The Workforce Institute’s City College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I have received so much from my college experience. I have learned to express my ideas clearly through writing as well as learning how to find articles using the library data base. In using the online college format, I have become more determined and motivated as it is up to me to turn in my assignments on time as well as respond to my fellow classmates. I've learned many types of counseling theories, goals of the therapeutic model, the role of the therapist in each model, and the various techniques and how to apply them using various types of case studies. My college experience has been valuable because I have learned so much about my future career and have learned so much about myself. I feel that my education has provided me with enough education and skill to become a good counselor. Most of all, it has been valuable in the way I perceieve and interact with others. Everyone's opinions and perceptions are valid and most be respected as well as learning empathy and being non-judgmental of others regardless of their race, sexual orientation, culture, or ethnicity.