.


The University of West Florida is a relatively small state university with a student population of roughly ten thousand students. The University uses this to ensure small class sizes, personalized learning, and that no student will fall through the cracks. The transition from high school to college is never easy and, thanks to the massive amounts of free time associated with college life, tends to cause students to fall behind. The UWF understands how overwhelming this change can be, and does its best to ensure that students are all provided for to reduces failure rates.


The scenary around campus.


The best thing about the University of West Florida is the opportunity to get to know and work closely with your professors due to the smaller student population. I was able to participate in things I wound not get to, such as joining in on my prof's research projects, which gave me a very different educational opportunity. They were able to speak to me individually and encourage me in a personal way that has shaped me in a lasting way.


small class sizes, on a nature preserve, smal but not too small, very nice


The University of West Florida is more of an academic school. In other words, the school focus is more on education rather than the social interest which is great because students will be ensured success. Medical students should attend here.


One of the best attributes about The University of West Florida is that the facility is filled with well educated professors, who are passionate about their work, and are committed to educating their students. They are determined to educate their students with all of the necessary knowledge and skills needed to succeed for their students' future career.


I believe the best thing about this university is that is a smaller school. I think that in it being smaller you have more access to the instructors and more access to school services. Also you stay more focused in your studies instead of other negative extracirricular activities.


UWF is not a big school, but it is not a small school either. With around 11,000 students the class size is small and students are given the attention they need. These small class sizes give each student a better chance to succeed at the college level and leave the university with a degree.


The small-town feel of housing. Living on campus gives people the opportunity to mix and mingle with people from all walks of life and to learn from these interactions.


The school has the second best business college in the southeastern United States.


The Staff, everyone is dedicated and has a true personal interest in the student?s success. A lot of one on one and interactive class room style.


I enjoy the small class sizes. In many of my classes there are 10 or less students, which allows for better discussions.


The best thing about my school is that the class sizes are small so students can get a lot of attention from the professors. Plus, the pice of classes, parking, and other expenses are much less than other universities.


I love the class sizes. There is direct communication between the professor and the students. The professors go out of their way to help each student individually.


I fell in love with the sheer amount of nature on the campus. I love all the trees and the winding service roads around the fields. I love all the bikes and people riding them, reading underneath the trees, and sitting on the dock with some friends. Just the sheer beauty of it all... it makes going to class not as dreadful as it could be.

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